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Spitl: the Forbidden Valley t'ntil Sun I Sep. A series of photographs documenting the liVCs ol' Spiti. one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan society. by prize-\s'inning photojournalist Patrick Sutherland.

Alive 8: Printing - the 3rd Decade L'ntil Sun 15 Sep. The Glasgow Print Studio celebrates 30 scars of printmaking with an exhibition of work including Elizabeth Blackadder. Peter Howson. David Mach. Philip Reeves. John Byne and many others. There is also a programme of CVCltls including daily demonstrations of printmaking techniques. etching. reliel‘ printing and screenprinting.

Four Tulips by Elizabeth Blackadder forms part of Alive & Printing at the Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove


The (’ross. Kirkintilloch. 5’8 HIM. Ttte Sat 10am lpm k 2 5pm. Double Vision l'ntil Sat 24 .\ug. Paintings h} htishand and \\ il'e team. Hamish and lsahelle .\lontgomcr_\.


306T) T’ollokshaus Road. 35—7 355“. Mon Thti & Sat lllam 5pm: [ii is Sun llam 5pm.

Treasures from the Store: 1 9th Century European Paintings l'ntil Tllt'lilc‘t' notice. a ne\\ selection ol oils is on displa) highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell's taste. I‘eatured \\t)l'i\'\ include paintings h} Born in. Rihot and Millet and a rarel} seen oil h} Henri Le Sidaner.

Knights & Castles l'iilil Sun 5 .Tan. This e\|iihilion e\p|ores the lascinating \xorld ol knights. castles. and iiiediexal hle through a \ariet} ol ohiecls including tapestries. arms and armour and dress.


l'pper ( 'oltpihotm Street. ill-13h (Y‘R‘Nli). Mon Stm Till 5, i‘lpm.

Inspirations l'ntil Sun .3“ ()cl. (‘entenar_\ e\hihition slio\\.easing \xork l'rom some ol the great names in British domestic design. all ol \r. hom ha\e heen inspired h} ('harles Is’cnme Mackintosh. The shims lealtires Itirnittn'e. glass. melaluork. testiles and include \xoiks h) Sir Terence (‘omai‘a .lohn Xiakepeace. Darin} lane. .\lison Kmnaird and man} (HITCH.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellaliotiston Park. It) l)umhreck Road. 353 4773. Hail} lllain 5pm.

Paul Wunderlich t'niil

Sat 3 l .v\ttg. iitchings h} Paul Wunderlich plus a selection of Scottish contemporar) art.

MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kehin Hall. I Iitn'nliouse Road.

ZS" 3TH. .\Ion Thu ck Sat ltlam 5pm: l’ri tk Stm llam 5pm.

Fire! l'ntil Thu 31 Oct. The ilisltit‘} oi lirelighling in the \\ est oi Scotland is documented in this eshihition featuring a le) land l‘iremaster engine gil‘ted to the museum h} the Strathchde Fire Brigade and objects l'rom the past and present.

along brendan’s path

. 26 June to 30 September wtwiew closed Tuesday and Titttrstwiay)


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