How would you describe the Opal Lounge’s clientele?

“Just as the venue changes throughout the day, - so do the people who come here. At lunchtimes we attract anyone from business people, shoppers and families to retired couples. In the early evening there are the "after work" set and during the week we also have a lot of students (Prince William has paid us the odd visit). At the weekend and later in the evening it’s mainly very stylish 20-30 year olds.”

Why should The List readers come to Opal Lounge?

“Whatever you are looking for, we can offer it - and all against a really stylish backdrop. Our staff are highly trained and if you enjoy cocktails, then our bar experts and mixologists can make them to perfection. The Opal Lounge can provide an intimate drinks and dining venue for couples during the week and a great place for groups at the weekends. It is perfect for socialising as our food lends itself to sharing and if you come to dine in the early evening you can spend the whole night with us, enjoying the change in atmosphere as the night progresses.”

Always at the cutting edge when it comes to developing the whisky sector, Glenfiddich has created a range of "essential serves" - new ways to enjoy this classic single malt by combining it with other natural flavours that bring out the characteristics of the whisky. Glenfiddich Seville is a double shot of Glenfiddich garnished with flamed orange. Make it yourself or challenge a bartender to mix it for you.