The Lighthouse, Glasgow, until Sun 25 Aug sees


Japanese love hotels

You c0uId be forgiven for thinking that every last took and cranny of Japanese Culture. from antme to engo Kosat. has already been reported. processed and packaged for Western eyes. Commodity. Ftrni.'7ess <3 De/ignt. however. uncovers a new corner of Japanese daily life: the love hotel.

The exhibition reveals the stow of these snort-stay sex taverns ‘.'.’|ll". photographs. texts. an interactive DVD kiosk. and ex en an installation recreating a hotel room. cOmpIete with wipe clean bed and twee bonsai. For a show abOut upscale flop-houses. the exhibition is low on tittIIatton and prurience. This IS down to the nature of the industry. ‘.'.’ilICll seems to have turned a business based on renting rooms by the hour and keeping the sex-toy vending machines full. into something as routine as a trip to your local supermarket.

For one thing. much space is given over to the treats available on love hotel loyalty reward schemes. z-xhtch range from Mickey Mouse ainchboxes to AIBO robot dogs. Then there's the attention to customer satisfaction. from automated check-ins to preserve anonymity. to the sheer range of venues on offer and those vending machines. stuffed ‘-.‘.’Illl sltr'trik—\.'~ri'apt)ed changes of underwear. lollipops and action figures. A highlight is the interactive tour of hotel bedrooms. a touch- screen computer that reveals everything from int—tech houdotrs where the colour of the walls can be changed by remote control to the uncomfortable Juxtaposttton of the cutesy with copulation found in the room painstakineg themed around Disney's Cinderella. All Ill aIi. Commodity: Frrrnness 8 Delight is an excellent look a: Japanese design. filtered through a particularly t’asc:nattng aspect of the

country 's culture. IJack fv‘Iottrami

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Glasgow Galleries


l9 l’at‘nie Street. 552 “779. Mon Sat noon 5pm.

Summer Show Hi 2 Aug Wed 4 Sep. New paintings for the summer by specially selected artists including Bryan livans. (iraham McKean. Matielle Maclcman. Jatnie ()‘Dec. Alison Thomas. Martin ()ates. Richard Hunter and Ron liardley. The gallery are also relaunching their website

w w w .artexposuregallery featuring works shown in the gallery in er the last

year. SHOW.


IS5a Bath Street. 222 2330. Tue Sat I0am 5.30pm.

Summer Show t'ntil Hi 23 Aug. Paintings by various artists including Donald Macleod. Ken Taylor. Kevin Hunter and Matteo Boato.

36 THE LIST H Ax; x

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 Blylhswootl Street. .332 402—... Mon l'il'l 9.30am 5.30pm: Sat l0am lptn.

Ten Years On t'ntil Sat RI Aug. The gallery celebrates its tenth birthday with three floors of work by almost all of the artists and designers w ho have ever shim If there.

Amy Cushing and James Griffin l’ntil Sat 3] Attg. Two small solo shows of work by glassmaker.»\my (‘ttshing and jewellery by James (iriffin.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900.

Sun Wed llam 6pmz'l‘hu Sat

llam Spin.

QBeck’s Futures 2002 Sat 3 Aug Sun 22 Sep. The third Beck‘s l-‘utures art pri/e and exhibition tours to the ('(‘A with the work of the w inning artist. (ilasgow 's Toby Paterson. Who

w ill produce a wall painting specifically for the ('(‘A Along with works by the shortlisted artists. David ('otterrell. Kirsten (ilass. Rachel Lowe. ()liver Payne and .\'ick Relph. Dan Perfect. .\'ei| Rumming. llideyuki Saw ay anagi and Tom Wood. the exhibition encompasses painting. time-based art. \ ideo. photography. film and multimedia. See feature and llitlist. NlfiV‘.’ SHOW.

Beck’s Futures Artists Sat 3 Aug. 3pm t('(‘A 2). Artists exhibiting in the Berk 'x l-‘uitm's exhibition take part in a tottr of the show and will talk about their work.

Beck’s Futures Artists’ Talks Ttte 6 Aug. 6.30pm ((‘(‘.-\ 4i. (ilasgow artist Roderick Buchanan. winner of the inaugural Beck‘s Futures award is in conversation with (ieorge Wylie.

Juha Huskonnen Tue 6 Aug. 6.30pm (('(‘A 4). Juha Htiskonnen. artist and organiser of media projects based in Finland. discusses his own work and the various tnedia art organisations that he has been involved with.


36 West (ieorge Street. 332 555 1. Mon- Sat I0am—5.30pm; Sun noon—5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Thu l—Sat 31 Aug. A mixed show of work featuring Italian and architectural scenes in watercolour by (iordon McDowall. fetnale figurative oils by (ireer Ralston and pastel scenes of (ilasgow by Peter

Brannan. NEW SHOW.


l'niversity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm; Sat noon—4pm.

GFoiled: Mary MacLean L'nul Sat ll) Aug. Widely exhibiting in the L'K and Europe. Mary Macl.ean presents an exhibition of l6 large-scale silver gelatin photoworks on aluminium inspired by vacated domestic interiors. See Hitlist.


178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon Sat l0am—-5.30pm.

New Generation Show t'ntil Wed 7 .Aug. A selection of work by graduates from the four Scottish art colleges.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 229 I996. Mon Thu d; Sat I0am 5pm; l’t'i & Sttn l lam 5pm. David Mach: Hell Bent t7ntil Sun 29 Sep. Fife-born David Mach. creator of Hit: Heir/s. the three huge steel heads on the MS. returns to Scotland with a major show of new and recent works. A spaceman tnade from coat hangers. sculptures constructed entirely from matchsticks. collage works created frotn donated photographs and in the liarth (iallery. an installation made up from 50 tonnes of The Ilt'rult/ newspaper and burnt-out cars.

Jigar - Films by Alia Syed t'nul Sun 8 Sep. British Asian artist Alia Syed’s first major solo gallery features a significant body of work made over the last 15 years. The featured four films explore social concerts and issues of representation. looking at the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of [fast London. Her Work has been show at Tate Modern. the National Film Theatre. the I('A and international filtn festivals. and forms part of a touring exhibition.


I48 West Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm. Summer Exhibition t'ntil Sat 31 Aug. A summer selection of paintings including works by Joan liardley. lili/abeth Blackadder. John Houston. Andrew Walker. Annie l-rench. Tom Shanks and many others.


(‘afe (’osmo. 12 Rose Street. 332 6535. Mon-Sat l().30atn 9pm.

100 Years of Ealing Photography Exhibition Thu

l- Sat 3| Aug. An exhibition to coincide with (il’l'k I00 Year of Iialing season. featuring a selection of unseen photographs from behind the scenes of the British comedy classics. including The [July Killers. Kind Hearts and (‘onmt'ls and ll'lir'ykv (iu/on'. NEW SHOW.


22 8c 25 King Street. 552 0704. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

ODragon Doll: Christine Borland and Claire Barclay t'ntiI Sat l4 Sep. The Turner Prize nominee (‘hristine Borland and (‘Iaire Barclay show a series of prints and drawings exploring issues relating to natural history. botany and medicines. Borland‘s work is based on an interest in fatnin trees taking tnedical exploration atid inherited disorders as the starting point. featuring a series of screenprints and sculptures. See llitlist.

Tanuja Rane t'ntil Sat 14 Sep. (‘olour etchings made in (‘rlasgow and India by this young printmaker from Mumbai.


(iround Floor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 221 8162. Mon~Sat 10am—6pm: Sun I lam—5pm.

New Artists A varied selection of work by up-and-coming artists featuring sculpture. textile design. photography. paintings and jewellery.


The Mackintosh (iallery. I67 Renfrew Street. 3534500. Mon—Fri I0am-5pm: Sat l()am—noon.

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction Thu l—Thu l5 Aug. Edinburgh- hased artist Keith Maclssac presents this exhibition and auction to help fund his latest video art project. Artists such as Lawrence Weiner. John Baldessari. (illnth I‘org and Robert Longo feature in the show and their works will be auctioned on l5 August at 7pm.

Terra Nova: Degree Show Selection t'ntil Fri 16 Aug. A selection of work drawn from the School of Fine Art 2002 degree show featuring paintings. sculpture. video installation and photography.

Creativity: the True Art of Therapy l'ntil Wed 28 Aug. Figurative drawings. gestural abstracts and Argy ll landscapes by John R Paterson. a graduate from (ilasgow School of Art who died in I998 from motor neurone disease and (iillian Barre syndrome.


l82 Bath Street. 333 l99l. Mon Fri l0.3()am~5pm: Sat I0.30am lpm. Mixed Show t'ntil Sat 31 Aug. A selection of oils and watercolours by contemporary. Will and 20th century artists.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'nivet'sity of(ilasgow. S2 Hillhead Street. 330 543 l. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm. Free.

The Alchemy of Light - DO Hill in Glasgow l'ntil Sat 7 Sep. An exhibition of historic photographs celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of pioneer photographer David ()ctavitis Hill. The works. drawn from the (ilasgow l'niversity Library‘s Hill and Adamson's holdings. feature original paper calotype negatives. and vintage and modern prints. Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow l'ntil Tue l Apr. Art extensive exhibition highlighting the l'niversity of (ilasgow‘s important Scottish (‘olourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by (‘adell. l-‘ergusson. Hunter and Peploe. Ten Minute Lunchtime Talks on the Scottish Colourists Wed 7 Aug. lpm. Ten tninute talks on the Scottish (‘olourists exhibition. Int/mule l'il‘lit'm/x.

Mackintosh in France t'ntil Sat 12 ()et. Watercolour paintings of the landscape of the South of lirance. the place where Mackintosh chose to spend the final years of his life.


l8 King Street. 552 2540. Tue Sat noon 6pm.

Hopscotch l'ntil Sat 3 Aug. A solo show of photographic works by l.esley -