I Test at Alaska. Next date lb Aug.

I Tronicsole at the Arches. l lpm 3am. £l0 (£8). ZAtig. Monthly. l'red Inerythiiig is the man vv ith from the great label at this month's Sole mash tip. He'll be playing some good records and \\ ill be hanging abotit vv ith llls host. a Mr (’hris llai'i'is. Nice

I Urban Groove at ('lub Budda.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. l‘eattii'ing the talents of Domenic Martin. w ho seamlessly merges l'S house atid garage. deep house. disco. soul. funk and tan. \\ hile adding the odd dash of l.atin and aim grooves.

Chart & Party

I Carwash at (32. llpm 3am. £3 (£3 i. Weekly. Why are so many enjoyable things had for you'.’ A night of shameless l'tin. \\ ith disco. funk and soul classics. courtesy of the (images (iei'i'y Lyons.

I Cheesy Pop at ()lltltts ((‘).\ll ' l.

10pm 2am. £2 (£l l. Weekly. Students and tip to four guests. Weekly. .\ riotous evening. and one from which lets escape tineinbat't'assed.

I Envy at Destiny. l0pm 3am. £5 before llpm: £0 after. Weekly. Mamly charty dance action from the lttige club that tries to cover all bases. Make sure you iron your shirt.

I Love Bug at the (iarage.

l0.30piii 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely busy night of party tunes for students and youngsters.

I The Shack at Shack. l0.30pm 3am. £(i (£4 i. Weekly. Whatever your bag. chart. dance or party. l)J llanlan should hit the spot with his mix of stupid grinning tunes. I Shag at l’ury Murry 's. llpm 3am. £5 (£3 E. Weekly. (iet your first shag doth a dark staircase off St linoch's Square. Drunken party times from Mark and James (i. ‘No one forgets their first Shag.‘ they assure its. Bliniey.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry l‘ields. 9pm 3am, £(i before I lpm; £" after. Weekly. A party -tip set taking iti dancefloor faves frotn the (ills to the present day.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Bubblin’ Under at the Arches (‘afe Bar. ()pm midnight. l‘i‘ee. 27 Jul. l‘ot‘tnightly. (io subterranean in one of the city 's most attracthe l‘at's/ealcs. l)J Dave Moore is just the man to take care of the gt‘ooyes,

I Chillin’ at Havana. Spin midnight. l’ree. l3 Jtil. l‘ortnightly. Premier Asian music DJ Rl5 gets dovv n and dirty w ith a selection of Rth. bhangra and hip hop. ('htiiiky funky.

I The Corinthian at the ('oi'inthian. 0pm late. l’rce. Weekly. l.aidlback tunes to complement the stunning surroundings of the ('oi‘inthian's main bar.

I Cul de Sac at the (M dc Sac.

9pm tnidnight. lice. 30 Jul. fortnightly. A [H of some calibre. Michael l’eck. cuts and scratches his way through the delectable record bag w ith everything from hip hop to funk. from house to the best of the rest.

I Dirty Wriggles at the Variety Bar. 9pm midnight. l’t'ee. Weekly. A techno'n'electro pre—club set from l)irty \\'t'tgglc‘s of My stec lietttl.

I Electric Cafe at West l3.

8.30pm midnight. lii'ee. l)Js Robotiiik and (ihettohead (aka Steven and John front Bis) showcase the best in synthetic pop.

I Fake at Bar l0. ‘)pni midnight. liree. Weekly. l’ake l)Js Jim lltitchison and Brian Mtirnin take to the decks to deliver a killer pre—club set in this beautiful. cool atid classy city centre ptib.

I Fourward Thinking at liour ('afc Bar ((’('A ). 9pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Beats and breaks characterise this pie-club session at the ('(‘.-\. Just the ticket.

I Freakmoves at the School of Art (front gallery ). l0pm 3am. £(i(£5 £4); £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. ('lassy. di\erse set from the collcclne best know it for their hip hoppin‘ skills. A chance to sample the flavour in more intimate surroundings. along with Divine and .My Machines upstairs.


The Funk Room, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 19 Jul

i" g \v

‘I don". get asked to do as ii‘any funk set

as l'd like.' says DJ Andy Smith.

‘Possibly it's because people don't know that I do that kind of thing.‘ Fortunately. the people behind ii‘onthiy session the Funk Room do. and are requesting that Smith strap his 3.13s to the nearest funky mule and do the shing-a-Iing tip the M6.

Ovei the last 18 months. the Funk Room has established itself as one of the centrepiece club nights in the recent revival of the genre. What it may lack in beautiful Japanese Jazz dancers (like Soho's Deep Funk) it more than makes tip for in popularity and traditional Glasx'xegian enthusiasm. something all of the DJs and live acts who have guested there have responded to Wltlt gusto.

Siniti‘. ‘.'.’lll be no exception. /-\n enthusiast Since the mid 808. he came to funk through hip hop but quickly became as influenced by James Brown as he was by those -.-.(ho f3£tll‘l)lt}(l him. ‘It was also through hearing DJs like the Wild Bunch cutting tip breaks.’ he says. 'It was alt-rays a guest to find out what those records


Now Smith takes this truest \.‘.’()fl(l-\.‘/I(l(}. turning tip nuggets while on tour with

Portishead or Dynamo Productions.

'l'he stuff being unearthed is much heaVIer than 808 rare groove. which was more on the soul or law tip_' he says about the current scene. but he's keen to embrace funk in all its forms. 'I don't Just do tip—teiiipo stuff. because sometimes people prefer to dance to something stripped back and slow. I try and cover as many styles as I can: l even throu'.’ iii a bit of northern soul.'

\.(‘-./h<:«thei because of its humble black origins. its raw spirit or its unpretentious humour. it has been said that funk music is truth. Smith and those behind the Funk l-tooiii lt‘éty recognise that the truth has many corners (often more than the usual funky l()tlfl. but they affirm the simple belief that this music which still sounds conteiiiporaiy through its repeated referencing in music and advertising thoroughly ii‘erits its second renaissance. (Neil McMillan)

I Groucho St Judes at (irotielio St

Judes. ()pm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. lli~

l-‘i Sean spins old atid contemporary hip hop. disco. look and electro to the beautiful people of this upmarket drinkerie.

I Mapuchi at Moloco. 7 llpm. liree.

Weekly. l)J Marcello digs deep iii the vinyl vaults to unearth the best in funk. sotil. ja/z and l.atin.

I MiSO at the ('ttptttitt‘s Rest.

(ipni midnight. l'rce. 20 Jul. l-‘ortnightly.

A new night brought to you by the people behind (ilasgovv 's Burnt ()tit festival. lixpecl to hear all kinds of music frotn folk to electronica. l’eattiring live acoustic. tottcd-dow n electronic perftirmances. DJ sets and \'.l sets.

I Paddy Power at the Variety Bar. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. It‘s a case of the music reflecting the venue. The admirably eclectic l)J l’tttld} tires on everything from Brian lino to l'nderground Resistance. More power to his stylus.

I Paul Rea at Nieo‘s. 9pm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. (‘lub hits and chart favourites for the loved tip Nico's customers.

I House Frenzy at Revolution.

8pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Perfect pre-club tunage \\ ith the Revolution house residents. (iets yoti in a very funky mood.

I Slick at Moda. 9pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Barry (iettllltcl and (iordoii Miller ease their way through the night

listings Clubs

with the very best in house. garage and R& B till 3am. Bit of class.


I Bailamos at llavana. 9pm—2am. liree. Weekly. l)J Keith I) Brings yoti a world selection: salsa. R&B. l.atin chart action and whatever else moves you.

I Bennet’s at Bennet’s.

l l.3()pm~3am. £5. Weekly. Feel the goddamn funk as Shatin and Annie give the Bennet‘s party posse exactly what they want: commercial dance mixed with a selection of 70s. 80s and 90s hits.

I Bankers Relaunch Party at Privilege l lptn 3am. £8. 27 Jul only. The cheesy gabba kings return with a vengeance at this. a night for all of those riding high on the return of hardcore to the national clubbing consciousness. We urge caution.

I Caledoniasoul at the Woodside Social. ‘)pm 3am. £5. 27 Jill. Monthly. ()riginal Mod man Mick Smith. who tised to play in the I00 (‘lub. joins Aberdeen's Alan Paterson and Andy Lupton fora night of unbridled northern ftitik. Big Lenny and Scotch Martin are the hosts at this well-dressed mash tip. 0 Carbon Records at Ad l.ih. llpm 4am. £5 (£3). 20 Jtil. Monthly. l)Js Matthew Prall and (‘hris Marr play the latest tech house. tribal grooves. club classics and breakbeat in the ultra friendly. intimate surroundings of Ad Lib. (iood music store. too.

I The Cathouse at the (‘zithotise l0.30pni 3am. £3.50 (£2.50) before

1 1.30pm: £4 after. Weekly. lndie. rock. grunge and beats across two floors at one of the best attended clubs in town. I Club Cuba! at (‘uba Norte.

0pm 2am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Get in touch with your l.atin spirit at this classy night of dance. The finest l.atino beats are supplied by Duncan. Farah and Shannon and make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.

I Club 69 at Rocksy‘s Basement. Next date 10 Atig.

I Cube Class at Cube. 1 lpm - 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Proving that this venue didn’t die with the Sub Club. (‘ube is now htigely successful in its own right. ()ld-scltool house classics and tip-to- date aiithetiis are the order of the day at this packed Sat nighter. thanks to main room man .Matt l.e l’unk. In the back l)M(‘i serves tip R&B.

I Debunk at the Vault (25 Queen St). Next date 3 Aug.

I Disco Inferno at the Renfrew l‘erry. Next date 3 Atig.

I Disco X at the Soundhaus. Next date l0Aug.

I Divine at (ilasgow School of Art (downstairs). l()pttt 3am. £6 (£5 £4): £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. It's been going strong since l‘)‘)() and is officially the longest running residency in (ilasgow. so they know how to work a crowd with industrial strength funk.

I Fluid at Alaska. I lpm 3am. £ I0. 20 Jtil. Monthly. Another class line-up as l-‘luid winds down along with the other Alaska nights. D] Q and Marc Mc('abe rip it tip upstairs. whilst Nicky Wright and Matt (irey make sure everyone is ready fora bit of an old dance.

I Freefall at the Arches. Next date 3 Aug.

I Freetorm at Barfly (formerly the l3th Note ('lub). 9pm- 3am. l‘ree before 10.30pm: £5 (£4) after. Weekly. ()ne of the longest running clubs in town. and it's all thanks to the Watt brothers and their selection of (30s soul. 70s funk and the odd curveball to keep things interesting.

I Freelance Science at Alaska. Next date 3 Aug.

I Friday Street Northern Soul Night at Ad l.ib. l lpm 3am. £5. 20 Jul. Monthly. Regular Friday Street l)Js laying down the best in tip beat Northern Sotil. t'ltra-funky-la.

I Fusion at the Riverside Social.

Nest date It) Aug.

ttt .Itil Aug .900? VHE LIS'I’ 87