The List won one of six Pride awards which were presented by Phace Scotland in a lovely marquee on Glasgow Green on Saturday 22 June. The rain pelted down outside. but the ceremony was iolly. with a real community feel.

Ali Jarvis. the chair of Stonewall Scotland. collected the Ian Dunn Memorial Award for Activism. Her personal enthusiasm. commitment and overall knowledge makes her a great representative of the gay community and aCCOuniS for her making real inroads With the Scottish ExeCuhve.

The Phace Scotland Award for Health was presented to four members of Parents Enquiry Service. which was set up 22 years ago by a mother who felt there was nowhere for her to go to get advice on haVing a gay son. Parents Enquiry Service prowde confidential helplines. one-to- one work and group disCuSSions.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone won the Pride Scotland Award because of his work in recognising same sex partnerships. an example of strategic direction for government service proViders throughout the UK.

Alison Bell from the GFT collected The List Award for Art and Entertainment. The GFT's policy of gay film programming is second to none. hardly a week passes without some great gay or lesbian movie being shown there.

Finally. Chief inspector Gavin Buist won the Equality Network's Friend for Life Award. Gavin has made an amaZing difference in advancing equality iSSUes Within Lothian and Borders Police. (John Binnie)

Glasgow Thursdays


Venom Alaska. 142 Bath Street. 248 1777. 1 1pm 7 3am. £3. Weekly. ‘Glamour with a hammer" is promised at this new club night.


Steve Retson l.(}B'l‘ Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 5.30 8.30pm. Free. Weekly. Gay men‘s sexual health ady isory seryice. Contact 21 l 8601 for appointments.

Lesbian Health Clinic

Sandyford lnitiatiye. Sauchiehall Street. 21 1 6700. 5.30 8pm. Free. Weekly. Health adyice.

TFI Bi-G-Les Youth Group 1.08'1‘ Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203.

4 8pm. Free. Weekly. An open meeting for LGBT up to the age of 25.

Gay and Lesbian Badminton Club Knightswood Secondary School. 60 Knightswood Road. 7pm. Weekly.

22.07 youth issue

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All welcome at this friendly club. contact Donn on ()7985 621 ()57 for more details.

Glasgow G00 Swimmers Contact 649 5896. 7.30—9pm. Weekly. Informal session.

LIPS Glasgow Women's Library. 109 'l'rongate. 552 8345/7539. 2—4pm. Free. Thu 25 Jtil. Fortnightly-z Support for lesbians and bisexual women under 25.

Glasgow Fridays


TFI Bi-G-Les Youth Group Drop In l.GBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 4 ~8pm. Free. Weekly. Support for LGBT up to the age of 25.

Glasgow Saturdays

Groups LIPS Glasgow Women‘s Library. 109

Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 2—4pm. Free. Sat 20 Jul. Fortnightly. See Thu.


The Wrestlers GFT. Rose Street. 332 8128. 2.30pm (Sun); 6.15pm (Mon): 3.30pm (Tue). £3.75—£4.75 (£2~£3.50). Sun 28--Tue 30 Jul. lndian feature about two train guards. exploring their intense friendship.


Gay Rambling Group Contact 950 1081. Sun 28 Jul. Fortnightly (alternating between Sat and Sun). Call for more details on meeting places and times. Out on Sunday LGBT Centre. I 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.3()—9.30pm. Free. Sun 28 Jul. Monthly. Social group for lesbians. gay men. bisexuals and transgender people.

Glasgow Mondays


Venus Boy: OFT. Rose Street. 332 8128. 6pm. £3.75—£4.75 (£2--£3.50). Mon 22 Jul. Documentary exploring the New York drag king phenomenon. Gypsy 83 (it’ll Rose Street. 332 8128. 8.45pm. £3.75 «£4.75 (£2—£3.50). Mon 29 Jul. Quirky. unpretentious American road movie about a gay goth teenager and his best friend.

The Wrestlers Sun 28-Tue 30 Jul. See Sun.


Performance Group LGBT Centre. 1 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for anyone interested in theatre and music skills.

Holistic Healing Group LGBT Centre. I 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203.

7.30— 10pm. Free. Weekly. Contact 423 5952 for more information.

Glasgow Tuesdays

' Groups

Bi-G-Les Youth Group LGB'I‘ Centre. 1 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7—10pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for LGBT up to the age of 25.

LIC Social Group LGBT Centre. I 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7pm. Tue 30 Jul. Monthly. Regular meeting.


Julie Johnson Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. 3.15 & 8.30pm (Tue & Thu): 6.15pm (Wed & Fri). £3.50—£5.50 (£2~£4). Tue 23-Thu 25 Jul. Housewife 1.ili Taylor falls in loye with her oldest school friend Courtney Love in this likeable blue-collar drama.

Cabaret Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. £3.50—£5.50 (£2—£4).Fri 26 Jul—Thu 1 Aug. Bob Fosse‘s masterpiece about Weimar Germany is brilliantly performed. and the choreography dazzles. Look out for the Liza Minnelli

Glasgow Sundays é

listings Gay

Groups Gay Dads Scotland LGB Centre.

58a & 60 Broughton Street. 478 7069. ; 8pm. Thu 25 Jul. Monthly.

Q Edinburgh Fridays

; Cinema 1 Venus Boy: Filmhouse. 88 Lothian

Road. 228 2688. 3.15 & 8.30pm (Fri); 6.15pm (Sat) & 8.30pm (Sun). £3.50—£5.50 (£2—£4). Fri l9—Sun 21 Jul.

' Documentary exploring the New York

drag king phenomenon. Hen: Girls Shorts Filmhouse. 88

Lothian Road. 228 2688. 6.15pm (Fri) & 3 3.15pm (Sat). £3.50—£5.50 (£2—£4). Fri

19 & Sat 20 Jul. Five lesbian short films running the whole gamut of genres and styles. Original. erotic. occasionally pretentious.


Lush Ego. Picardy Place. 478 7434.

10.30pm—3am. £5 member; £6 non- members (free membership available on the night). Fri 26 Jul. Monthly. DJs Dale

(Joy/Planet ()ut) and Craig (Planet ()ut)

dish up a line blend of camp and cheeky chart and dance.

Velvet Chains Laughing Duck. 24

Howe Street. 220 2376. 8pm— 1am. £3

(£1). Fri 26 Jul. Every six weeks. Night for goths. gay S&M and leather BEARS

where the dress code says strictly no streetwear.

9 Groups Juice Solas. 2/4 Abbeymount. 661 0982. 2»-4pm. Free. Weekly. Social

group for gay men affected by


Edinburgh Saturdays

Bars Claremont 133 ~ I 35 East Claremont

* Street. 556 5662. 8pm. Free. Sat 20 Jul. Fortnightly. MSC and the Bears organise

the night with the dress code as wild as you like.


; Hen: Girls Shorts Fri 19 & Sat 20 Jul. See Fri.

= Clubs

Edinburgh Thursdays i

Joy Ego. Picardy Place. 478 7434. 10.30pm—3am. £10 (£8). Sat 20 Jul.

§ Fortnightly. Residents Maggie and Alan

residents Brian Dempster and Alan Joy.

you lean 0' = garrith Ul<


whoop it up in the Main Hall while Dale (Lush) joins Cocteau Lounge residents Trendy Wendy and Sally F.

Eye Candy Club Mercado. 36—39 Market Street. 226 4224. 1 lpm—3am. £10 (£8): £6 in fancy dress. Sat 20 Jul. Fortnightly. Residents Graeme Popstar. Nejat Barton and Neil Crookston host their infamous glam house party. Mingin’ Studio 24 (upstairs). Calton Road. 558 3758. 10.30pm-3am. £5 before midnight; £6 after. Sat 27 Jul. Fortnightly. Gay-friendly clubbing with




18 Jul—t Aug 2002 THE LIST 81