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Festival Street Sellers

The List is currently looking for people with energy and enthusiasm to join our team of sellers out and about

in central Edinburgh during the Festival. We have opportunities for daytime and/or early evening work on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We are offering the chance to earn good money according to results and all sorts of spin off perks.

Open Air Fundraising

Would you like to work on behalf of...

r i . e lit/I'/'/(’I°.\

L A‘ Oxfam

Open Air Fundraising works on behalf of these charities and many others. They are all equally important to us and we therefore require individuals who can inspire members of the public to donate to charities on a long-term basis. Do yOu feel you could 10in our tundra saig teams. talking to members of the public in high streets and public places? It so (1 love to hear frow you! No experience

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please contact Diana at The list: telephone 0131 550 3056 email Please give your daytime contact telephone number.

required ongoing training provided along \'.’|IIl opportunities for progre$$ion ‘.'.'.iIl|li a posr'aye and supportive enyironment Ages 18 - 7i) welcome. $77.00 p.h. to start, rismg to 538.70 p i‘. No commrssron involved. Full and part-time pOSitions £i\'iI|I(1I)I(}.

Please call Open Air Fundraising on 08708 420042 , 9am to 6pm Monday - Friday, or e-mail:

I’"V’l ill-'UI'NII' m

Volunteers Required

Enthusiastic volunteers required to help set up and work V Volunteers Required

h List Festival Part 2002 I ° ° ' at T 6’ Y - H I ~ _ u a c N Festival Radio Proiect Creative flair and initiative are essential and you must be Daytime available to work on Thursday 1 August from midday Until FESIIVAl (IIY iHEAIRES IRUST " 25m luly-23rd August 2002 late- . . . KING'S and EESIIVAI THEATRES, EDINBURGH Please email/fax CV to In fewm. The USI WI” feed and water YOU and glve you it“ manages the two leading receivrng venues in Edinburgh and offers a enquiries@ inva|uab|e event experience. ' diverse programme, from ballet, contemporary dance and opera to drama, mediaeducationxoflk

musical theatre and the annual King's Pantomime.


Fixed term contract to start September 2002

Fax 0131 662 8833

Info sheet by return

Please email stating relevant details to: Deadline: Thursday 25 July 2002

FCfl seeks an enthusiastic and motivated indivrdual. 1-2 years experience

in a media related or promotions role, preferany \'.’Ilfllfl the Arts, is “0..., haS 3.0m good Shoppmg (hanged essential. since you Il‘.’0(f ‘.'.’|lIl your partner? \'.'hat d0 brands mean or x GROUP SAlES ASSISTANI ,, , flOI lllefl IO ,OU. FCTl requries an indiwdual to maintain C‘XISllflg and develop new (Guplcs Vmo have been mug together relationships with group hookers. the ideal person ‘.'.’III have 1-2 years rm 5 years needed [or ,, “mm,ng experience of selling from a computerised box office system (preferably Study On (OIISUIHDIIOH D 80(3), excellent customer care skills and undoubtedly, an interest in the A small participation fee mll be [)dld. Arts. Dates are flexible V Further information on either position from: ,- 'l'|ie \ational (iJIIt'l‘lt's of Scotland comprise the \atronal tiallery of Scotland, “mm M l(phee m [0 the 60mm] Manage! Contact: (Jilliant Scott _ -. . .. ~ ,. . . .. ,. 0 (.r .scott .:strat iaruk the Scottish \.lIlUll.lI l’oitrait (ralliiy. the MrtIIISIl.\.lllrill.lI (.allciy of \lodiin “ism/0| my “mums “my, 13.29 lelson 5mm! ydlnbmgh EH8 g” L: 87%” 0” 852 “l ""‘l "l" “N” (“Hm 013i 662 1le or on empire "

RETAIL ADMINISTR‘TOR (Band Ref R“ the closing date for applications is Monday 29 July 2002

Supporting the Retail .\I.llt.l'.{t‘l‘. this is an e\cel|ent opportunity for an

rnrlisidual \HIII sound .idininistratne and good interpersonal \I\III\ to ‘3' ’€DINBVRGH ." Heart Buchanan

contribute timardsthe de\e|opinent ol the lil’t).\ tlilectronic l’oiiit of Sale! m w, 0, WWW." (0W4 is a busy deli/traiteur

stock control system. \yliicli is currently being installed this \in| IlllI\

lor'ether all permanent and temporary (iallen shop tills and ticket areas \\ith ( -/ . - . ' ~- - . . r em. /)ti/I/)lilg'/I. .SoirI/r I [\I, lies/em /.\/c’.\, - the “arc-house and Retail Department. prouding 'n the End 0' illt-lo-dale information on sales and stock inoyeiiients (itlier (Illllt's \\III .IIIlSICIlllI/Illtlfl' (SCUUIS/I (dill?) Glasgow and we are

include planning of stall rotas. maintaining \yeeldy tnneslieets. monitoring “31,0” pu- mmum . Inilcugc MID“ am“. looking to, an stall attendance and processing inyoices for .nithorisation sg hon” P “. lmmh comma enthusiastic committed . ( , foodie to rain our team.

li\cellent organisational. ciiiiiintinication and If skills are all essential (.I . . k. I l I r ens. an association nor "the to sit a )or 'y o w eleinents l’reuoiis eyperience of norlung “Hill” a customer seruce * I I I I R ( k k I mu”

,.,,\”.,,mm.m “HUM in. .m .l(I\.llll;t«-e ol‘traditional iiiusic iii the lists. has secured funding for a

project \\ liicli aims to increase access and participation. by

‘sjal‘m' "‘"ge’iln'j-l "1315"", (""4" WNW.) children and young people. in the playing ofthe Scottish You ShOIIId have 1 I“, also Q17” a '"m'ummbmor-I'pension Whom“ fiddle. IIlls exciting project \\ ill be deliy ered in partnership relevant eXpefience Closing ([(flefgr completed app/“111mm is \\ ith sis primary schools and community based arts groups and a sound 2,“, August 2002 throughout l'ist. Ability to driye and o\\tt transport essential. knowledge of

food and wine.

for further information and application form please telephone . . . . . . for a detailed .lob Description and information pack phone:

- - Kirst lamb onf) Vb sso‘iss r- u ;‘ -' 'r [a - », applym nationalgalleriesairg stating your name. address. the - I‘ ' ' I L m “I' m“ L IUD“ '“k'

appropriate reference number and [oh title

fifSl til-i tilts: f'.lll.\\\('l'le()llt‘) or e-mail Please send c.v.'s to Hana Buchanan

(losingl date: 20th August 2002 .III [Ir/rm! (III/wrlimilies I’m/ilm'er

linking ar! (Ii'ailrrble in (he nit/es! possible public - ii (iii. m1timid/galleries. our}; in: scum is“ Mus COUNCIL ' i’i‘" :Ann‘hnrly I Li-‘V n i i knit-2:: I'vf-titl‘hw


126 THE LIST 18 Jul—1 Aug 9,00?