AL 80 ()Pt NiNt‘; AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER (15 tbc) 90min tbc

Shagged out third time around?

It’s quite possible Mike Myers’ spy movie spoof will be shagged out third time around. On the other hand, the James Bond series, which Austin Powers parodies, is about give us its twentieth adventure, so it’s quite possible The List‘s 18 July 2019 issue will include a review of Austin Powers in From Russia With Lust, Baby.

Anyway, back to number three. That being the lucky number, Myers has written himself a third villainous part so that his sixties super spy now has to deal with not only Dr Evil and Fat Bastard, but also a fella with a golden . . . well, you know. The three villains (three and a half if you count Mini-Me) once again turn to time travel to rid themselves of the interfering Powers, opting to go back into the past to kidnap Austin’s dad, Nigel (Michael Caine). Powers Jr follows, of course, and en route to his past stops off in 1975 where he meets an old flame, Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles as a Pam Grier-style blaxploitation heroine).

Heather Graham, Michael York and Robert Wagner return as, respectively, American agent Felicity Shagwell, Austin‘s boss Basil Exposition and Dr Evil’s Number Two (snigger). And because it’s all such a big bloody larf we are treated to comedy cameos from Tom Cruise, Danny DeVito, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spiers, Quincy Jones and Ozzy Osbourne, who all play themselves. (Miles Fielder)

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JASON (15) 91min .0

J I‘/'./ I JWV, ,t \I' ,, Y I) I K v t ‘l v «I I/( I I( I ,, :1 I .I.. /"\'. I 0' .I' I "III. ',' N IA, ' F)’ I I~ I fl I‘Iv I I. I t ' fir 'l I I I l I I r, ,- I ll 1‘ ' I . (I. > / I l( ' f‘ : I ' ' I (,A> ' ,l (,. I )I I ’\ I ' .I\/. / ’i




Irrigrgiirre Dax'id Attenhorough starring in ltrs own feature film. The prospect of W r‘aturalist Steve ll'\'.’|ll erXIng his acting muscles might engender the same trepidation. Luckily. John St;rsnt<>rt's comedy adventure preser";es the straight~to—camer‘a technique from the Australians highly successful small-screen documentary series. l'hrs enables the Iarrikin star to fl(}li".t‘:l' his usual 'ci‘ikey -stre\.'v.rn' ectures ()f) the likes of the hird-eating s;:~rders artu the fierce snakes [sic]. palii‘e dealing plausibly x'rith a sketchy dramatic plot involxlng a CIA mission to r'eco\er‘ a crashed American

satell te in North Queensland and |"‘.'.ir"s attempt. along =.'.rith wrfe Terri. to relocate a cattle-(leyouring


Reminiscent of Jaws

Jaws and his educational enCOunters with the animals feel nicely unstaged. but the less said about the rest of the film the better. Magda Szubanski. from Babe. gurns for all her worth as the trigger-happy owner of the dead cows. but the thinly-developed. \nreakly-acted whole compares unfavourany to Crocodile Dundee. However. it's probably worth the money Just to see Irwin do his thing. Fair dinkum. (Simon Wardell)

I Gerrer'a/ re/ease from Fri 26 Jul.

lhe ni‘eat’rless Ir".'.rin is al\.°.'a\.s

ex‘“ a'atng to ‘.'.'atc"i. The capture of the Affe'rdng c'oc is reminiscent of


AMADEUS ily'oinecron’s CUT

(PG) 172min «u

‘.'. r‘ether need a new ‘.'(Z‘l'f§l()l‘: of

M es l urntans Oscar-«minirrg life of Msxa't is a r“cot point. The (l(l(l!ll()ll manutes —« more notes. if :x. :ke does litre to enhance a fiim fruit .'.as ".ear‘ perfect .n 198-1. but the .t"a":te 1:: see and near rt il‘. the

.iot he passed

'i "<f"";‘: Today shock S<"-:;rt-r~r.'.rrt-:er Pete" Shaffers story of \Jrrru'ia l‘i),i."°. composer Ai‘tonio Salier'r Marta. Aiyrahan‘» and his plot to :- gievgr‘fal' of ‘.".’olfgang I'\"‘a<:<:~;.s l'ylo/ar". ‘lorn l--lu|cei, a u 3);): "g. (tl’f'r. 'ni'tded creature ‘.'.’|Ill a (31%: tip-n". n‘usical talent. thankfully remains intact. A restored sequence ‘ezafrn "a Mexart seeklr‘g work tutoring a dog lovers daughter merely confirms fine a'trst’s irrtpetaoszty. ‘.‘.'llil(} added opera sections are pretty but slow down the ‘l', it. fit.- .wfj. c'ucial scene reinserted is a meeting l)et\.'\./e(->r‘. Mozart's wife. l lrxal;eth Ber'ridgei. and Salierr, which reveals more starkly why she t..::‘ kes 'll'l‘. But. ‘.'.'hat is most clear from a repeat ‘.'l(?‘.'.’ll‘.g is the undiminrshed ‘. of I'xhral‘arn's pe'for‘a‘rz‘ince. giving depth to a glrtterhall of a movie whose . "::.".r3 surface could ()lfl(}l".'.'lf;(? he too diverting. rSimon Wardeill

I seemed unease r'o/rr /' J) Jul.

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More notes, if you like


sr )3 lufxl it‘3.»\".l,5\ B IJING BICYCLE (PG) 111min O... r."

limpet; [Liable Is a lllt)‘.lfltl. l"‘f)l(i-f3§;|\.tL-?‘, acted film that is i}f;f;<?l‘ii;iii', a nuxiem (Ihrnese update :>‘ \"rttzt'ra [)e Sica's ciasszc Nit? [3,'<:‘,’r,‘l'e /'\t,"l.{\':i.

(Ea-er (lint l‘ rs a pool. uneducated

alum; rna'r frorh the .I()tlllll‘, who ““ :;-_.~ mes a lot) l'l Heij-ng as a f)|(?‘yt‘,l(? :ti’;r’?f. liesg.‘.enal>ran<lnets.

Doo doo doodoo do in Beijing’s avenues and alleyways

":.;r.rlta." rnke. .'.'hicl: he 's told h 2 can of‘ tyadualiy. ll<:‘.'.'e\.er. when it s, stolcr‘. He finds hrrriself ‘.'.|Hl()tll a

:r:. ihe manager tells izim rf he can find his hike. he can have his ioh hack. so he seems the city ooking for .t.

r'\rlt:ar".'.l‘ilt:. Jan :I Bin , is a schoolboy from a hard-working family who has a "‘t)‘\ll‘.l(li.'l hrke. ‘.'.'.’l|(7ll he tells friends his father hought for him. Did he sierar l‘ .‘ 0' :irzl he in». it from the flea market?

As .mel‘ as superh performances. the film also features gorgeous photography and relief: Ilftittt'tD'l work director \.\"ang Xiaoshuai gets maxrmum use out of Elt-grrrgg's .'.ar>-;l rig streets and alleyx‘atys. llvlatthew Turner)

I r" "’3": >.,::e. I:.'v'.‘.">.."u." ."o'r‘ i": .76 Jill.


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