Courses 8- Wifion Bands & Music




Carer Relief Workers are required to work in North East Edinburgh offering support to carers of older people by relieving them of their caring responsibilities in their homes or by making use of Jewel House Day Care and Resource Centre.

Applicants should have a caring disposition and have the ability to respond to carers in times of crisis.

The service will operate between 5.00pm—10.00pm weekdays and 9.00am—10.00pm weekends and the hours of duty will be negotiable/self employable. Previous experience is desirable.

Training support and supervision will be provided. Application Forms and Job Descriptions are available from

Jewel House Day Care & Resource Centre, 15 Bingham Crescent, Edinburgh, EH15 3JT. Telephone No 0131 669 0888.



INVESTOR IV l’l'.()l’l.l'. 7 H" “N E ‘3 "‘



0Programme and manage a wide range of successful events? oMarket and promote these events with a vengeance?

oWork to agreed targets and budgets?

oManage a small team of Ents. PR and technical staff?

oAct as Duty Manager for our building as and when required? We require an experienced. enthusiastic and creative personality with a flair for innovation and a track record of success in the entertainment/leisure industry.


One of the largest Student Unions in the UK with 6 bars/venues and a capacity of c.2500. employing almost 200 staff.


0Salary of £14,969 (pay award pending) Unison Grade 4.2 035 hour week including evenings and weekends 0Christmas and New Year off

OGreat holidays. pension and training opportunities

For an application pack. please contact us on 0141 567 5090 or email us at CLOSING DATE: Friday 2nd August 2002 University of Strathclyde Students Association. 90 John street. Glasgow G1 1JH Tel: 0141 567 5000

USSA is striving to be an equal opportunities employer

Festival Assistants (3) required

Versatile, reliable Edinburgh based folks sought to work alongside producer of 7 major Fringe shows from 27th July.

Multi-taskers needed to share workload on wardrobe, marketing, stage management.

Further details call Martin 020 8875 0220 or

Diploma in Humanistic Counselling and Therapy ‘l‘hix i\11t\\o_\ettl‘. part-time e\periential training eourxe in the theor} and practice ol' Ilumanixtie 'l'liei';ip_\. l’l‘ttxlk‘L’lth mailahle Iron] Leonie Buchan 0141 945 2864 Neil Lochead 0141 353 0310 peakexperience02

I A two week lttlc‘lt\l\ e potter} eourxe taught h) Alistair |)earie at l-‘ireuorlcx. learn tltt'tm ing. hand building. mould making and gla/ing potter}. :\ug Stltulhllt.(Mill-$.30.Mon-1'11. ('le [ltlll per \\ c‘c‘k. l’ltttttc‘ll77_ill 40.17%».

All about Alexander technique .v\n introductor} lexxon or \\tll'l\\lit)p to enable )ou to decide \\ hether to take _\our interest lurther. Tel: Isobel Anderson 0141 334 1658

I Cello and piano tuition In L'\llc‘l‘tc‘ltc'c‘tl. l't‘lc‘litll} prol‘exxional teaeher and perl'ormer. ('luldren and adult lic'g‘lllllc‘lN. l‘L‘-lc‘;ll‘tlc‘l'\ ttlltl admneed \llltlL‘lll\ all \xeleome. ('reath e. Inn and \ttppol‘tl\ e learning. (IISI SSI 45.”.

I Improve your English. l’t‘i\;tlc‘ lL‘\\Utt\ \\ tllt tlttttllltc‘tl. ll‘tL‘litll) teaeher. .'\ll lc'\c‘l\. (ilaxgou area. (ll-II 3183030 enquirichl the—maekintoxh \c'litml.c‘tl.ttl\.

I Piano lessons. Beginners to unnerxit} standard. \\'e\t lind. lll~ll 337 3358.

The Reiki Centre Haves in Reiki that oIler c‘tllttpl'c‘ltc‘lhhc‘ Ic‘ttc‘ltlllg‘.

eertilieation. lull manual and l‘olltm —up \upport. 'l‘reatmentx al\o a\ai|ahle. For more information please call 0141 334 0582

I Celtic fiddle and

itttpt‘m ixation. l’ri\ate tuition. Beginnerx ueleome. limited amount ol' plaeex (il;t\go\\ haxed. Ii»mail ylc‘lll'l'lil\l(“ hotmailcom. (heck out \\uu.mpictHit/Semech \‘iolinx.

Egyptian Belly Dance Classes 7—8pm heginnerx. N-‘lpm ad\aneed. \Vednexda} \ ll) .Iul_\ - I l Sept. 'l‘lie \injitxu (‘Iuh 2| Arthur Street loll I’ilrig St I. Iidinhurgh. Contact info: 07766 135 539 (Dawn)

I Learn digital recording and midi using (‘uhaxe 5 in a \tudio \ituation. ('all John Hill 33." 3358. \\ \\ u.inuxiehttuxeprtxluetionxetLulc

Bands 8. Music

I Musicians wanted accordionist/ l\L‘} lioai‘clx pla}er and female \UL‘ttltxl/llhll'tllllc‘lllttll\l lor \\ ell extahlixhed Iidinhuigh clanee hand. (’all Steuart lilil (to? Shh") or John (llil ~I~15 5330.

I Singer/songwriters, duos. handx. Record _\otu' ( 'l)

at .\lll\l\‘ llouxe l’l'tltltlc'llttlh. lop \L‘\\ltlll pla) erx. arranger and producer on hand to help. Seriouxl) amhitioux,’

(all .lolm lilJl 33“ 3355. \\\\\\.lllll\lL‘liUlI\L‘pl'tXltlL‘lltlll\.CU.lll\ I Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter \\ tilt an album ol‘ recorded material seeks muxieianx to town neu talented hand. .\Iodern eleetronie rock/PUP. (‘all (IT'S I 3 ‘)lvl 485 or (llZ‘M 55‘) 73‘).

SheBoom requirex t'emale drum tutor litil‘ \c‘l‘tc‘\ til \\ t)I'l\\lltl[l\ commencing earl} autumn, Repl} to: Shelioom. e/o North West \Vomen's ( 'entre. Shau park St. \lai')hill. (ilaxgoxx (ill) (ll):\ or phone tor detailxz Helen (daytime) 0141 946 7656 Carole 0141 589 4863



small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361

c‘\‘ll\llc‘tl l‘l‘):


Edinburgh Naturist Swimming Club runs \\\ int/\auna xexxionx ll- lllpm e\er_\ I5rida} at (ilenogle Baths. [or more intormation pleaxe \ iin|inux.n et or call 07880 618 073


Don't Miss Out on Fun

Dinners and Events for

Single Men and Women with

l.,v\l It I. \ 0141 333 1321


Scotland's foremost Multi-Activity Adventure, Social Er Sports Group This monthz-vu-uuxi' : ;'- rt: -\; W I..\ "WWI, -‘\.‘_'.I‘_I...


In Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland SPItE - llVE llFE A lITTlE MORE For FREE info pack tel 0131 317 8822

Or visit wwwspicescotlandxom


- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights 0 dining

0 hill-walks - films 0 theatre

0 dancing & lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

I New Power Yoga L‘lttxxc‘x o\ er the textual period. Suitable tor heginnerx. (all lllfil 330 Ill-I l.

Robert Stone Therapeutics has ttto\ ed to larger premixex on llroughlon Street. Specialising in therapeutie maxxage. rel’le\olog'\. Indian head maxxage and related products and grits.

01 31 557 3806

I Art As Therapy. eounxelling. .\l\o group \\tll'l\. ('onlhlential. ereatix e e\ploration ol~ per\onal. pt‘olexxional. health. and lamil} issues. etc. li\perieneecl. earing pt'ttlt‘\\ttlltttl. .\lt'\ Rttllt l'IL‘hL‘lC}. 'l‘el: um 330173,"

Confused, angry, life in chaos?

I“ ill \hou _\ou a posithe outcome \\ ith enetiurageinent and underxtanding. Call Sue MASC ADC on 0131 538 0089 or 07766 553 583.

Holographic Repatterning ® .\ gentle and eclectic healing x} \tem that tranxlormx the negath e heliel'x and heliax iour pattern\ that pre\ent us l'rom reaehing our t'ull potential. (ic'ot'gia \Voll'xott ll.v\t l luthl .\ll"-\ Registered llolographie Repatterning l’raetitioner Tel: 0141 423 2164

Robert Stone Therapeutics \eekx talented therapixtx I'or itx ne\\ praetiee on liroughton Street. ('entrall} Ioeated. large eoml'ortahle room\ at a reaxonahle all-ineluxh e rate.

0131 557 3806 Person-centred counselling

can help _\ou to understand and change lite prohlemx. tlc‘pl‘c‘\\ttltt. :Il‘thc‘. \ll‘c‘\\. l'c‘lttlltilhlllp tlllllc‘tllllc‘\. and l‘c‘l'c‘;t\ c'lttc‘lil. Ring Marion Osborne in Glasgow on 07931 527 243

I Ever had a [whine L‘\[ic‘l'lc‘llc’t‘ lc‘g‘ Ic‘lc‘llttllt}. premonition i'.’ It so. _\ou can ltllxt‘ part in a parapoeholog} e\periment at lidinhurgh l‘unemt}. l’hone I‘iona (llSl (rill 3.; ll).

18 Jul 1 Aug) .900? THE LIST 127