Re: Top of the flops (444)

If this excuse for a journalist. Doug Johnstone. had ever lived a little or bother to reread his inane Opinion piece. he might have spared us all his mean-spirited and misguided nonsense.

To have a swipe at the Stone Roses. the Clash. the Sex Pistols and the Beatles all in the same piece suggests he‘s the kind of guy who'd rather cuddle up at nights with the latest mockery from Pop Idol or Steps. Or maybe it just means he doesn't know a whole lot about music. Fair enough.

But. given his flippant comments about the death of Ian Curtis. it's clear he certainly doesn't have any sensitivity or humanity either. Maybe some time to reflect on the error of his ways perhaps in the dole queue would do Mr Johnstone the world of good?

Either way. it'd be good if we never have to read such insensitive and pathetic posturing ever again.

David Leroy via email

SNAP JUDGEMENT Re: T In the Dark (444)

In response to Ozzy Osbourne‘s cat's letter from the last issue. I‘d just like to underline the fact that the ‘bar manager from Tut's' band are playing the T Break stage on merit. and not through any kind of shenanigans as was implied by the Ozzman's feline friend.

If nepotism were as much in place as was suggested here. then why w0uld the Day I Snapped (the band in question) have to bother playing in the heats at all? This was the 'Snapped's second attempt for a place at T in the Park. having failed miserably the previous year.

It is understandable for bands or their fans to be upset at missing out, but having a go at the bands who were lucky enough to be invited is a bit snong.

2 THE LIST 18 Jul—l Aug 2002


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or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email react©

The bottom line is this. If a band were to use 'friends‘ to secure good gigs. which we all know happens. so what? Nerve are playing without having taken part in a heat. Do you expect Nerve to apologise for that? No! And nor should they.

Lapsus Linguae were invited to play consecutive years. having done en0ugh to impress on their first outing. Any band who are serious about making a go of it will take any opponunity they can get to secure a good gig. so don't expect any band to refuse the opportunity to play T in the Park, or any gig. for fear of looking bad in the eyes of others on the Glasgow music scene.

Craig Brennan The Day I Snapped via email

ACID REMARKS Re: Just say yes? (443) Tell Them Didbin you can get nitrous in Grays in George Street (Edinburgh). Don't tell everyone though. or they might start wondering. The secret is to look like a chef when you buy it. so wear those checked trousers or a big white hat. And why was there a picture of some acid tabs on the contents page? There wasn't an accompanying article. Were you just rubbing it in our faces. because me and my mates have been looking for ages and it‘s the one drug nobody seems to be selling any more. Any chance of impregnating some pages next issue? Norman Richardson via email


Re: Festival coverage

Once again. at this time of year. the Scottish press makes depressingly predictable reading. Why is it. that instead of embracing the variety and Spirit of the Festival and Fringe. our papers. for the most part. turn to sneering observations about how middle class or elitist the festival is. about how

it's not for the common. working class people of Edinburgh. abOut how it alienates the people it should be trying to attract to the Festival?

Where is their evidence to back this up? Yes. I would agree that ticket prices for most shows are too high. but that's abOut as far as I would go. And why is it that the Edinburgh Festival gets so vigorously attacked by Our press while smaller. equally worthy events. such as Glasgow's West End Festival are ignored? Are these not 'impOrtant' too?

Jonathan Muirhead via email

SPECIAL KAY Re: Fabulous after all (444) I'm writing to lend my support to the campaign which ‘scratchmaster eckto' didn't really start in the last issue. Us List readers have put up With this 'middle class jakey' for long enough. this issue's column being particularly pointless (I don't know about middle class. but you can't go uptown during the festival without tripping over his sweaty. “ripped to the tits on drink and drugs' carcass so I say jakey with confidencer

Mr Kay may think his meaningless meanderings (not to mention his Kai'aZZy spelling and punctuation). make him come off like some hopped up Hemingway. but I for one will think twice about selling him drugs in the future. Disco Stu Via email


Re: Fabulous after all (444) Readers really shouldn't complain too much about the Glasgow Fabulous strip. It is obviOusly the work of brain- dead dance-junkie half— Wits who should be pitied not scorned. The 'q'iality' of the ‘ideas' presented is matched only by the drab. sub-Vi/ doodle-pad artwork. badly

composed frames and infantile lettering. So. let's go easy on them OK?

Perhaps the kindest thing that cOuId be said about GF (as it is known on the streets) is that it has provoked reaction from so many readers. This doesn‘t necessarily make it a good thing though. does it? No matter how vehemently you dismiss the merits and shortfalls of a dog turd. it will always remain a dog turd. Come on List people. how about commissioning a strip from talented. up-and-coming artist With original ideas of value. I demand satisfaction! Kaptain Hammond Via e/iiai/


Re: Park fiction (444)

I can't understand your rewewer's infatuation with Idlewild. They sound like nothing more than warmed-up Wedding Present leftovers. And the Weddos were pretty ‘cltimsy' even in their supposed heyday!

Phil McLudgie


LOAD OF RUBBISH? Re: T in the Park I have just got back from one of the best festivals l have ever attended in Scotland: T in the Park 2002. Great bands. great atmosphere. even great weather but why do the organisers still not give a shit about the environment? I've been to Glastonbury and they employ a company to clean the site as they go along and sort Out the recyclable waste. By Sunday afternoon T in the Park was completely awash With paper plates. cans and plastic bottles: you needed a bloody shovel to find a patch of grass to sit on. What bins there actually were around the site filled up within hours. It did cost me sixty quid for a weekend ticket surely so not a// of that went in Noel Gallagher's pocket? Gerald McGarrity

Via e/iia/l



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