Re: free CD (444)

Hands up. I am not a regular List reader but I could not resist the latest issue with the free CD and ldlewild on the cover! I could hardly contain my excitement to hear the new ldlewild song and read all about the new album.

I hope this is a sign of things to come: this is pure Quality and I could do with more stuff like this.

Robert Rhodes via email


Re: ldlewild (444)

Really nice to see you finally championing Scotland's brightest hopes on your front cover. I have been a fan for a while now and am glad to see others are catching on to what is bound to be one of the best albums of the year. And they are Scottish -- all the better. Tina Young

via email


Re: Superheroes/ Garner/Em-J (445)

I was very disappointed to read


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your music review. It has grossly misrepresented the events of the evening. The headlining act was in fact Em-J (not Superheroes) who were obviously fully supported by friends and family etc and. by the most bizarre running order, were the first act to go on for the evening.

Then, having had the headline act on. another band played songs (Garner) as people filed out of the door to leave. As the place was nearly empty. Superheroes went on to play a small set of material.

Please note Superheroes were asked to play two days prior to the event in view of another band pulling out. Superheroes features guitar, bass. keyboards and drums. but both keyboards and bass were on holiday. Having been asked to play at short notice. they sourced another bass player in the hope that they could play some material to fill out the support slots prior to the headline act.

It's a shame therefore that. having not understood the events surrounding the evening, you have slagged off the players so vehemently. They have worked hard for many years to reach a good standard of musicianship and didn't go out with the intention of winning over masses. but instead to push the boundaries of music with styles from rock, funk. jazz and fusion and enjoy the chance to demonstrate these abilities to a live audience.

With the full line-up, the band has been praised highly in the past and are very disappointed

to read their efforts described as ‘rubbish'. It is a poor lookout for aSpiring musicians who. reading this, would think it's not worth trying to be a good player with a capable range of styles and ability. Mark Robertson

via email


Re: List cover photo (445) Don't know what you think, but I felt a bit angered and disappointed to see someone triumphantly posed on a dead tiger on the latest issue of The List. Having seen them in India and know how endangered they are. I feel it is not a good idea to perpetuate any images of them being paraded as hunting trophies.

Maybe I'm overreacting? Maybe I'm misinterpreting the image? Just thought I'd let you know.

Nick Pilcher via email


Re: Censors working overtime (445)

Come off it, Tony McKibbin: you're telling us that the ‘naughty bits' often censored from sexually explicit films are about “confrontational ethics' and ‘radicalisation of aesthetics' and not at all about male filmmakers indulging in their own favourite fantasies? Poppycock!

Do correct me if I have misunderstood Tony's argument. which is perfectly possible given the tortuous. pretentious and syntactically suspect prose. Yes. serious

debate on censorship is needed from the points of view of ethics. aesthetics. freedom. feminism; but Tony's impenetrable over- intellectualisation fails to illuminate the issue (for me at any rate: how was it for you?)

An excised scene from The Pornographer, showing a man coming over a woman's face. is used to illustrate the piece. To fill the void left by the censor's knife, imagine instead the woman saying: 'No way: I would find that a tad unpleasant. and anyway it's my turn!’

Now that would be really radical. Lisa Greene Edinburgh


Re: Top of the flops (444)

I can’t understand why The List feels the need to print such unmitigated shite. Now don't get me wrong. I like the idea of this kind of article (even if it has been poached from another mag ie Uncut) and I believe that it is generally a good idea. What confuses me is why you would want to present this kind of ironic statement in such a drab. unimaginative and badly written article.

I enjoy reading your magazine and usually find it informative and entertaining. so if you are going to do a column like this then do it properly.

And Doug, if you are going to make fun of some of the most influential artists of our time. make sure that you do it with a bit of wit and understanding. Ewan Sinclair via email

WH D Austin Powers 3: Goldmember Odeon, Renfield Street. Glasgow


It wasn‘t as good as the second one. which was a bit more for adults whereas this one was milder.

2 THE LIST 1—8 Aug 2002

Sales advisor

Debbie Student

Not as good as the first two. The funniest bit

kicked Mini Me across the room.

was when he

Kevin Student About the same as one

funny when Mini Me goes flying across the room.

and two. It's so

Gemma Student The best bit was when Tom Cruise and Danny DeVito were dressed up.



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