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Bollywood affirms itself as the essential look this season. Words: Anna Millar

t‘s a look that complements the most minimal of styles.

but can also be ramped up to maximise the chic effect.

And top designers such as Chloe. Versace and Chanel ha\e ensured that Bollywood-chic has found its way into your nearest high street store. This season. H&M launched its 'Ethnic Romance‘ range. while the creative powerhouses of Topshop and Marks & Spencer joined the Bolly fancluh with their eclectic and colourful range of kaftans and sarongs.

Even car manufacturer Jaguar recognised the appeal and got in on the on the catwalk act as sponsor. hoping such an association would complement its ‘style conscious‘ image. So put your standard responses aside about what defines Bollywood: Bolly-chic really is the new black.

Dress Jewellery

Think sparkles. shimmer and shine. Or if that's too glammed up. think of Madonna donning a bindi in the ‘Frozen' video. If you're reluctant to stray from the high street. Monsoon's got a great range. including bangles and beaded bracelets (from 5:3.99i as well as a selection of necklaces. earrings and rings. Alternatively. if you're feeling more adventurous check out www.bindiscom where there's a range of bindis. anklets and other Indian-inspired jewellery available to buy online.


Arguably the fashion accessory: a bag has the potential to transform any outfit. Topshop and Monsoon have a good selection (from £20) with a wide choice of colours and designs.


Oft thought of simply as the item that covers a multitude of sins. the sarong has been given a new lease of life. Again. Monsoon offers a nice collection of sari-inspired sarongs (from $214) and Topshop and Oasis add a splash of colour with their ranges (from £20). Marks & Sparks has a similarly inspired assortment with attractive sarong; bag combos (from $322).


Denim Divas will be happy that the denim look is here to stay. So why not glam it up with an ethnic-style belt? If you're feeling creative make yOur own by heading to the nearest material shop and picking up a bright strip of sari. Loop it around the belt rings on your favourite jeans and you have a great casual-but-spiced- up look. If that seems like too much work. check out Topshop's inspired belt range varying from minimalist jangles to more ornate and chunky pieces (HO—£30).


Whether it's bejewelled flip flops or sparkly sandals. there is plenty to choose from this season. Why not maximise the look by dressing up an anklet with some beads or shells?


Whites and pastel pink. turquoise. blue and mint appear to be covering the beauty shelves this Summer. The Beaujolais range is paniCUlarly good and can be mixed with water for a more dramatic eyeliner effect.

House decor

Don't just limit y0urself to what yOu wear: there's plenty of scope to celebrate Bollywood in your home as well. Check out the Pier and Internationale for some inspiration. Why not liven up your living room with some brightly coloured cushions (from 57.6) or rejuvenate a staid looking bathroom or kitchen with some hand painted tiles?

1. Accessorize/Monsoon. £14.99. 2. Dolcis. £12.99. 3. Internationale. £1.50. 4. Boots. £5.50. 5. Topshop, £8. 6. Internationale. £2.50. 7. Topshop. £30. 8.

Topshop, £18. 9. Accessorize. £19.99. 10. Accessorize, £12.99. 11. Internationale, £6. 12. Boots. £2.19. 13. Topshop. £12. 14. Internationale. £6.