Five steps to laughter heaven

I Michael Moore Political satirist Moore makes Mark Thomas look like Tommy Sheridan. His is the political fodder capable of bringing down superpowers. He wields his sense of Iin)justice like a scythe. scalping over—inflated politicians and wrong-doers mercilessly. His bestselling novel Stupid White Men was almost dropped by publishers HarperCollins post-1 I September because of its inflammatory content. his US television series The Awful Truth exposes injustices a la Thomas. and new documentary. Bowling for Columbine. lays bare an America in turmoil. Moreover. Moore has chosen the Fringe as the forum for his first live show. And what a show it promises to be. Moore's battle cries range from the tobacco industry's stranglehold on airline security. his anti-New Patriot Act stance. and the infinite fuddledom of the most pursued scalp of all Dubya himself. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. 2—26 Aug. 6pm. 870—872 (SQ—£7 7).

I Omid Djalili The tyrant who sold Russell Crowe to Oliver Reed in Gladiator returns to the Fringe in a_ 2

Jan Fabre’s unique _ interpretation of Swan Lake

stellar comedian and a stupetying magician combined. Zenon's stage show is simply astonishing. His charm. wry grin and cheeky style have appeared everywhere from Channel 4 specials to Britannia's in- flight entertainment. In Off the Street and on the Road. the self-confessed King of Con and Sultan of Swindle tells his life sIOry through gags. tricks and cons. Don't expect to leave with your underwear and watch out for subliminal plugs of his new book. A Hundred Ways to Win a Fiver. Off the Street and on the Road, Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. 2—26 Aug.

IO. 30pm. £5—fl 7 (25—8 7 0).

blaze of glory. Blockbusting film credits (including The Mummy and Spy Game) can't stop the once 'Short Fat Kebab Shop Owner's Son'. Behind Enemy Lines signifies a more political stance for the Iranian comedian who pokes fun at cultural clashes through song. bellydancing and the odd political diatribe. Behind Enemy Lines. P/easance. 556 6550. 5—26 Aug. 7.30pm, ES—EI l {Lb—£70): Omid Dial/Ii at the Queen's Hall. 668 20 79. 23 8 24 Aug. 70.30pm. $7 I (EIOI

I Paul Zenon Paul Zenon is to comedy magicians what Eminem is to white rap artists: untouchable in ability and damn cool with it. A I Ross Noble It's hard to imagine Ross Noble doing any job other than stand—up comedy. Five festivals and counting. the lightening-witted Geordie still manages to Surprise us with a duality festival photo astride a pig. You couldn't make it up. Rumour has it Noble flirted with a career in the circus. but the big top's loss is our gain. Still a mere pup at only 26. and returning from a double-whammy of awards in Australia. his latest August offering. Sonic Waffle. should be a charming. bizarre and predictably unpredictable foray into a mind as unconventional as the next comedy genius. Sonic Waffle. Pleasance, 556 6550. 3—26 Aug. 9pm. Clo-£72 638—5310).

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Ross Noble acting the pig in the butcher’s window

I I Peter Kay Amazineg this is only the second festival appearance proper for Peter Kay. Notwithstanding winning So You Think You’re Funny in 97. the Bolton-born comedian has just one festival outing: a pipped-at- the-Perrier-post-by-Tommy Tiernan performance in 98. As luck would have it. Kay was commissioned for the first series of That Peter Kay Thing on the back of his run. and the cherubic one hasn't looked back. With the second series of Phoenix Nights scheduled for August. these television-week warm-up dates for his national tour could be the start of something equally beautiiul. Assembly Rooms. George Street,

26 2428. 2 7—26 Aug, 10.30pm. ,{7—Ei2 (Ere—£7 I i.

26 ‘I’HB LIST 18 Jul—1 Aug 2002


Make all the right moves

l Luminous Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara has been searching for what he terms ‘a new type of beauty’ since 1985 let's hope this dramatic fusion of phosphorescent light and pure movement takes him one step closer to his vision. Playhouse, 4 73 2000, 12—74 Aug, 7.30pm, 535—223.

I Swan Lake It's ballet. but not as we know it. Flemish avant-garde artist Jan Fabre takes the Petipa/Ivanov classic to another level with this innovative production of the world’s most popular ‘big white'. danced by the vibrant young Royal Ballet of Flanders. Playhouse, 473 2000, 20—24 Aug, 7.30pm, 85—237.

I Conjunto di NERO/ Rimasto Orfano Back for his third International Festival in a row, the oh so wonderful Emio Greco has not one but two sweet offerings for us this year. And despite his unique uncompromising style, the Italian maverick has trained four other dancers to move in the same spellbinding way miss them at your peril. Playhouse, 4 73 2000, 76 8 7 7 Aug, 8pm, 85-823; Rimasto On‘ano, Festival Theatre, 473 2000, 20 Aug, 8pm, 25—823.

I Dance Base Just a year after it first opened its doors. our stunning new dance centre has another packed Fringe programme. Reflecting its eclectic year-round remit, the line-up features a new solo from the lovely Rosie Kay. humorous contemporary dance from Air Dance Company and Scottish Dance Theatre, and some seriously funky Pacific song and dance from the inimitable Mika. Dance Base ist—5th Move, Dance Base, 225 5525, 2—77 Aug (classes 2—37 Aug) 25—28.

I Bounce A spectacular show which takes the coolest streetdancing from boogaloo to breaking and popping and turned it into a slick and polished hi-octane show. Performed by an international cast, it’s a strong contender to be the feelgood hip hop hit of the festival. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, 2—26 Aug, times vary, 270—2 17 (29-270).