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Bongo Club, Edinburgh, 10 Jul


THE FLAMING LIPS Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Tue 2 Jul 0....

Anyone who saw their mind- boggling show two years ago will know that a Flaming Lips concert is more than just a gig, it’s a full-on assault on the senses. When it comes to putting on a show and attention to detail, this inventive,

You kl‘i)‘.‘. I'iere'é; :;:>i“efl‘,"g '.'.ro".g th yew ?"‘<:- up when the ‘.-Z‘:".l(: a par: for the ‘irs;t act a":: i.(:f>(?l'li}i. .2'

liOEi’lllllOl'S. l“-:: (1"tléi"if;-Z}"f3l"..f:l ire

KI(,K|ll{llll1:":>1:l.1::: 4/ ., musing ."-.;

punter: '.'.'£‘:|°. rig.

charismatic American trio are Most err-'2 “er-:3 to :;~:;~::- l M a ‘.-::-."i::’e , .. .. ..

frankly in a different league from for Purim: .Jar‘e 'l"::'i""o:.~"_ /\'.l‘o..g" EM-J gets the crowds in early their indie rock contemporaries, 53i(}‘.3l)(}(t!l‘illO.iltl)"()"‘lf;l'1§lT!£i(l'f:i)"f§i)i

and this show is absolutely no Radio 2 soft rock a a Nata ~:‘; l'i‘n'gg' a. "~13‘.'.ar::";gtse‘..

exception. tracks "'ixe the l)"()()(ih’l§j 'l" :; Yoke Harri-‘1. a",or‘.e '5; .ef". to see heaoiiiiers

With new album, Yoshimi Battles Kylie, balloons and naked kung- fu l-"(l'CtiZ'fE that Tho'i‘vi‘e'i 5; a E3CZ"§§.'." t~:.-r Superhero. ar‘:i 2's; ust at; '.'.eé:. the Pink Robots out this month, the ‘.'.'i‘."‘ potent a' at; as; ::"-:;-::.<;-i‘<:-:;. If one (lent-coders ‘or ii: iii;i.rgl‘.'s; worst oai‘d. band have tweaked their set to include a handful of new tracks, but the can ‘:":i' the <"<:e to -:;-xi:':or~:;- :eos; the 'i‘eta fromiii‘erita'esxs; (lessene- majority of this eclectic set is culled from their awesome The Soft Bulletin T'ai"i|iar ground and captame o." i‘e" l"(}"i|()" on“. as a .'.'£il'lll":gl to the.i‘ album of three years ago. precocious; i>r:>‘es;s;:<)iialztsi". she we; .(r’. hreat'itaw‘g 5;-::-.'7 ":i'ugc-irce

That’s not to say it’s in any way a staid or familiar gig. Frontman Wayne make her fl‘zti'ix'. ll‘ilikf"l""£it>l<}. f“;‘:i;‘.t.’"l3a’.()"". gu-Iar Coyne and cohorts are always reinventing themselves, always looking to Gamer}; good liétti."(‘:(l. .i"a:;s;ui" rig ‘.'.:'ci'i\’o..t:~; a"-:;- no (lo-apt great itll‘ to play.

add to what is already a sensational event, and this showing sees them :".(ll(} rock“ :les-er‘es; a :ie' £1:.fl€:"fi-fi‘:. out -:;-xcru<:!a°.:iig to" t'ie listener. It takes; a pushing the boat out even further. the temporary absence t>‘ '..".-Zl-.." l(:;i(l spectao. a" :i'egree o‘ arrogance on the Where else would you get balloons full of fake snow bursting over-head? gt; 'a 53'. deem". i‘e’i: 'i‘..<:n out f"-:‘; r group's; ca". to iii" 1:! 2'33; "aphisai‘. on a

Or naked kung-fu and frisby-throwing projections? Or, for that matter, fake r"..f;( f;(>tlli(l and «rum for t:fii‘:i‘ part... ‘(31 alone expect anyone to

blood, glove puppets, men in rabbit suits, glitter, giant mirrorballs, nuclear :iviiipci'”. "g; a :;t"<:"g "’-:‘:‘(Zil'. gears 42

explosion footage and a heart-wrenching, melodramatic version of Kylie’s .

‘Can’t Get You Out or My Head’? gl’gi’xsm AND THE Nowhere else, that’s where. And while this might all sound like too much BANSHEES

froth, not enough substance, it simply isn’t. Songs like ‘Waitin’ for a Barrow/land, Glasgow. Fri 5 Jul

Superman’, ‘Race for the Prize’ and superb newie ‘Do you Realise?’ are ....

genuine lump-in-the-throat moments, and the band’s set tonight is littered

with such gems. . .. a ., ,. I. And it’s all carried off with the kind of charm that makes us mere mortals l‘. gin. :i'fi.:;"-t,- ill‘fi"‘llil°. '1; lif’caiéhz’. :i tfs

sick as dogs. Coyne, looking like a deranged Captain Birdseye, is so set ‘.'.'o..'i<: nape ire-:2" iii: :: sappo "tea

immensely Iikeable he could take us just about anywhere and we’d lap it icwgl‘i as; f"-:;- l);‘:".5§"é;-<‘:':; focus;

up. In fact he does, and we do. (Doug Johnstone) credo-'i‘ oat-:3 o.” Il‘iiif' ext-ensue a.i>..r"

l>a::' catalogue. l av‘ 'i‘;i'.e"';i :ke 'i‘vleta

A N i)

7»: is: O O

ACOUSTIC \ j , \ . . MARCH OF D'MES appearing on the second F ostcami . Voeziet; tier, ;. :1, Jigsaz'.‘

we$t13thve|asgow Tue 8 Jul forthcoming NIw/M compilation. then l erriiiig {lii'Y‘I"(‘:l(}fS me :;e. .'.".»le .ft-I:

I... (WW0er (’1 sweet solo vers;ion of the nor-:1- artzteswh e "Kiss; 'l'iie'i‘ to" Mr}. haunting ‘l'his; Year's; Man'. by llle {i’lflf§ a .'.’;‘."'l‘ poi: twee/e. 1h Despite iiiissnig the support after an lateral concern Sons; and Daughtmc. ‘(Z‘W‘ aim? he "g the {triage 1:; zit-2 ri‘ore unannoui'icer‘l early start. I thankfully He also throws; in a cracking cover of 5:.=.'":;f-f:.' f;f.‘tll‘(ill‘.t; '/\"£il1:(i." Kiwgiritsi. turn up halfway through March's; sset- l()lk(1l{lf353l(3 'little Boy Blue' helore 8 ouxsc. me." the r‘c'ie.:ii‘<:"i"is;t_ s; opener. Not the best-designed venue airing old favourite ‘Vote for Me'. a decked out 1‘ an a'virogyieas; in the world. West 13m nevertheless; inesiiierisnig thruiiialong :;-":;!'.i>e<: out. As; li(‘:l’ l>(}"l()ll“éllt(fi} Siouxsie in seventh heaven caters well for one-man shows; such |lli(}r53[)(‘:l'f§(}(l With some niiiihle progress-95;. getting ll‘()"-IL- energei :: and as this. particularly when Scott of virtuoso playing. l ollownig some (}X1il7-f}’£l"i. the <:‘o’..".e:; down, an. 'exea‘ Mg 21 l"()l'(‘: sensua :; 113::- ar‘d a sparkly pra to Dimes is such an aiiiiahle chap hesitant starts; throughout the set the hoof. playing very nice bluesy folk on a very Marchiiian decides; to cut lile looses; hiiiwdfi'fifil:‘1lll(lf;lllfii'AEl‘iiliI .mt'i the. def 'lli 1e "igl‘. no": newg t"-:;- £1l‘ll‘(}€":(i nice guitar indeed. and depart. hut all he leaves; is; a 'Soel'n<>..iiu'. l’tlf‘i mtoxcat'rg (25151,?3‘1‘, ignites; .r‘e £ill(ll(3l‘(‘,(? etc a "en/1. that would Tonight he mixes; things; up a hit. (leszire for more. the wee tease. cause even the l"()f§i 5;:;.t:ocrii eyeliner to rur‘. TT‘E} Ba":;".-::--;‘::; 'i‘a; "axe scratched opening Willi the two tracks; (.Jan l 7e5;(:hkyi fine-i sex-en year He". hut it'f; oil a‘; '!i(}(tti()tif;. lint/car li"§.<:-::v;ar‘<i\

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin Buchanan Galleries. (€32) 4-101) ° Credit card bookings from: l Fix-«l. l 'i‘m: l’ii/ I'if‘l ' 51 ‘.'.£1. r\."-::i‘ slit) 51363“, Edinburgh: Virgin Princes; Street. 790 391-13. - Ripping Records Souf'i liv'ii‘ge. 1’96 {I ‘1‘ Way Ahead ("4‘ 633i? 3534"}3

I JJ Gilmour liquid Room. I Stereophonics ('oi‘n ('ciiti‘c. lidiiihui'gh. 33 .\ug. I Morcheeba ligii‘i‘im land. I Alicia Keys (‘hdc lidinhurgli. 3 Aug. lixclizingc. lidiiihui‘gli. l5 Aug. I Love liquid RUUIIl. (ilzixgim. l‘) Sop. Audiini‘iiiiii. (iluxgim. 35 (M. I Sounds of Simon and S()l.l) ()l "l'. lidiiihui'gh. 33 Aug I Terry Callier liquid Rnniii. I Toploader (it) Hit”. Garfunkel liquid Room, I McAlmont and Butler I Gig on the Green lidiiiliuigh. 2‘1 Scp. \liiilici-xwll. 27 (kt; Edinburgh. 4 Aug. Liquid Room. lidiiiliui'gli. lh (il;i\gii\\. 2-1 k 35 Aug. I Raging Speedhorn Burro“ laud. (iI;I\:_‘U\\. 3] (M. I Indigo Girls ()uccnx Ililll. Aug. I Julian Cope liquid Riiiiiii. (’igii'ugt‘. (ilaxgim. 28 Sop. I Fugazi Burro“ l;iiid. lidiiihui‘gh. (i Aug. I Roddy Frame liquid lidiiihurgli. 25 Aug. I The Divine Comedy .iiid (iluxgim. 2‘) ()cl.

I Turin Brakes ()uccux Hall. Room. lidiiihui'gli. 17 Aug. I Nickleback Sli( '(‘. Ben Folds Burrim land. I Suede ligii'i‘im land.

7 Aug. I Jay Farrar Studio 24. (iluxgim. In Aug. (iluxgim. l ()ci. (il;i\gim. 30 (M.

I Snow Patrol and Astrid liilinhurgh. 1‘) Aug. I Mull Historical Society I Coldplay Sl-‘.('(‘. (ilaxgim. 4 I Papa Roach Sl-1(‘(‘. liquid Room. lidiiihui‘gli. 7 Aug. I Badly Drawn Boy (’oi'ii ()uccnx IlilII. lidiiihurgli. 37 (M. (il;i\gim. 2 Hm:

I DJ Shadow('nrii lixchzingc. lidiiihui‘gli. It) Aug. Aiig. I LostProphets Iiill'l'il“ lgiiid. I Fishbone ( i;ii';igc. (ilmgim. lixchzingc. Edinburgh. 7 Aug. I The Delgados liquid I The Von Bondies liquid (ilzixgim. .\‘ ()ci. IS \m.

I Sophia and Malcolm Room. Edinburgh. 20 Aug. R001". 27 Aug. I Death in Vegas (‘).\ll '. I Moby Sli(‘('. (il;l\:_'tl\\. Fl) Middleton Hui-ii}. (ilihgnw. 7 I Elvis Costello (‘ni-n I The Damned chi'mx (il;|\gii\\. I2 (it-i. .\'m.

Aug. lixcliaiiigc. lidiiihui'gli. Ill Aug. l‘ci'i‘}. (iluxgim. 38 Aug. I Beth Orton RU};II ('uiiccri I David Gray Sli('(‘.

I The Divine Comedy I Counting Crows (‘nrn I Ocean Colour Scene llull. (il;l\_*_'i\\\. Ii ()t-i. (iI;l\f_'\l\\. 3 Soli) ()l “l’ .\ .‘~ QUL‘L‘nx llilll. lidiiihurgli. 8 Aug. liu‘luiiigc. lidiiihui‘gli. 2| Aug; l’|;i_\liiiu\c. lidiiihui‘gli -l Sup. I Paul Weller lti'aclimd Hm.

I Black Mang liquid Iiill'l‘UWIillltl. (ilaxgim, 22 Aug. I Korn SH ‘( I (illi\_‘_‘(l\\. l | Arena, (iluxgim. lo ( M. I Shed Seven lliii‘i'im lgiiid. R0011}. lidinlilll‘glt. l l Aug. I Doves('oi'ii liu'liuiigc. Sup. I John Martyn liquid (ilaxgim. 3 Um:

I Natalie lmbruglia (‘oi'ii lidiiihui‘gli. 33 Aug. I Gary Numan (.).\ll '. RUUIH. lidiiiliiii'gli. l.\' (M; I Beverly Knight lixcliaiiigc. lidiiihui'gh. l3 Aug. I Faithless Rinul Highland (ilaxgim. l‘) Sop. Rciili'cu l-'ci‘i'_\. (iluxgim. Ill ( )t‘l. llui'i'im laud. (i|;i\gn\\. 5 Doc.

' 5K...) .' I THE LIST 59