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. LUC VANDEVELDE information call has stepped down as 0141 221 5362- Marks and Spencer’s . BOOTS l7 HAVE chief exec. Despite a rel’tirOdUCGU their late 90$ slump, the popular ‘Barely Rose' company had lip shine. The regained its pole company had position in high street discontinued that clothing retail, parztcular shade of announcing a 14% the: 'Plump Uri) the increase in fashion Voi'ulne' lip gloss. but sales this year. After pester power has wen two years at the over a: id the forefront Of the fashionat‘)le ‘barely business, it is there' coiour will be expected that back On the shelves Vandevelde will stay on as chairman of the company. We hope his successor confinues Vandevelde’s intention

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1 Nike Air Rift (‘wls and boys S1955. ls t a trainer 9' is it a sandal? ."Joll It's t)()itl. Niko hauo created a lrg;lit'~.'.’elt;nt lliétiOl'ltttf3tt()(}it1£iigil‘.(333£ti!itTUKIUYY‘iOli and style of a traine' *.'.'il|i(} having) an avg. surnrnor look. the most unusual feature rs flit:- snlif 'htrof' too ‘.'.'h:<:lt, despite appearances. is llltiltrttlih‘, (:orrif<>r'tal>t>. As ‘.'.'(}H as the pan hint} and i.'-:>lior.'.' (:otou' i;(f.“(?'lt-f? the; art;- also <hallzitilta :r‘ (iill‘l-iI'I. maroo" a:‘-:: a llifltltk loatntz'.

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3 Puma Mostro (3 vs am: Lots 5‘05) SWISS; A Iltil‘it', litti‘t‘.'.'(3lgi?if iliill‘érf' 'or' a :;i:t:".. f},llt‘.ll‘l(‘l loom. A

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will be on display and i the organisers are filLt'li‘H; r ttgl' Nihhs: and tilt: i-‘miz, i".(3-fi?.’l1l>l‘tlf$ift 7:; hoping viewers win or‘ <;;<Zr;:.;:,:;i"f 3;! , it.” ‘.'."('l'(" tit-w it‘llll'l‘l‘l? tit-cw take them away. For a . I, . cash transaction, of 'grr‘giw ' ,i.':-:,~ ;,rr;:it.<,is such as no lurch-91s ':;>:;f:::i\ course. One highlight of the exhibition is a limited edition of Stefano Giovannoni’s ‘Cico' egg cup in

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Arches recently on the Scottish leg of their search for a cover star. The magazrne has never featured a British male cover star because UK models have never met the criteria of 'face. body and attitude‘ imposed by the publisl'ier. Contenders from the Glasgow heat will join fellow hopefuls at the London final on 17 August. where the wrnner will walk away With a modelling contract. a Miami photo shoot and that all-important cover.