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I Duddingston. Large double roont with separate stttdy iit ltottse w itlt gardett. Sttit n/s professional or postgraduate student. £200 pent + ('T. Tel: 07929 978 008.

I Four exceptionally friendly students seek students to share iit attractive 5 bedroottt flat with lounge ck kitchen itt Newittgton. l.ease starts September lst. £230 pettt. Tel: 0131 007 4418 or 07907 557 928 fora viewing.

I Single room available front lst August itt tidy. friendly flat in liyre ('reseent. New Town. Wottld suit easygoing. n/s professional. £225 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 013] 5570009. I Full time student required fora n/s. vegetarian flat. Lovely. quiet flat itt (‘anonmills £l90 pettt + electricity + telephone. Tel: ()l3l 557 9122.

I Friendly flatmate required for large (‘entral flat to move in as soon as possible. £200 pettt + (‘T + hills. Tel: 07740 000 412.

I Large sunny bedroom iit attractive New Town flat. Stripped floors. period fireplace ck own phone line. Sltaring with 2 others. £230 pettt + hills + (‘T. Available July 23rd. Tel: 07799 023 832.

I Single room in attractive New Town flat. Sttitable for professional. Fully furnished. £230 pettt including ('T bttt + bills. Tel: 013] 557 9705.

I Bright room in friendly shared New Tovvtt flat. Sttit young professional. £250 pent + bills. Tel: 0|3l 5579338.

I Single room in New Town basement flat. would sttit yottttg easy going n/s professional to share with one other. £200 pettt + bills httt including (‘T. Tel: (H31 558 9730.

130 THE LIST 18 Jul—1 Aug 2002

I Young, lively flatmate needed for ('entral litlinburgh flat. l.othian Road. Large airy room w itlt fitted wardrobes. unfurnished. Available inttttediately. £2l7.50 pcttt + ('T + shared bills. Tel: 0| 3f 229 2528.

IBOX room in very pleasant flat near'llte Meadows. l-luent linglish speaker prefen'ed. £ l 75 pent + £27 ('l'. Tel: 0l3l 477 0507 .

I Furnished room available itt four bedroottt flat itt Morningsitle area. Sltaring with 2 others. Lounge ck kitchen. Suitable for 2l+ years. £250 pcttt. Tel: 0131 332 07l8. I Stockbridge. Unique main door flat seeks n/s professional or postgraduate for one double ck one single. sharing with one. mostly absent. other. £3l5 ck £200 pent + ('T + hills. Tel: 0777f 814 I77.

I Double room in smart open plan flat itt l)ean Village. Professional wanted to share with l ntale ck I female. All tttod eons ittclttding cable. |)W ck free parkittg. £300 + hills + deposit. Available immediately. Tel: 0l3l 477 039l.

I Dean Village. Spacious double roont iii a bright well equipped flat. Would sttit professional couple that vvattt to share w itlt one other. Available mid-end of August. £275 + ('T + bills. Tel: 0l3l 220 2920.

I Momingside. Large room lll eharttting very spacious flat. sharing w itlt 2 others. Well worth viewing. N/S. £202 pent including ("II Tel: 0l 3| 447 9353 or (H908 082 203.

I Marchmont. Single room w itlt a view in tidy. n/s flat. Quiet area. (i(‘ll. l)(}. separate living room. tv ck \'(‘R. Sltaring with 3 guys. £278 pcttt including (‘T. Tel: 0|50l 702 55f.

I Newly decorated sunny double roont itt large l.eitlt flat sharing with 2 others. ('lose to all amenities. Sttit young n/s professional. £2l0 pent. Tel: 0|3l 554 8309.

I Room in bright. sunny ck spacious flat w itlt an open otttlook across the (‘ity itt the l.eith/Bonningtott area. Bedroom ck bo\ room for £230 pent + bills. To share w itlt one other. l’emale preferrtd. Tel: 013] 555 2527 or 07720 895 504.

I Large room off l.eittt Walk for Ms professional or mature student. Monday to l-‘riday. £l90 pcttt inclusive. Tel: (ll 23 042 447l daytime or (“847 892 8.5.5 evenings.

I Single room in spacious. recently decorated llill. l.eitlt. To share w itlt two young'ttns. All ittod cons. ftttt loving ck laid back. £200 pettt including ('T bttt + bills. Available front 9th July. Tel: 0l3l 553 I700.

I Single room in lovely l.eitft flat. All tttod cons. Sharing with one other. Tidy professional fetttale preferrcd. £225 pent + ('T + hills. Tel: 078l l 802 070 after 0pm.

I Small double room in large fttlly furnished flat. 5 minute walk from city centre. Sltare \\ lllt three others. .Ntt lease. no ('T ck reduced bills. £200 pcttt. Tel: 0l3l 50] 80l7 or 07704 0l3 528. .

I City centre. Large single roont itt fttlly furnished shared flat. Lounge ck kitchen. Very spacious. £257 pcm + bills. No ('T. Tel: 0l3l 478

l I20.

I Meadowbank. Single room itt fully furnished shared flat. Living rooitt/kitchen. (iootl local shops ck c\cellent lfitls services. £f05 pcttt + hills + (‘T. Tel: 0|3l 478 l I20 .

I Leith. Large double room itt fully furnished shared flat. lounge. well equipped kitcltett ck parking facilities. (iootl local shops ck btts services. £295 pcm + hills.

No ('T. Tel: 0l3l 478 ll20.

I Attractive double room it] tttodern flat on Tlte Sltore itt l.eith. lovely location. on tttain btts route. Seeking relavetl. young professional. All tttod cons. £285 pcttt. Tel: 07900 995 799.

I Double room in large friendly flat itt Dalton area. £190 pent + ('T + deposit. Tel: 0l3l 5570095.

I Single room in beautiful calttt ck ltappy flat to share w itlt 2 others ck pets in Broughton. Tel: 0131 557 8847.

I Double room in sunny London Road flat. sharing with one young professional. Suit friendly. easy going. n/s professional. (ireat location. l0 minutes vvafk lo (‘entre. £280 pcttt including ('T. Tel: 0f3l 050 93 l 5 after 0pm.

I Large sunny double room itt lovely Albert Street flat sharing with 2 others. (iay friendly. All tttod eons. Available end of July. £200 pettt. Tel: 0l3l 470 4407.

I Lovely garden flat. large. bright double roottt iit fttttky bttt cltilled liaster Road flat. lovely room with open fire. peaceful garden. Sharing with one other. £320 pcttt inelttding hills. Tel: 0f3l 00] 232l.

I Large double room in attractive London Road flat. ('entral location. beautiful views. Sharing vvitlt one ntale. liront lst August. £250 pcm + bills. Wottld sttit tt/s young professional. Tel: 07759 289 482.

I Professional n/s to share Mat‘clttttonl flat. £l90 llcnt + bills. Tel: 077l| 943 2l8.

I Large single room available frottt lst Attgttst. minintum of 3 tttoittlts. l.eitlt Walk. £240 petn + bills + deposit. Tel: 07940 054 4l8 after 5pm.

I Sparkly laid back person wanted to share an arty 2 bedroottt flat. 3 minutes away from the end of the Royal Mile. Abbey hill. Double roont available front 20th July until the end of September. £205 pcm + bills. .\fust like my cat ck small dog. Tel: 0131 052 20ft). I Spacious room in (‘etttrat flat. sharing with professional ck tttature student. (i('ll. W.\l ck shower. £200 + ('T + bills. Available beginning of Attgttst. Tel: 0l3l 008 3907. No l)SS.

I Newington, n/s female postgraduate to share with fetttale PhD student in 2 bedroont flat. (i('ll. £200 pcm + shared hills. Tel: 0l500 5 I0 505. I Room to share with couple itt fully furnished sunny flat itt great location. close to Royal .\file. All mod cons ck (i(’ll. lt cottld sttit cottple. £235 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 0l3| 557 5 I94.

I Room in sunny .\farchntont flat. Available front lst .-\ttgust until end of the year. £230 pent + bills. No ("I'. To share with l\\tt tl/s. Tel: ()l5l 228 l0l9 .

I Marchmont. Comfortable double room itt laid back flat. sharing with 2 gtty s. Available now. £240 pent ittelttdittg ('T httt + bills. Tel: 07855 841 253.

I Marchmont, overlooking meadows. large double roottt itt spacious ground floor flat to share vvitlt 2 others .\lusic loving. tidy person sought. £205 pcttt + bills + one months rettt + one months deposit. Tel: 07703 977 228 or 0l3l 348 f0l3.