Tickets can be bought in person and by phone from the Queen’s Hall box office on 0131 668 2019, Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm (phone lines close at 5pm) or by calling the festival ticket information line on 0131 467 5200 from Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Tickets for Van Morrison are available exclusively on 0870 606 6424 and for the Charity Ball exclusively on 0131 456 3730.


I Rumba Caliente lleiiry ‘s .la// ('ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £6.50. New six-piece hand led hy Salsa (‘eltica trumpeter 'l‘ohy Shippey. proy idiiig the finest in hot raunchy l.atin sounds.

I Jazz Saboteurs The Bridge .la// Bar. S2 South Bridge. 47S 2510.6 Spin. liree. Brillant young trio from Kiey. featuring 15-year—old .-\lexandra l’riinalsoya on sax.

I Silje Nergaard the Hub. ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. Spin. £11.50. litiropean ja// \ocalist who matches the .’\merican greats. She concentrates primarily on her own songs. hut also throw s in distinctly e treatments of cm er \ei'sions draw it from \y‘t'llet‘x like Sting. .llIIII Mitchell ttlltl Stey ie \Vttlltlel'. See panel.

I Kevin MacKenzie’s Vital Signs l.;t Belle .v\nge|e. ll:l\lie\ (lose. 225 7536. Spm. £9.50. (iuitarist ls'ex in MacKen/ie’s ptit togthei' this project with a ('reatix e Scotland Award. The nine-piece hand hrouglit together hoth ja/l and folk musicians. a halance reflected hy the music Macls'eii/ie wrote for it. The work made a strilsing impact on its premiere in (ilasgow in .r\pr. and it is good to see it get another airing here.


I Martin Foster’s Haute Jazz Musique Royal ()yer-Seas League. l00 Princes Street. 225 l50l. Split. [3. ’l'i'aditioiial and classic ja// from this inulti-reed instrumentalist.

I Jazz Barbecue By the Sea .\'e\t (ieneration (’luh. 55 New Haven Place. 554 5000. Spin. £10. The hest in traditional and New Orleans sounds from ('ell Block 7. Bloiiimaiis Dixieland Band and (ieorge l’enman‘s lax/men.

I Tam White 60th Birthday Celebration Queen’s llall. ('lerk Street. 06S 201‘). S30ptii.

£11.50 £16.50. A night celehi'ating the unique \oice of'fam \Vhite performing in a duo with Brian ls'ellock. in his own Shoestring Band. and fronting the Power ()1 Scotland Big Band. See panel.

I EV Jazz 4 Henry 's .la// ('ellai'. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 0pm.

£5 £6.50. ‘l‘wo of l.itlitiaiiia\ hest ja// musicians (saxophonist \'_\ tautas I.ahutis and hassist l.eonid Sinkai'enkoi lead this melodic quartet.

I Late Night Jam Session Royal (her-Seas League. I00 Princes Street. 225 I501. 11.30pm. £5. 'l’he infamous

ja// jam returns to this year's .la//

l’estiyal w ith a whole host of guest artists diopping in.


I Soundbone and the Funk- Out-Fit llenry 's .la// ('ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £6.50. New hand from tromhonist (‘hi‘is (ii'eiye with drummer l’aul Mills that specialises in a powerful fusion of soul. funk and ja//.

I Colin Steele Quintet 'I‘Iie lluh. ('astleliill. Royal .Mile. 473 2000. 12.30pm. £6.50. ‘l'i'umpetci' (‘olin Steele returns with his quintet playing his own compositions from the excellent 'Iii'i'lig/il Dru/ms alhtiiii.

I Dave Keir Hot Four Royal ()\e1‘- Seas l.eague. I00 Princes Street. 225 1501. 12.30pm. £5. (‘lassic \cw ()rleaiisjaH from this multi- instrumentalist.

I Bank of Scotland Mardi Gras (irassmarket. 1 4pm. 1-‘ree. Non-stop ja// right in the centre of town with this colourful musical parade. featuring (‘ell Block 7. Sydney Zenith Jax/ Band. West liiid Jan Band. Kiey~ Jazz. Trio. Lights Out By Nine and many

I Tommy Smith and Brian Kellock 'l'he lIuh. ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 3.15pm. £7.50. A rare opportunity to hear Scotland's two leading resident jazz musicians team up in a duo.

I Jazz Saboteurs The Bridge Ja/l Bar. S2 South Bridge. 47S 2510.

6 Spin. Free. See I"ri 26.

I Sydney Zenith Jazz and Blues Band Royal ()y'er-Seas League. l001’i'inces Street. 225 1501. Spin. £S. New ()rleans-sty le act from x\tl.\ll';tlltl present an up-heat selection of crowd pleasers.

I The Saturday Stomp Off The lltih. (‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 473 2000. Spin. £10.50. .\ exuherant triple hill of traditional ja/l. front ('ell Block 7. Blominans Dixieland Band and the Bi'asshoppers.

I Julien Lourau La Belle Angele. llaslle\ ('lose. 22.5 7536. Split. £9.50. .-\nother major name from the current 1"reiich ja/l scene. The saxophonist \ltllsct'ilte\ It) the eclectic ct'ossoy el' style which marlss out the Paris scene. with a mixture ofja/I. African rhythms. dance heats and more.

I Salsa Celtica Queen’s llall. (‘lci'k Street. 66S 201‘). S.30pm.

£l 1.50 £16.50. A heady mix ofja//.. African. Latin and ('eltie l'll_\ thins from this liyely group.

I Todd Gordon .-\pex International Hotel. 31 (irassmarlset. 300 3456. 9pm. £10. Swinging \ocals from (iordon

w ho has a real passion for Sinatra.

I Martin Kershaw Quartet llenry 's Ja/x (‘ellaiz S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 0pm. £S.50. .-\ new outfit fronted hy itttioy‘alix e saxman and Berklce graduate Kershaw. of(ireen .luice. Rarefaetion and (irooy edigga/ fame.

froiii'ooiio l)l£l\,’(}l [)oiiiiis Holliiit; .'./lll llt: iiiot;t t'aiiiiligii fi'oiii lllf; iolo lll (Ioiiitiioy l’iiio’53 liaiitl ialt;o loatiiioil Ill tlio RESIIVllll. ‘.'./lioro hit; liiiik‘, aiiil lll'.’(3llll‘.'(f ll'f).'lll)()ll(} playing; If; an izloal foil loi tho loatloiE; t'axoplioiio {l(:l()l){lll(lt;. Rollins; (lillIIOS ovoi‘ tho (Ll'()f;f3()‘.’(3.' ssiiiiit of (Ioiii‘tito',"f; llltlf;|(; iiito lllf; ()‘.‘.’l‘i Hail Hoiio S (Io. liiit ‘.'.’llll ovoii iiioi'o ovoi'tly funky (lossigjiit; oii yotii loot. /\f; it happoos. ’).'l(: of l)t.-i:iiis;‘:; iiiajoi' llllltltflliltifi war; loimoi .ll‘i's; ti‘oiiihoiiit‘d 1 rod Wo:;loy. who is; also on tho l)lll llllti yoai. iii lélll(l(:lll‘.'.’|1ll(lll()ill(:l ox .Jl-l. f3£lX()l)ll()lllf;1 Poo \/'\.’oo l liit;. Boo tlio original and catch tho llllltl(}ll(l(}.

I Dori/ii}; [lo/lint; 3m} 30/10 (‘2 (2r) p/(i‘. l (l [fol/o Ango/o on Sat (3’ Aug.

62THE LIST '»‘~.:.

I Late Night Jam Session Royal ()y er-Seas League. 100 Princes Street. 225 1501. 11.30pm. £5. See Hi 26.


I Late Night Jam Session Henry's Jazz (‘ellaiz S Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. See l'l'l 26.

I National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland The lluh. (’astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 12.30pm. £6.50. ('lassic hig hand tunes and contemporary material from this young hand.

I Jim Petrie’s Diplomats of Jazz Royal ()y‘er-Seas League. 100 Princes Street. 225 1501. 12.30pm. £5. The trumpeter and \tlcilllSI hi'iiigs the classic age ofja/l to life.

I Bank of Scotland Jazz on a Summer’s Day Ross Bandstand. Princes Street (iardens. 12.30 5.30pm. Free. A great day out in the gardens with performances from 'l'odd (iordon. the Brasshoppers. (‘riterion New Orleans Brass Band and many more.

I David Milligan Trio and Bojan Z(ulfirkarpasic) The Hub. (‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 473 2000. 3.15pm. £6.50. A douhle hill of pianists. with our own l)a\'id Milligan leading his regular trio. and a solo set from l’ai'is-hased Yugoslavian Bojan 7.. whose last alhum has heen picking tip praise in all the right places.

I Jazz Saboteurs The Bridge Ja/l Bar. S2 South Bridge. 47S 2510. 6 Spin. l‘ree. See l‘lt‘l 20.

I Buddy Guy Queen‘s llall. (‘lei-k Street, 66S 201‘). Spm. £22.50 £26. Maximum Voltage hlues from this aina/ing guitarist. .-\ll hut sold out as we went [0 pt'e\\.

I Swing 2002 Royal (her-Seas League. l001’rinces Street. 225 I501. Spm. £S. .\ swinging selection from the holders of lidinhurgh's longest-ruiming ptih residency. featuring Dick Lee on clarinet and sax. Roy 1’ercy on hass. and John Russell and Phil :\tltllll.\ on guitars. I Magic Malik La Belle Angele. llastie‘s (lose. :35 75.50. (Split. £9.50. lntoxicating french flautist mixing drum & hass. liasterii liuritPean. African. Indian and tnore into his complex ja/z rhythms. See preyiew.

I Sandy Brown - the Legend The lluh. (‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 473 2000. Spin. £15. Humphrey 1.yttleton leads this salute to the memory of one of lidinhurgh’s greatest ja// musicians. clai'inetist Sandy Brown. :\s well as heing one of the most distinctly-e Voices on the l'ls' ja/I scene in the 50s and 60s, Brown was also a distinguished aeousticiaii. and worked on many important concert halls. including the Sydney Opera House.

I Jazz at the Trafalgar Suite Waterloo Buffet. 3 Waterloo Place. 556 7597. 8.30pm. £5. .\lainstream. progressive and experimental ja/z from the resident trio Ian Millar. Dominic Spencer and I)es'1‘i'a\‘is plus guest appearances.

I James Cairney Quartet lleiiry's Jal/ ('ellai'. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 9pm. £7.50. ()ne of the greatest recent diseoyet'ies in Scottish ja/l 17-year-old pianist ('airney' is joined hy .r\iden ()'l)oniiell on bass and drummer James Blease. All are ‘gi'aduates' of the National Youth Jan Orchestra of Scotland.

I Freddie King The Bridge Jal/ Bar. S2 South Bridge. 47S 2510. 9pm. Free. Renowned \ocalist around lidiiihui‘gh and London and father of a w hole ja// family. King brings his hehop sound to pay homage to the whole gamut of great ja// singers.

I Todd Gordon .»\pex International Hotel. 31 (ii'assmarket. 300 3456. 9pm. £10.See Sill 27.

I Late Night Jam Session Royal (her-Seas League. I00 Princes Street. 225 I50I. 11.30pm. £5. See l’i'i 26.