From all nude theatre to gothic melodrama

m Throat Gay aerialist John- Paul Zaccarini brings his amazing solo Throat to the Fringe. Suspended from a rope, naked, Zaccarini is covered first in clouds of flour, then cascading water in this graceful, erotic exploration of masculinity. Zaccarini is an exceptional, expressive performer. Pleasance, 556 6550, 37Ju/y—26 Aug (not

7, 72) 7.30pm, 24—2850 (24-2650).

Swimmimg in the Shadows The Scottish debut of Canadian Adam Beck's quirky comedy. With two lesbians and two gay men at its centre, Swimming in the Shallows is not an issue play. but explores same—sex partnerships. Pleasance, 556 6550, 7—26 Aug (not 6, 7 3, 20), 2pm, 24—528 (24—86).

Sarah Waters and Paul Magrs Sarah Waters created literary scandal with her debut novel Tipping the Velvet about the cross-dressing lesbian world of Victorian theatre. Her latest, Fingersmith, has all the excitement of a gothic melodrama while exploring the relationship between a lady and her maid. Paul Magrs' novel Strange Boy hit the headlines because of its 10- year-old, gay hero. Sarah Waters, 624 5050; 74 Aug. 4.30pm, £7 (£5); Paul Magrs, 24 Aug, 6pm, £3.50.

Head Games This promises to be the most gratuitous show on the Fringe. A struggling theatre company.

determined to get an audience.

decides to perform a shocking gay play in which all six actors appear in the nude. Head Games is set for cultdom. Hill Street Theatre, 226 6522. 2—26 Aug (not 74) 70.30pm, 29—8 70 (28—29).

iii Cat on the Fringe There are gay comics aplenty. including Scott Capurro, Tina C, Pan Am and Jason Wood. Get on the Fringe promises three different acts a night. Craig Hill, the camp cheeky chappy will take time from his own solo, The People ’3 Friend to compere. The Stand, 558 7272, 6, 73, 20, 27 Aug. midnight, £8 (£6).

34 THE LIST 18 Jul-v1 Aug 2002



The first stage towards joy

I Outlying Islands Outlying islands The flagship for the Traverse. which showed its strongest season in some time last year, is surely David Greig's play. Greig is a proven festival performer. with last year's Casanova on the Fringe and 1999's The Speculator garnering acclaim. as well as such splendid work as The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman he once Loved in the Former Soviet Union attracting praise outside the festival. Phillip Howard's production of this play. originally written for radio. promises to show a stronger and more immediate emotional subtext than some of Greig's previous work. which has been

accused. I think unjustly. of a certain

glacial. intellectual quality The steiy of two Cambridge ornithologists. who travel to a remote Scottish island on the eve of World War N. there to find an old man and his movie-obsessed niece. looks sure to provoke emotion and reflection. Traverse Theatre. 228 7404, Wed 37 Jul—Sat 24 Aug lnot l, 2. 5. I2 52 79/. times vary. {‘74 ($78.50;.

I The Girl on the Sofa David Harrower is another Scottish writer

Get yourself act for cheeky Craig Hill

whose familiarity to fringe audiences recomiriends him. 1998's Knives in Hens created a stir of expectation arOund his abilities that has not consistently been fulfilled. but last year's adaptation of l'./o§.zecl< showed that his powers as an adapter remain undiminished. Thus his nex'.l \.’(}l'8|()ll for the international Festi\.al of leading Norwegian dramatist Jon l' osse's Hit} Girl on the Sofa should be anticipated with relish. leading (Tieri‘ian director Thomas Ostermeier adds still more zest to this mix of two stories of one woman's life. as; first a young girl and then a successful painter in the midst of a creative crisis. r'i’oi'a/ Lyceum 7/ieafi‘e. Jil’)‘ 2000, .72 77 Aug lmatinees lo a l 7' Aug.

2. 30pm), 7. 30pm, 86—528.

I Goner The Americana AbSurdum group. which presented two very bleak satires in the festival of 2000. is back with a programme of four plays. The pick of these looks like Goner. a darkly satirical take on American politics in which two doctors debate the whys and wherefores of reviving the president. who has been the victim of an assassination attempt. Written by Brian Parks. who has a track record for satire. Like those old Hoovers. beats as it sweeps as it cleans. this should sell well with those of robust constitution. The play promises wince-making insights into the America which might seem more. not less. relevant after t 1 September. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. 2—26 Aug (not 73/. 3. 75pm. {ES—fl 0 7535—E9).

I Derevo - La Divina Commedia The most striking thing about Derevo is its consistency. each production matching the last in excellence. Imagistic. moving and sometimes comical physical theatre is its forte. and this new show from the St Petersburg-based Russian company. takes as its inspiration. as its title indicates. classic literature and myth. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. 7—25 Aug (not 7. 74, 27/. 70pm, $35—$77 (ES—£70).

I Doodrock This Korean combination is the kind of act that there's little to say about: it's all in the music and spectacle. Doodrock doesn't look like a brain food act. but its record indicates no shortage of exhilaration. This large group of musicians and dancers appeared in the opening ceremony of the World Cup finals. It embraces everything from gangster movies to martial arts conflicts. Using both conventional musical instruments and kitchen utensils to provide the SOund. it promises an inventive and spectactular night of international theatre. Gateway Theatre. 37 7 3939. 2—26 Aug (not 74/, 7pm. 29


Life’s a beach with David Greig’s Outlying Islands