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tive. Maybe it‘s the kick-ass punk rock soundtrack featuring the likes of Iggy and The Stooges. Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin that punctuates the story. giving energy and raw power to the low-slung skate style of the Z-Boys. It could. however. be that Dogtown perfectly captures the fuck-off-and-die attitude that propelled twelve kids from the wrong side of town into the public consciousness. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Dolphins (U) (Us. 2000) Min tbc. The producers of the most successful IMAX movie ever. Everest. take us undersea into the aquatic home of dolphins. With narra- tion by Pierce Brosnan and music by Sting. IMAX. Glasgow.

Everest (U) (US. 2002) Min tbc. IMAX big screen presentation. IMAX. Glasgow. The Experiment (Des Experiment) (18) 0” (Oliver Hirschbiegel. Germany. 2002) Moritz Bleibtreu. Justus von Dohnanyi. Andrea Sawatzki. I I5min. Although Hirschbiegel's film is adapted from Maria Giordano‘s novel Black Box. its basis lies in true fact the infamous l97l Stanford University psychology department experiment in which a group of men became guinea pigs in a prison simulation scenario. With shocking speed they lose their sense of identity and assume the role of guards and prisoners. the former abusing the latter and the latter excepting their lot. Hirschbiegel‘s film finds a disturbing paral- lel in the rise to power of Nazism. and the director effectively maintains an oppressive atmosphere and building sense of dread. although early scenes are overly concerned with style. Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy.

Fight Club (l8) 0... (David Fincher. US. 1999) Brad Pitt. Ed Norton. Helena Bonham Carter. I35min. Masculinity is in a mess and consumerism is to blame. Men have become docile spectators of life according to Fight C lub. Fincher‘s contro- versial adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk‘s novel. In reckless response to this late twen-

tieth century malaise. Norton‘s docile spec- tator teams up with Pitt‘s mischievous Tyler Durden to form an arena for men to beat each other to a pulp and thus reconnect with the world. It‘s hit and miss. but enough of the punches connect to startle even the most docile of viewers. Cameo. Edinburgh.

The Girl from Paris (12) eee (Christian Carion. France. 2001) Mathilde Seigner, Michel Serrault. 103mm. A 30- year-old Parisienne turns her back on city life and buys a goat farm in Vercors. a remote region of southern France. Staying on her land. however. is the fonner owner. who regards the female newcomer with con- siderable suspicion. A sympathetic portrait of the difficulties of contemporary agricul- tural life. where livelihoods have been deci- mated by mad cow disease. And it‘s also an impressively acted character study. which charts the wary friendship that gradually develops between two individuals seeming- ly divided by age. gender and background. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Gostord Park (IS) .0” (Robert Altman. US/UK. 2001) Michael Gatnbon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. l37min. The Agatha Christie-esque tnurder mystery at the centre of Gosfm’d Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-observed period piece. Set in November I932 over a few days during a shooting party at the eponymous country estate of Sir William McCordle (Gambon) and Lady Sylvia McCordle (Scott Thomas). Gosford Park details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their put upon servants. And what detail the film fleshes out all 25 members of the excellent ensemble east. along with their individual stories. No easy trick in two hours. Selected release.

The Green Bay (Le Rayon Vert) (PG) eeee (Eric Rohmer. France. I986) Marie Rivierc. Lisa Heredia. Vincent Gauthier. 98min. Rohmer‘s increasingly insubstantial Comedies er prover-hes series

. despite all their better instincts. to return a colder. they head in the opposite direction

drifts. volcanoes. ice caves and predators.

continued with the tale of lonely Delphine trying to pass her summer holidays without the benefit of a boyfriend. Travelling with a suitcase of self-pity through Normandy and on to the mountains of Biarritz. she finds a companion when she least expects it. One longs fora bit of spit to go with the French polish. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Hamam - the Thrkish Bath ( 18) me (Fer/an ()zpertek. Turkey. 1997) Alessandro Gassman. Francesca DOAIoja. Halil ErgYn. 94min. ()zpertek wisely sticks to familiar territory for his confident debut. a sensuous slice of cultural contrast and smouldering emotion. It‘s the tale of Francesco. a cool. independent Italian pro- fessional who discovers he has inherited a run-down ‘hamam‘ (a Turkish bath) in Istanbul frotn his aunt. He and the viewer are instantly beguiled: by the alien city. by the tales and letters describing his bohemian aunt. attd by the welcoming fatnin who look after the property. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Human Body (L') (US. 200!) Min the. Simulation ride bringing you the full-blown wonder of all those really. really small places inside its. IMAX. Glasgow.

Ice Age (U) .0 (Chris Wedge & Carlos Saldanha. US. 2002) Voices of John Leguizamo. Goran Visnjic. Jack Black. 81min. There's a faint air of cynicism in this story of a morose mammoth. a burn- bling sloth and a wily tiger who join forces.

Ignorant Fairies (le fate ignoranti) (18) (Fer/an ()zpetek. Italy/France. 2001 ) Margherita Buy. Stefano Accorsi. I05min. A man dies in a car accident. The widow realises she is not alone in her grief: there is a grieving man who had been conducting a long-term affair with her husband. The two are drawn together by curiosity and attraction. Part of the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. (iFT. (ilasgow. (il’l‘. (ilasgow. Into the Deep ([1) (US. 200! ) Min the. 3D IMAX presentation. IMAX. (ilasgow. Jason X l 15) 00 (Jatnes Isaac. US. 2002) Katie Iloddet‘. Lesa |)oig. Markus I’arilo. 105mm. This is the tenth offering in the Friday the I 31/1 franchise. The film features Jason Voorhees: The Unstoppable Killing Machine. cryogeni- cally frozen (machete itt hand) in 20l0. and awoken 445 years later as a sort of 'I‘ertttittator on the spaceship in Alien. Played consistently for laughs. former spe- cial effects man-turned director James Isaac wrings as mttch as he can from the obviously modest budget. But he never manages to sustain any real tension. and ultimately fails to add anything of tnuch interest to any of the genres on display here. v General release.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (U) 0.. (John A. Davis. US. 2002) Voices of Debi Derryberry. Megan (‘avattaugh Patrick Stewart. 82min. Jimmy Isaac Neutron's inventions often cause tnore problems than they solve. so when he contacts an ultra-intelligent alien life form. the boy genius sets off a chain of events that lead to the Yokians - imagine an egg with a see-through shell and green yolks - kidnapping all of the parents in Retroville. So Jimmy leads an expedition of fellow l050s retro-styled classmates into space to rescue their parents. As is the norm since 'litv Story. Jimmy Neutron is packed with pop-references. bttt lacks suf- Iicient sophistication to appeal to adults. Selected release.

human baby to his father. As the planet gels of the animal migration. to battle snow-

eventttally delivering their charge. The ani- mators try desperately to make you fall in love with this unlikely band of creatures. to make you see the good hearts beneath the frosty exteriors. bill they don't deliver that all important charm. wit. Iiair attd imagina- tion. Stet Century. Edinburgh; ('ineworld. Falkirk.


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