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The jury is still out on Lynch


V'DEO 8- DVD of other grotesque, paranoia-inducing typically inexplicable

MULHQLLAND DRIVE Lynchian characters. Meanwhile, a lesbian relationship

(15) 137mm . or ..... develops between the two women. Later, the film seems to

For me, the jury is still out on David turn into what it always promised to be, an exploration of

Lynch. Given that amounts to over conscience through a dream landscape of wish-fulfilment and

two decades of filmmaking, I’m unconscious (Mulholland) drives.

starting to suspect that a verdict of All this will please Lynch’s aficionados and irritate beyond

‘not proven’ will be found. No doubt endurance those less sold on the director. Lynch’s trademark

- ..uu.“£o‘d this would please old enigma-heid, reinvention of history through a vision of an unsettlingly for ultimately, one can’t help but normal 508 milieu, as ever superimposed upon " ’L" 8" “MY” suspect that the final impression he contemporary society, seems to speak of his " ' wants to make on us is that of an need for stable times, while his inability to deal * * ,1, irresolvable Rubik’s cube, where with this vision as well as his unreconstructed ""m’flt "WWW" the fact that we toiled so long and Freudian subtext indicates a great conservatism. - v ' paranoid at his films is a result. This All the same, there are some intensely is Lynch in the elliptical mode of yore, with the closest atmospheric moments in the film. The motif of ' relatives in his oeuvre being such notable visits to Weird City quest is well extended to the creeping camera as Blue Velvet and Fire Walk With Me. work, which spends a good deal of time, even Mulholland Drive amounts to a cross between Random more than usual, probing around doors and

Harvest (though in this case both Ronald Colman and Greer corners, and seeking out dark crannies. All of Garson are women) and L’ Age D’Or, incorporating a bizarre these metaphors for the labyrinth of the mind come into focus mix of ironic Hollywood schmaltz and the decontextualising in the last third or so of the film, with a sequence in which the close observation of insignificant objects we associate with leads witness a succession of grotesques miming to Roy surrealism. In it, a young film actress, Rita (Laura Elena Orbison songs at a mysterious late night cabaret club. Herring) is involved in both a car accident and an attempted I can’t say much more than this without giving away Lynch’s murder within a few seconds, and survives the experience ending, though it should be said that this is, itself, so oblique with amnesia. She holes up (in more ways than one) with a that you may not get it first time around. If you want to wannabe film star straight from Lynch’s imagined 50$ understand it, i think the key is consciousness in struggle nostalgia land (Naomi Watts). Their investigation into her past with the unconscious. Let’s leave it at that. (Steve Cramer) incorporates an absurdly cool film director (Justin Theroux) a I Avm/ab/o on VHS and [DVD ronta/ through Unwarm/ fmm Mon regular keyhole-peeper of a landlady (Ann Miller) and a myriad I? Aug.

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