V I saw you ll] Baba/a Sunday nigltt. Me shaggy lookalike and i don't tncan the reggae artist. Yott qttitc possibly the tallest girl in tltc world. Zoiks! [7445/33

V I saw you falling on all tours. on Beltttont St - after too tnuch smoking and drinking. I watched in admiration at yott attempts to statid up - any tittte you need a hand... K + M x. [7444/45

V I saw you at \'ic bar. Mysterious sad Spanish boy with curly hair dancing by yourself. I've been magnetised by your Latin presence. I want u to be ttty matador. .Me boy with .scat'. [7444/46

V I saw you .-\Iecs from Bosnia. In shows at the ('it/ + in Auf Weidersein l’et. Yott rock my world! [7444/47

V I saw you serving coffee at 'l'inderbox. Mmmm. 'l'all dark + strong just how i like my men... & ttty coffee. We were here 'l’uesday 35th June ((1 5pm. Sittin in window. X. [7444/48 V I saw you barking tttadness in the (’ul de Sac kitchen - who are you Mr sexy posh chef'.’ Yott whipped tne up into a frotlt - call tne. [7444/4‘) V I saw you Jot‘geotts (ioe. Meeting some Parisian whore. I love you l)a Morv xx. [7444/50 V I saw you Pete at (‘laire's party. Yott had dark hair. bltte eyes and a love of books. ['nfortunately I had too tnttch vodka to appreciate your talent. [7444/5]

V I saw you big gay rances. Yott have a skinny head and hang out with the neds. i thought you could be had. but yott already have old Rad. [7444/53

V I saw you sexy tall balding red-head director - Rttnnittg (iirl - 'l'ramway. .\'ice orange pants. Sweat with me? [7444/53

V I saw you mister Repetoirc. Yott set ttty media world alight with you devastating editorial (y faint whiff of onions. Yott t'ock (‘addy «k I love your musty aroma of [\i'cilsl of chickett. [7444/54

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132 THE LIST 18 Jul—1 Aug 2002

V I saw you in Waxy s.You the inquisition. the good listner...nice car? [7444/55

V I saw you Matthew J. in (ircen Bamboo. Yott told tne "You've got the" and he been in love with you from

that very moment. liva [7444/56

V I saw you 'Sheltcr' girl with blue eyelashes on Sauchiehall St. 37th June. having a bad morning and losing your train of thought. If you lind it again. l'tn happy to hear the rest. l'll btty you a drink it that helps. [7444/57

V I saw you at the west l 3. you were trying to pretend to like a band nobody has hear of. When does talent becotne important. you indie losers. [7444/58

V I saw you l.ucy. Outside the Arches. I'm the (‘eltic ('onnections connection. tl)uncan l. Quick chat. qttick httg. all too qttick. I'd love to be in touch. Please Do. l’eacc. [7444/5‘)

V I saw you in the wee puh at the chip. listening to Stiltskin. liven that didn't pttt tne off. We should meet without a bar between tts sometime. [7444/60 V I saw you teaching linglish to foreign students in Valcy iew. l.angside ('ollege 9/5/03. .\le [all guy looking for my lecturer. Yott had blonde hair and beautiful eyes. tried to help. ('an I thank you'.’ ('all me [7444/6l

V I saw you in (iilmorehill 1997. you were my Rosalind. l yottr ()t'lando. meet the in St Mary's on the l lth. let's pttt our love onstage forever. [7444/63 V I saw you gorgeous guy. at pictures. "l‘he (‘loscl' (ill/Ii. You tanned attd perfectly put together. Me tall-denim

jacketYou said "That was fun?"

I said "Yeah". Did you manage to feed your cats'.’ My heart missed a beat. What about a date‘.’ [7444/63


V I saw you in the l-"tlmhouse yet again - working hard as ex er. (iorgeous gtty with the ponytail. Maybe you will reply to [his one. (l’lL‘itseJ l. [7445/33

V I saw you (‘ity (lite. l‘riday - tall. bald. sensitive :\tloills. [)0 you realise lloyy special you at'e'.’ [7445/34

V I saw you All Bar One (ieorge St. lidinburgh. With your folks Sttn 33/06. Wanted to take your picture bill the waiter beat me to it! {7445/35

V I saw you. we saw you. everyone saw you. Your strut wreaks earthquakes. Renae frotn behind the bar at Black Bo's. I'm the gtty who was taken away by the ambulance. I've t‘ecoyet‘edl [7445/36

V I saw you gorgeous gtty on the No.37 litts last l‘riday. looking sooo damn line w itlt your gorge dark hair & your denim jacket & jeans. l.el's meet. X. [7445/57

V I saw you (‘ity- (‘at'e - Montilieth boys. rah rah rah? Show tts your Angus wares!!! [7445/38

V I saw you Vegan Man: do you work in Real Foods? ('ould I feel your nuts while you check my pulses'.’ Xxx [7445/3‘)

V I saw you the lovely chef in Baroque. is it Mel?! Wanna cook up something together Gorgeous? xx [7445/40

V I saw you Larry. working at the l’ilmhouse. Sat 3‘) June. Your comment at the end of the night tnadc my day. [7445/4l V I saw you 1301.. looking too beautiful for words. again. So it‘s vigilance Flying Rabbit and diligence which has seen us through. chch. kccch. Bravery will not go unrewarded. Love from Artie l-‘ox. chch. kccch. [7445/43

V I saw you gorgeous Derrick iii the Traverse. .\'ot wearing your white shirt but still mind blowing. (’x. [7445/43

V I saw you 1/07. to sexy "Beckham" lifeguard at Seton Sands. Forgot my locker money on purpose! If u are ever in lidinburgh look the up? from girl in blue swimsuit who waved. [7445/44

V I saw you beatttiful. red hair-twiddling Waterstones bookseller in West lind Basement. You'd lost your piece of paper. Me. tall. specs. pretending to read ('homsky. You made tttc laugh. ('oft'cc'.’ [7445/45

V I saw you at the swimming pool. haying imaginary races and doling ottt free legal advice to the kiddies in the shallow end. I'd like to take you aside and teach you all about the birds and the bees - once you fully grasp how babies are tnade people might not think you're such a prick. [7445/46

V I saw you (ireg tall lout'lsU Bttds are growing otil your ears? Legali/e?

From a sweet pot-head... [7445/47

V I saw you Aryan. dancing in lidinburgh's petite :\ft'ique. Y()[' I)lS:\l’l’li.-\Rlil)lfT I'll miss u for ever... XXX [7445/48

V I saw you working in the Tron during the Bra/il/(icrmany match. llave managed to get over my hangover? Haven't managed to get over you! (treat bottle of wine by the way? [7445/4‘)

V I saw you Jan lady at a gig through the smokey. alcoholic little one of those ttigltts [7445/50

V I saw you at ()bscene. There was an empty seat next to yott. .-\ tribute to your ex'.’ I wish you were tnine now! [7445/51 V I saw you looking at my hairy nose. If you liked that you will like my hairy back. (iive tne a kiss my long-needed lov er from lovely land![7444/5

V I saw you as yott looked down at ttte through the bush l'd jttst fallen into. We're a great team. [7444/6

V I saw you working the lloor at Blue. You wore that hangover like a neon invitation to plenty. [7444/7

V I saw you. Heck. I stole from you. I love you - Bridge xxxxx Spillagc.....['/444/8

V I saw you racing me to thcl saw you's every second friday. always reading one ahead of me so I know I haven't been seen again. sharing the disappointment at the cttd of the edinburgh section. finding reasons to read the glasgow section and eventually laughing about what romantic tools we are although we know that is the only way to be... oh ct‘a/y half. how else cottld I say goodby e??? (how ironic that i have ended up writing one of those 'l-saw -you-at-my —rcd- kitchen-table-yesterday afterntmn's that always seemed to spoil our fun? maybe 1 see the point of them afterall. Your hidden love x [7445/53

V I saw you dancing naked in lleriot-Watt university gardens... You tried to shag the swan? ('ra/y pasal. xxx? [7445/53

V I saw you morning of July 8th. walking past btts stop at 'l'esco. (‘anonmills 8: l0.-\M. We tnade ey e contact. you smiled. You tnade my Monday. [7445/54

V I saw you dancing at the honey comb ((1 promised land. red jumper and leather jacket I want to rip them off your tiny little body. (‘ome and have some fun with the. [7445/55

V I saw you. in fact i saw all of you master of fu“k. you - t in the sunburnt. tnc - missing some hair. i've got your hat...

V I saw you for a brief tnomcnt in “MY. u stole the sun from my heart. Why did u i—‘L‘t rid of u'r mohican‘.’ let me know and I'll get 'back 3 11' [7445/56

V I saw you at the /oo. playing with the monkeys. l’ancy coming to play on the swings with the sometime.’ [7445/57

V I saw you Scottt'.’) in ('itrus. You in beard attd camouflage parka. me in stripy tights. chatting as closing. where did you go'.’ You've yet to make tne a smiths fan.....o\ct' breakfast? [7445/58

V I saw you Jules. some time ago in lidinburgh. We met and chat about pop tnusic. You looked great on your tight lcathet‘jeatis and l w ishcd we could meet again? [7445/5‘)

V I saw you at (‘t‘ Blooms 14th June :nc spiky black hair. u asked 4 something well maybe we cottld. [744.5/00

V I saw you playing chess in the St. Vincent. You must have stirred somthing in tuc. because I can't believe l'ttt doing this. You caught tne pointing. ['/445/6|

V I saw you looking at my hairy nose. lfyou liked that you will like my hairy back. (iiyc ttte a kiss my long-needed lover from lovely land?['/444/5

V I saw you as you looked down at the through the bush I'd

just fallen into. We're a great

team. [7444/6