Teachers, expect to read some gOod “what I did in my summer holidays”essays.

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rm- There's something dillerent going on every

I day this summer at lidinhurgh Castle, all included in the normal admission price. Meet some of. the city's most famous characters, such as Deacon Brodie, Lady (ilamis and Mary Queen of" Scots as well as discovering the truth behind Scotland's l'lag - the Saltire.

EDINBURGH C Ab? L E Call ()l3l 225 9846 0 Open 9.30am - (5pm Adults £8 0 Reduced £6 0 Child £2

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SCO'ITISH CROWN .llinil.S 0 MONS MIKE Sl‘ONli OF DI‘SI‘INY 0 (AH: 0 (ill’l‘S 0 BOOKS



The first of four special weekly issues dedicated to the Edinburgh festival features Alan Davies, Michael Moore, Noel Fielding, Omid Djalili, David Greig . . . and Geoffrey from Rainbow! Plus full coverage of art, clubs, dance, theatre, kids, gay and music.


We have an exclusive 2-for-1 Tennent’s Lager offer at T on the Fringe plus free Royal Bank 25 Nights for List readers to see Joanna MacGregor at the

Usher Hall on 5 August. TL Terry Gilliam is Lost in La Mancha and cusggflfiusocfimwncu

Toby Paterson is showing at the CCA.

You’ve got 15 days to live

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