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I Sunday Lunch \J.

\: On Sunday afternoon our“ e/nfi prepare

3 w a superb and innovative menu. Relax I0 J and enjoy a iironderfirlfour-eouizi‘e ~ mm ° lune/J anal agalasy offzzz.

:3 . ...i., Excellent value at £17.50 per person.

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Bonterra. the Organic wrne making pioneers in northern Cal-‘ai'nia's Mendocino COunty. is the first major vintner to carry the label of SOil Association approval. With chef Steven Saunders known as the "green gourmet the wrnen. has published a new cook book ‘.‘/lll’l recipes for organic produce. What follows is a light summer meal: Saunders poached organically ‘armed salmon xvith

asparagus and watercress sauce.

Ingredients (for four)

x 170g fillets ol boneless and skinless salmon

12 spears asparagus

i)()()ml vegetable stock

1 stick ceierj, chopped

1 onion peeled and rougth chopped

2 cloves garlic peeled and chopped

9 hunches unratercress roughly chopped


first bring the vegetable stock to horl in a large pan and add the celery. onion. garlic and a little seasoning. Then turn off the heat and add the salmon steaks to the bouillon and poach tor 5—fmin until reasonably but not fullyi firm to the touch. Remove and allow the salmon to rest,

Add the watercress to the stock. return to the boil. then remove from the heat and blend vath an electric hand blender or liguidiser. Season to taste. Blanch the aspz i'agus spears for 2mm in boiling salted water and drain.

To serve. place a piece of salmon on a plate and lay three spears of asparagus on top. then pour the sauce around. Serve v.'ith nev-x minted potatoes or boiled organic potatoes in their skins.

I Bonter/a Organic Recipes. 5‘53 or free liz'hi/e stock lasts; Wit/7 proof of purchase of Boolean wines from rwit/creating retailer's.



113-115 George Street, Edinburgh, 0131 225 9179

Scholars in the ‘there's no such thing as bad publicity" school of thought had to approve. ACross Edinburgh city centre. from Charlotte Sguare to Leith Walk. motor cars were tagged With some 5000 prank parking tickets to promote Candy Bar. which opens on George Street this fortnight.

Truth lS Candy Bar. which began in Glasgow four years ago. is run by something mOre than merry pranksters. Owners Duncan Robertson and Scott MacKay have burlt a solid reputation in the so-called style bar scene. Architect Chris Cockburn's deSign of the basement space emphasises natural materials Such as wood panelling that is mirrored in timber flooring and l_)an(.iuettes of raven leather which is repeated on the facia of the serpentine bar.

The libations list features a catalogue of premium spirits. whether US bourbon or European vodka. as well as a good many yvnes and cocktails. A

Sunday promotion is promised and occasional Dtls will stipplmnen: the daily soundtrack drav-i'n from a collection of 1:500 CDs. Candy Bar chef Korth Malley has won plaudits in Glasgow and his Edinburgh ri‘ienu has the same appealing variety of up market har fare: roast duck noodle soup to chickpea and herb burger, pancetta wrapped larnh meatloaf to double pr'a\.'.'r‘. and chilli pasta.

l ike in (‘ilasgovia Candy Bar plans to develop a close relationship with its regulars. instituting a tee free membership for favoured clientele. the goal says lustin is to combine '(‘ieorge Street guality' “a more personal touch.‘ iBariy Shelhyi