Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson/ Henry Northmore (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow Virgin, Bao'apan Galioros. 332

Credit card bookings from:

T ska-t L_i"»<: 28.” 1'31;

-. .a. A. can 3.3:, mm.


Virgin Pr "(cos Street. 220321311. Ripping Records Soat'i Bradgo. 22E? T'L‘Ii.

Assembly Rooms George Sire-(2:. 22:: 43.19

Way Ahead 1231‘ 3’31" 835313


GThe Liars, Miss Black America and Kain King 'l'ut'x Wait Wait Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £6 plux hooking lice. Liarx are a highl) touted tain‘t the} alli hunch ol \av} Brookl} nitex \\ ho are poixed to relea~c their dehtit alhtun ‘l'lu'i 'l‘lirt'u' [H .l// in u lit-Itch um/ Stuck u .lIHIIIl/llt'lll HI! 7in later this month. .\li\\ Black America and Kain arc rockin‘ l'K equhalentx.

I Gail Davies ’l‘ron 'l‘heatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. U0. lhi\ .\'a\lt\iHe \inger/xongu riter hax o\cr 20 )earx ol' alhutm hehind her. ;\\ one ol' the lirxt lemale countr} arti\t\ to produce herxcll. \hc hax heen \er} inl'luential on the latext “me ol cottnlt‘} galx.

I The Relatives, the Cherrykicks and Primary Colours Barl'l} il'ornierl} the 13th .\'ote (’Iuhi. 2(ill(‘l'\de Street, (1871101170990, 8.30pm. £5.1he} pla_\ hoth kindx ol mu~icz rock and roll.

I Godplayer, Hailing Uncle Paranoia, Toy, RPM and Grain '1‘he(‘athou\c. 15 I‘nion Street. 248 6606. 7.15pm. £4.50. ()\er—14\ \liou. .\1ctal line-up.

I Dead Blue Sky, Madman ls Absolute and Broken Oath 'l‘lic 13th .\'olc (ale. 50 60 King Street. 553 1638. ‘)pm.


Soulful magic from Van Morrison at the Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Fri 2 Aug

I Neck Doppler “ext 13111. 13 Kc|\ inhaugh Street. 576 5018. 8pm. £1. l)i\1ot’ted hip hop and clecti‘onica.

I Cale .\lc('huill\.40111gh Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free.

I The Sugabeats 'l‘intlerlmx. 189 B_\re\ Road. 33‘) 3108. 9pm. Free.

I The Martians Beanxcenc. 5 (‘l'e\\\\ ell Lane. .334 (i770. Split. Free. I Open Mic 'l‘chai ()\ na. 42 ()tago I.ane. 357 4524. 8pm. Free.

I The Vagabonds 'l‘he Scotia.

ll2 ll4 Stoclmcll Street. 552 Hhh’l. 9pm. Free. Popular co\et'\.

I Jam Session Samuel l)o\\ 'x.

67 ‘ll Nithxdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.

I The G.O.A.T. Club The lidgc Bar tupxtairxl. (ieorge Square. 586 9623. 8.30pm. £2. .\’c\\ acoustic night featuring the \ct\ l‘rom local musician»

I Live Music \lacSorle} \. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 9pm. Free. Three local hands.



I Van Morrison ('IVde .»\uditoriuin. S1i(‘(’. Finniexton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. £27.50/L'25/L'2.50. More will. rock and

jun-tinged magic from Van the Man.

I JJ Gilmour and Kid Symphony King Tut'x \Vah \Vah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £8 pltlx hooking lice. li\-Sileneer\ \‘oealixt pla} \ a (ilitxgttVV \hou ahead 61' ltlx T on the Fringe date.

I Catcher, Cracatilla, Little Amber and Smokescreen Barn} ll‘ormcrl} the 13th .\'ote (‘luhr 260 (‘l_\dc Street. 0870 ()07 099‘). 8.15pm. £4. Alhum launch for local mainstream pop/rock hand (‘atchetz

I Own Worst Enemy lthel the 1 3111 Note (are. 50 60 King Street. 55.3 1638. 9pm.

I Raar, Kain and The Yetis \tce‘tt‘Slea/V 421 Sauehiehall Street. 333 063". ‘lpm. Demented \oundx lroin c\-’l‘oaxtcr mcmher.

I Saltashes, Lythica and Dr Jones Fur} .\1urr} \. ‘16 .\la\\\e|l Street. 221 6511.1)pm. £4. including entr) to pmt-gig cluh.

I Country Air (ii-and ()le ()pt'}. l’;ti\|e) Road loll. 42‘) 5306. 7.30pm. £3 “.2 111L‘llilk‘l’\l. (‘ountry

I Gary Mullen Bourhon Street. 108 (ieorge Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 (£14.50 \\ ith dinner). Better knou n ax the uncanm Freddie \lercur} \otmdalikc \\ ho \Vtill Slum in their lites a le“ xeriex

I Fresh Evidence Klilc'Stil'lL‘}\. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 9pm. Free. Rot} (iallagher trihutc.

I Isis Samuel l)o\\\. 67 ()1 .\'ith\dalc Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.


I Weird Attractors, Brighton Carnival Collective, Ted Lemon and Nobody Jones Bongo ('luh. 14 .\'c\\ Street. 558 7604. 10pm. £71L‘61.:\ lire mi\ of drutn ck ha“. \amha. \ingcrx and pla_\er\ all mashed together “till the Sanskrit l)J\. (‘oxalent and Matchu l’itchu with their mix of earth} jungle. Axian heatx. .-\rahic tunex and urhan Bra/ilian t'oolx.


I The Sound of Simon 8: Garfunkel King 'I‘ut'x Wait Wait Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £7.50 pltlx hooking l'ee. 1)i\ine trihutc xhou to the \\ insoine duo.

I Overhaul and Dustpuppet Nice‘tt'Sleail). 421 Sauehiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm.

I Nevada (irand ()le ()pr}. Paixle} Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 memherxl. (‘ountr_\.

I Neil Diamond Tribute Botlt'hon Street. 108 (ieorge Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 (£16.50 \Villl dinner). The sounds ol‘ the \\ holexomc American entertainer \\ ith the excellent back catalogue - tr} ‘Sxxeet (‘aroline'. ‘Solitar_\ Man and ‘(iirl You'll Be A. Woman Soon'.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. 160 \Vtitldltmdx Road. 564 1527. 4-8pm. Free. Weekly \ession for local musicians.

I Dead Fly Buchowski The Halt Bar. 160 \Voodlands Road. 564 1527. 9pm. Free. Psychedelic rock.

I Kong Samuel l)o\\ 'x. 67 91 Nitlixdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free. Rock.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise MacSorle} \. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 6pm. Free. Rexidcnc) for the RckB \eteran.


I Roguestar, AC-Rid and Everstrong 'l‘he Met‘ettl. 38 \Vext .\1aitland Street. 225 3861. 7.30pm. £4. .1\ night of indie rock l'eaturing .\1anchexter guitar outlit li\el‘\lt‘ong.


OJames Yorkston and the Athletes, Policechief, Astrid, Soulfuel and Stylus Automatic Moorpark. Renlrcn. 847 4613/4643. 12.30pm. Free. The SPIN l’aixlc} area open-air lc~thal L'tHlllllllLN \\ ith a \elcction ol' indie \ot'h l'rom around Scotland. The l'olk} lamentx o1 James Yot‘kxton are rightl} picking up intercxt uhile the eontt'axting l’oliccchiel' hring the hcatx.

I Karnataka Barl'l} tl’ormerl) the 13111 .\'otc ('luhl. 260 (‘1)tlc Street. 0870 007 00¢). 8.30pm. 9.6.

I Soundgarden in the City lite 13th .\'otc ('ale. 50 60 King Street. 553 1638. Upm. 'l'hrce hand\ to he continued. I Shiloh (irand ()le ()pr}. l’aixlc) Road ’l'oll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £31122 menihcrxl. (’ountr}.

I Big Blues Jam Studio ()nc. (it‘o\\etiot‘ llotel. (irtmcnor 'l‘crracc. 341 6516. 6pm. Free. Hoxtcd h} the .\'c\\ Blucx Surl'erx \\ ith contrihutionx lrom Studio One regularx \uch ax Rex Doe and the .\'immo Bl‘tllllCl‘x.

I The Cobramatics Huhhardx (ireat \chtern Road. 4pm. Free. chidenc}.

I Steff’s Sunday Session l'ixge Bcatha. 232 \Voodlandx Road. 564 1596. 5pm. Free. Bring )our own instrument.

I Live Music '1'he(‘athmi~e. 15 l'nion Street. 248 6606. 7.30pm. £4.50. ()\cr- l4\ \ho“.


I Summertime Pop Concert Palace 'l‘heatrc. 9 (ireen Street. (H.503 523500. 7.30pm. £6.50. Featuring the trihutc talentx ol' Stepl and K} lie Minoan.

Rock and pop

The Liars, Miss Black America and Kain A keen trble oi l‘eau Ud'lCl‘ of Skar‘ky Noz'.’ York wave «ids on. two brook who sound * ;.'“.£1."l<£‘:t: mo Nazi‘s Crane-y and it's 1198‘. Angie ar. can, row Smarter Ina" Shows too. ng Glasgow T17; 7Aug.

t/EAK; !

,u u. [WC Lid/c).

5 Sophia, Malcolm Middleton

and Kristofer Astrom Rob Prooer-Soooaro ger‘ us oer 'lCJ the Oil and here as tens ‘ra: tale-s o‘ trag :: beaalv wt." tux/o «Ind'od so'r'ts the erstwhie Arab Strap mar“ tre-r Sx'xed'sn Astron‘. Soc- nrex'wrx; BMfl’x: Glasgow. Wed 7' Aug.

James Yorkston and the Athletes, Policechief, Astrid, Soulfuel am Stylus Automatic 11‘3'1g'ngi'it :2‘ Paissey's SPIN 2‘08". “.0. alt.<:o..'itr§.. snaco‘. "om. true-{ms and boats and l‘Ils-i‘: .sts; <2" ()i‘o 't<)1><3‘.; smog. ;::‘:..

MISC/1mm. re.,v.»ro.-.. 8.x ..

Folk and world vTraquair Fair Joe" ii{}"l}()..""

'(\,‘r\\{;y'\ /\‘ r);;y}°r}yxz.i{~_ I;'\I‘ ,\,\.r‘

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it‘ i" {u l\‘ v ’l13\‘i/'l{‘.‘i"("3l‘{2 .i'gi l/ l\; ) t/(A \l fixr VI i\/Cl \> Li \I

-»60.,/\ ,c‘f\;(\ .,‘\,/ ,‘ .“.k.o.. J\15‘\ \ll\/ \1 \'(1 \‘)I\‘ ilcl \fil‘i‘{A \)s:\/

oassc Nt)"."lil‘.‘1)"i{‘:l‘ or: 1‘:} "an? Kno, ,-\ ,\ /\ Alnlcfl,‘ .\,\..,c' ,.,\,, (1L3 . v'S’cj I\/’ci \l(i. \,'c, (1 \l draiin‘ "ti grout; am: a WG'l‘b" aeoaoom on... :"o Doone- os. lam/at." / /.'?/1G//(}l;'i"(}/.. San .: 8 ~ Aug. John Prine (can v. \. llc-s got A (1". se-eso of '1..i“:,-..'. Ulte't..l‘. A” (Exams u..- :> CclL}.c1"le :0 ~". " s cotuunx sir 'igs? Y..;>. eta. S'i ‘ch1 no a goon Us c' .:

Edinburgh, F": 2 /3..’§j.

\/\/J 0 \11/1)\‘

CAl\-\J\J\‘ s‘ r '(il Ci


I KBMblU 'l‘hc Filll \otc (are.

50 60 King Street. 553 I638. llpm.

I Wolftrain Studio One. (iroucnor llolel. (irimcnor 'l‘crrace. 341 6516.

‘lpm. Frcc. llard drixcn RckB.