V I saw you. you gorgeous little heauty. You were sweating profusely ty making pasta in an ill-inlortned way. All night yott smelt ol’ parmesan cheese. ('all me & lets mince. ya dancer. [7445/l

V I saw you. I think you work at Media World. You tnight he Jason (I the West lind's answer to l.e.s Dennis. Dance with me hig hoy & htiy me a 9‘). [7445/3

V I saw you sexy (‘hi'isf Workin at the .\loathousef [' manly god! Be mine & I'll he there for yott when ll come home from work. (‘.(i.f [7445/3 V I saw you sexy .\l.l-:.! You playing ur lidtlle - you made the earth mote. Be tny ohelisk tny .\lr li. [7445/4

V I saw you. you little nugget. All night you smelt ol‘ BBQ sauce. mixed with meths. l loye you. you purple warrior. ('all the [k 1'“ huy a hig slice ol’ turnip. [7445/5

V I saw you 'l‘ron/silyet‘ lady like ur smile l..3\l. [7445/(i

V I saw you. You were perched at the end of my .silyer warrior & l was oning it. (‘ontact me for fun. pi/a/z. & htit'l‘alo wings. I dream ol you and the day we tnake the sheets moist. [7445/7

V I saw you Ian-ho - were you foxy hoxing in West 13th? Yl‘ a real lollL‘L‘. l.o\*e RllssL‘ll. [7445/8

V I saw you drinking in Blackl‘riars. You: red top hlack hottotn. .\le: (iray hair & Kappa cool. [7445/9

V I saw you sexy lamhchop? You. with ur sexy cheruh looks. [I take my breath away. Be mine & we can make heavenly music together. [7445/ll)

V I saw you and you can see me writing this in 'l'inderhox this afternoon; makes a pleasant change from seeing ti in the htih or Saleways. Stay cool. [7445/l l

V I saw you Anthony + ('aroline at the (‘orinthian K-l- S-S-I-N-(i. We saw you. All the best legl, + co. [7445/12

V I saw you. like ur llaya honey. [7445/l3

V I saw you in da 'l‘ron w id yo lehl'a trousers on? (Apologies to l.KJTt Let's talk this time? - Man in the Breton sweatshirt. [7445/l4

V I saw you at a get together illiIL‘l' the \Vesl lilltl l'esli\‘ul/()plllllo. You gave me a lucky penny. Alter we drunk ourselyes into a stupor at the pewter pot. l nicknamed you wool. We agreed to meet thurs. htil I lost your ntimher & penny. Rick. [7445/15

V I saw you Alphahelli spaghetti Betty-Joye yr tomato sauce. Bennets next liine'.’ [7445/lo

V I saw you Mark. being sick on Byt'es Rd one allernoon? [7445/l7

V I saw you at the (‘iti/en's 'l‘hezitre (28/5/02). ()tir eyes met across the hill“. .\le-petite.

hrow n-eyed girl. You—Brad l’itt look-a-like. Think you go to the Nautical college‘.’ I'm at RS.-\.\ll). [7445/l8

V I saw you l'leein' Ian and the wee-ane and l'd rather it didn't happen again. loye 'l‘oph. [7445/l‘)

V I saw you looking good ill the ()plimo ('luh. You -(i—4

chiselling - me tall hlonde get in

lotlL‘ll. [7445/30

V I saw you downstairs in (‘uha .\'orte on Saturday night. Blue ring. hracelet and tummy har--retl hot hody that knew how to wiggle? [7445/31

V I saw you on (‘atheart (‘ircle/Newton line trains and you liy‘ed in Shaw lands. llaye you moved - not seen you in a while. You ahotit 5'l()" l)ark hair. 1 think you work in llealthland. .\le ahottt o's".

dark hair in a still. .-\ hit \agtie 1

know httt it~ you recognise yourself or me. get in touch [7445/22

V I saw you mousehear. woke tip this morning and you were there (it WAS your hedt and l'm looking l'orward to waking up in ()['R hetl e\ery morning. hoo hoo .\\\ [7445/23

V I saw you Byres Road. July 5th. ll)..‘~()ain. You in a hlack Seat with an inl'ectiotis smile. me in a Sily er Ka getting llustered at your constant grinning. Make me smile some more? [7445/34

visit and click the

V. it‘d/fl

icon to get Iuc y

humor nit-ins: " 2

V I saw you ((1 Buchanan 'l‘uhe station w /skatehoard. red lanktop and llattilence 'issties'... Wish l'tl taken a picture. Did you like the hahies round my neck'.’ [7445/35

V I saw you to my aaron

\\ llo ll\'es across the sett...l lltiss you. do you miss yer little lL‘CCeL‘e'.’ [7445/20

V I saw you Bespeetaeletl and hu//y. working in ()l'l'shore. You. hlonde. l-I'L‘ClleW. \\ L‘il'tl laugh. .\le. all I wanted was a llc/ha/lenut latte. Did we share a moment or was ijust ""‘d o\ er tor a titty quid lunch‘.’ [7445/27

V I saw you in the lab. working away. or rather prohahly just suiting the w eh. a look of lt‘u‘l‘Ctl c‘ollc‘L‘llll'itlloll on your lace. did you see me‘.’ [7445/28

V I saw you to the girl with the :\sllli().\ l—Sllll‘l I met playing twat-a-hwat last saturday at the ('alton: you dropped your purse and left hel‘ore I could lind you. (io out with me and I'll giye it you hack? [7445/2‘)

V I saw you on the IS-lu train to newton. llthjtily. you looked hip in a cool long denim jacket «k a gemmy clasp in your dark hair. 1 read a hook called l’erl‘ume then spoke ahrttptly on the phone. [' looked at me a few times with those dark. dark

ey es....then got ol'l~ at mount l'loritla. [' R tasty? [7445/30

V I saw you earlier on 3d;in just wanted 2 say Hi .\lr tle l loye ya? front tire sesy taker htin .\\\\\ [7445/3l

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