Phil Kay

This issue, our man is ta'king bans. The fnnt did what was required In put the ball nver the line. .\'n tunic and undnubtedly nn less than that which was required In make it pass that line

was dnne. .’\I first it was like a hnrse pulling its leg thrnugh in a gesture that is majestic. and yet ynu have In

keep watching it fnr mnvement Inward

\nu. He was dning what he had In and the fnnt slint thrnugh and put the

ball past the huger glnved hands.

mean. hnw dnes he even have it In shnnt with

anyway‘.’ There is a turn that has In cnme.

sure as a gunslinger has got In draw and there is nnly nne place it can gn. Rnnaldn has In cnllect. in full view a stunning rnbbery turn. and make a getaway lit in the daylight nf a thnusand

flashes. He has In turn we all knnw it just as it is k Th“) illm‘l‘l did 4' 10” lint—“‘1' hm" 1“ dnne he is bristling nnw they are all arnund him as h they were muscled aside. shrugged nff thnrny definers nf just exactly where he isn’t. They 1' m" 'illlf—‘L‘f-N [ht‘l'ilh ll‘k‘} [WWI—‘1” 1'19} are In hang nff him and Spread and llnurish with him “WC Elm”? TU" 11” VIN llk‘klc- “W hit”

had a simple rnugh innmenuun that carried

and sn many defenders becnme plummage In his . . its slightly innre rnunded shape hnme.

amazing spinning nut. They are entranced and he leaves

thrnugh it. And with the ball hanging nff the fnnt. all it has “‘9 “CR “41‘ “k? “W WC“ 0' UltmlHI‘llWW In dn is what spheres dn: ml] and bnunce and turn alnng [here “in Hnlltlng Pl” “1 1h“ “’11) “i '1- “MW .W“ hclpfulh- predictable I-(,umlncss_ say it cnuld be called ugly. like ll was the kind nt kick

We are with him as he maybe first must have gnt a WC) “Wm Dim” 0'

peripheral flicker nf the space In be filled thrnugh the IS What IS WNW“ 1393 “'19” ["0 turn. The gap he felt fnr like the nne in his teeth. nnly ' P1109“ “CW LIL‘P'CIL‘Ll smaller. l‘m barely able tn watch it and realise what is beaUtlfUI llkk‘ ' WWW“ 1” happening withnut having tn write it dnwn. That is the abOUt mOSt Ultillmmfi'll} I .

magic nf the beautiful game. that is what is the mnst beautiful of 1111\lllttlk"'\l””d .lllllllll'lii

beautiful abnut the mnst beautiful bits nf the beautiful '9? V‘H‘l'I—‘lll'illll‘m-

game. He sees the gap and he is nn the turn's apex. beaUtlfUI game Mil} l‘k‘ ll” twill “W”

carving it nut as it is needed. like taking frnm the 'W’kk‘tl it It” 9' 1‘ 11””. pnssible laws nf the universe all that he might need In Mil} “U “"1" '1 dimlk‘d

nn me that it \\Lts_illsl an event.

If it was ugly. then it was a return In just the bare lt'ttllt (If the game: the litnl hits the hall and il tines ttnl have In get In the side at a right time after nne mnre pace. This return In where kids kick fnrwat'd at the ball withnut advanced thnught was beautiful.

linnthall is in life. The kick was l‘nntliall.

justify the thing he is wnrking. This is the rarest of kung fu tai chi intn the next apprnpriate stance and pnsitinn where he needs In be. Nnt any time In even nnte if he is actually there. he is up and running pulling away frnm the incredulity of the natinns grabbing at his shirt.

The kick.

There. it is dnne. There is a gnal that has been scnred.

John Fardell

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