If you love shopping ck watching TV. lllc‘ll go to [lie llL‘\l advert? I'm 38. bortt in Italy. attractive. n/s. vegetarian. love books. art. sunshine. travel. a challettge ck to be independent. Looking fora fetttale friend. ('all tne on (191169 514293 Passionate, handsome, funny (ilasgotv male. 29. seeks attractive fetnale vs itlt fertile itnagittation. to wake up with itt a l’rench sunllovs er licld. ('all me on (191169 514295 Flirty festival female friend \vanted - with legs! (’all me on (191169 514296

Fit, attractive, sensitive tnale. 41)s. seeks female in 311s. to share interesting times itt lidinburgh. (‘all me on (191169 514298 Bright, cheerful 30 something. (ilasgoyy gettt. Iany $011. n/s. likes art. nature. dancing. \\'l.'l‘.\l settsiti\c. passionate lady. lo enjoy time together. ('all ttte on (191169 514299

“tr-l 34yr old male. 5'7". ntediuttt build. enjoys keeping lit. gym. tnartial arts. socialising ck quiet ttights in \\ ith a DVD. seeks similar fetttale for friendship ck tttore. ('all me on (191169 5143111)

Attractive, stylish male. 46. enjoys cinema. tnttsic. books ck line food. \\‘l.'l'.\l lidinburgh girl to share these ck other passions. (’all me on (191169 5143111 Lanarkshire guy, 41. Christian. shy. romantic. friendly. outgoing. \Vl .'l'.\l similar fetttale. 40-45. for ttights ottt. theatre. cinema. concerts. restaurants ck romantic \valks along the beach. (‘all tne on (191169 514332

25yr old male. looking for friend \\ ho seeks humour. e\citetnent ck the possibilin of romance. (‘all ttte on (191169 514333

Easygoing 6'2" slim male. young 52. loves life. the city ck the country. animal lover. \Vlfl'M slittt. allractiv e fetttale. 40-46. for nights out / itt. fun times ck romance. ('all tne on (191169 514319

Happy guy, 35. seeks fetttale. 211-35. \\ ith a beautiful lace ck beautiful personality. .\lttst he genuine. slittt ck fond of(ilasgovs ttiglttlife. ('all me on 1191169 514265

lit" Professional male, 6'4". 311. enjoy s conversation. dancing ck literature. Seeks attractive. petite female. 211-311. for fttn ck adventures. ('all ttte on (191169 5142611

134 THE LIST 18 Jul—1 Aug 2002

iii"; Male, 41 , likes pubs. cinema. live music ck clubs. quiet. sincere ck friendly.

\\'1 .'1'.\1 someone of similar age. 59" approximately. red hair ck brovs n eyes. medium-large bttild. ('all ttte on (191169 514266 Glasgow male, 38. n‘.

111. l'ollltllllic‘. (iSUll. likes .spol'l.

music ck comedy. \\'I.'l'.\l female 26-411. for nights itt ck ottt. sharing laughs ck romance. leading to HR. ('all tire on (191169 514267

it? Nice guy, nice looking. 38. lit. intelligent ck educated. \\‘l.'1’.\1 211sotnething female. for friendship ck more. ('all tire on (191169 514268

Shy guy, 24. seeks smart. funny girl for good times. (’all me on (191169 514251

Women seeking men

Adventurous & bubbly 41yr old female \\ ith many interests. \\'1.'1‘.\1 tall. caring. carefree tnale. 39-43. for friendship ck good times. ('all me on (191169 514297

Soft, genuine, affectionate lit female. ll/\. 48. gl'c‘c‘ll eyes. (iS()ll. loves theatre ck movies. dancing. music. drinks ck the countryside. Still seeking that special person. ('all me on (191169 5143311

Bright 8: beautiful woman. friendly. outgoing. Iidinburgh based. 1o\ es dancing. music. good food. travel. seeks attractive. slim. romantic male. 35-511. \\ ho 1o\ es to dance. (’all tne on (19069 514327

Blue eyed version of Dunn l-tench. 36. just as funny but 1 don't get paid for it? Seeks professional guy. late 211s-311s, Beckham look-a—likes preferred for hot dates. ('all lite on (191169 514331

Single female, 29. seeks help over the 3(1y r hurdle? I.ikes comedy. good chat. cottletntw'at'y lictiott ck outdoor adventures. (‘all ttte on (191169 51433

at? Dark haired, 5'2". 32. professional. likes going ottt. cinema. tennis ck meeting friends. seeks ntale of similar age for great times. ('all ttte on (191169 514335

Intelligent, vivacious, confident female. 31. lo\C.\ literature. lilttts ck stand up cotttedy. \\'1.'l‘.\l vs ell educated. culture loving tall man. 311—411. ('all tire on (191169 514336 Creative female, 24. ittlo comedy ck cttlturc. \\'l.'l'.\l artistic. articulate ck attractive tttale for \valks on \\ ild \\ ittd

\\\ ept beaches. ('all me on (191169 514321)

tart Petite, voluptuous, sexy brunette. young professional. seeks veterinary surgeon \\ ho has special interest in the feline “111111. 28-45. .\lllsl 11GC good food. beer ck sunny days. ('all file on 1191169 514325 Edinburgh only. 44yr old female. looks much younger. enjoy s theatre. cinema. hill \valking ck pttbs. ('all tne on (191169 514326

Attractive, friendly, intelligent \sotnan. 36. “1.181 intelligent. \\ ise ck honest male. 311—411s. for friendship or relationship. (‘all me on (191169 514315

w Young Irish very attractive \voman. seeks very attractive. intelligent. caring titan. \\ ho likes pttbbing ck clubbing. (’all me on (191169 5142511

W Professional female, early 311s. attractive. ($8011. blottde hair. bltte eyes. likes socialising. gy ttt. cinema. travel. \\'1 .‘I‘.\l attractive. carittg. professional tnale \\ ith (i8( )1 l. 311—411s. ('all me on (191169 51426-4 W Single female, seeks intelligent. attractive. funny male for friendship ck fun. ('all tile on (191169 514261

W Caring vegan female artist. early 411s. n/s. seeks similar guy to share interests in human ck animal rights. Jevvish Mysticism ck home life. ('all ttte on (191169 514263

at? Professional woman, 28. 5'7". short blonde hair ck blue eyes. easygoing. fun. outgoing ck sensitive. likes runnittg. cycling. L‘lllL‘llla. (till-LIN ck dancing. \VIII‘M positive all round nice guy. for travel ck advetttttre. .\1ttst hay c (1801]. (‘all ttte on (191169 514259

“319 Sporty girl, 31. slittt. 5'5". hlonde. many interests. \\'1.'l‘.\1 smart. carittg guy \\ itlt (18011. (‘all me on 1191169 514255 Thoughtful, loving, spiritually minded \vomen. seeks intelligent. active. mature man. 311-411. “1111 enjoys culture. the sea ck tttoutttaitts.

('all meon 1191169514252

Men seeking men

at? Professional guy, 35. stocky build. outgoing. enjoys ttigltts in / ottt ck eating ottt. \\'l.'l'.\1 guy s of similar age or younger. for friendship ck possibly tttore. ('all ttte on (191169 514288

Male, 42, sensitive ck caring. \\‘l.'l‘.\l similar male. 311- 55. \\ ho's interests are theatre. drama ck spiritual matters. (iettuine replies only. (‘all ttte 11111191169514283

rift 24yr old introspective male. 5'8". dark hair. blue cy es. looking for introspectiye male for friendship ck tttaybe tnore. ('all tile on (191169 514322

31 yr old gay ntale. 5'4". brovv n hair. blue eyes. \\'l.'l'.\l genuine. caring person. for friendship ck more. (’all tile on (191169 514262

W 24yr old gay tnale. 5'1 1". dark hair. bltte eyes. looking for tttale for friendship ck possibly more. ('all tile on (191169 514253

Women seeking women

W Single gay female. 35. genuine ck easygoing. \\'l.'l‘.\l someone genttine for friendship ck maybe more. ('all ttte on (191169 514254

W Lesbian, 30, likes nights itt. doesn't like pubs ck clubs. loves animals. looking for female for friendship ck maybe more. ('all tne on (191169 514321 W Gay female, 28. lt‘ltillllllt‘. enjoy s cinema. music. pubs. clubs. nights itt ck ottt. seeks similar fetttale for friendship ck maybe more. (‘all tire on (191169 5143113

*9 Everything but the girl. 31) something girl needed to complete the puzzle. (’all tne on (191169 514328

09 Ally you called on the 27th May. I couldn't get back to you. 1 have the wrong number. ('all again. (‘all the on (191169 514329

W Lesbian, 30, likes pubs. clubs. romantic meals ottt. fine wines. looking for similar fetttale with 081111. 38+. for friendship ck maybe tnore. (‘all me on (191169 514337

W Pretty & feminine gay female. 24. inexperienced but adventuroUs. \Vlfl‘Nl soft ck

sensual. arly girl. similar age for

light hearted fun. ('all ttte on (191169 514256

at Gay female, feminine. young 49. into romance. seeks similar female. 40-55. for friendship ck more. (‘all ttte on (191169 514257

Women seeking ffiends

W Woman, 54, unfit at present. Seeks \valkittg companions. \\ ho vvish to begin with short relaxed \valks ck build from there. ('all me on (191169 5143112

W Professional female, 39. divorced. currently man free. hopefully only temporarily. \Vlfl'M other young at heart. late 311s-early 411s fetnale for nights ottt ck a good laugh. (‘all tire on 1191169 51432.3

W 55yr old female. heavy rock fatt. likes the usual social things. looking for female friends to socialise with in (ilasgoyv. ('all lite on (191169 514324

v Straight Glasgow female. early 311s. seeks similar for socialising. into l.isl_v thittgs ck cittetna. Please. please no teachers or 'lorics! ('all me on (191169 514258


I Free-spirited, easygoing, independent \voman tgay. 341. Varied interests including yoga. alternative health. good food. conversation. travel. Hoping to meet similar women for friendship. interesting times and laughter.

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