Open the curtains on all the big screen talent

I Bulfan Soldiers The Film Festival head honcho Shane Danielsen describes Buffalo Soldiers as a cross between Kelly’s Heroes, Trainspotting and M‘A'S‘H. Joaquin Phoenix plays an American soldier posted to Berlin just before the fall of the wall who spends his time cooking high-grade heroin to flog on the black market. David Holmes is the DJ who provides the film's soundtrack. UGC, 23 Aug, 9.30pm, £7 (£4.50); GFT, 24 Aug, 6.30pm, £7 (£4.50).

I Insomnia The Film Festival's closing night film reels in a couple of big names. Insomnia is a sharp thriller starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams as, respectively, strung-out cop and killer involved in a deadly cat-and- mouse game in a remote Alaskan town. Christopher Nolan (Memento) directs. UGC, 25 Aug, 8pm, £7 (£4.50).

I Irreversible French enfant terrible Gaspar Noe (Seu/ contre tous) returns with a study of love and revenge that’s guaranteed to divide audiences with its graphic violent content. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel star. Fi/mnouse, 15 Aug, 70pm, £7 (£4.50); Cameo, 24 Aug, 8pm, £7 (£4.50).

I Mowern Callar The Film Festival's Opening night film, Lynne ‘Ratcatcher’ Ramsay’s adaptation of Alan Warner’s novel about a girl (played by Samantha Morton) struggling to find her place in the world after her boyfriend’s suicide. Hallucinatory, trippy, euphoric. UGC, 14 Aug, 8pm, £7 (£4.50); GFf, 17Aug, 8.30pm, £7 (£4.50).

I Once upon a Time in the Midlands Shane Meadows rose to (in)famy through 24/7 and A Room for Romeo Brass. Again he leads the way for a particularly strong British line-up this Film Festival with his family saga in which social realism collides with the spaghetti western. Robert Carlyle, Shirley Henderson and Ricky Tomlinson star. 060, 78 Aug, 6pm, £7 (£4.50); GFT, 22 Aug, 6.30pm, £7 (£4.50).

22 THE LIST i8 Jul—1 Aug 2009

Faithless lounge around the thirtysomething coffee table while Alison Goldfrapp blows her own melodica

The beat goes on with a true mix of dancefloor flavours

til Faithless Somehow straddling the gap between warehouse raves and thirtysoiiiethings' coffee tables. Faithless give you more than just an ordinary gig. with their cod religious proclamations acting as a focal point for a whole night of DJs and live acts. Royal High/and Centre. Ingliston, 0870 1600/00. 23 Aug. 9/)in-—2a/n, £20.

it Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez Kenny has left his fingerprints all


over the world of house. his Nuyorcian Soul mix CD being a case in point. One Of the true originators and big time players on the NY scene. dance music just wouldn't have been the same without him. Time to catch a real Master at Work. The Honeycomb. 530 5540. 22 Aug. 1 7.30pm—5a/n. £75.

Sunday Best An eclectic mix of DJs and innovative live stylings from the likes of the Bees. Venus Hum. Rob Da Bank and the dextrous Alison Goldfrapp (DJ Setl. Chilled. funky and leftfield: perfect for a midweek session. Liquid Room. 0870 1690700. 74 Aug. 7.30pm- /afe. £70.

E Mischief Do you have a hankering for drum & bass and hip hop? Well Mischief will cure all your cravings in a canny two clubs in one kinda situation. Scratch Pervert '3 Prime Cuts mans the Bodyrock hip hop arena while Shy FX and Prime Cuts (with an exclusive jungle set) take control of the hardass drum & bass on the Reload floor. The Venue. 557 3075‘. 16 Aug, 70.30pni—5t'i/n, £10.

I Pure What is there to say about Pure beyond the fact that it's one of the biggest nights Scotland has ever seen? A techno institution that's seen all too rarely around those here parts nowadays. Join the original crew for another night of head wigging freakery to celebrate their 1ch birthday in style.

Studio 24, 558 3758. 10 Aug. 10.30pm ~/ate. 1‘ 10—5.‘ i2.