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Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


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Calls may be monitored for training purposes.

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V I saw you in my living room. you had the curtains closed. I was not indulging in your doley blackout. U/446/ l

V I saw you going to the Spicy Bite for a kebab. Cheers my love as I was trying to watch big brother as the ginge had been put out. U/446/2

V I saw you, you served me in phones4u on 18/07/02. You made me laugh and spend money. quite an achievement. You have my number. call me and the company can pay! U/446/3

V I saw you 9.00am Glasgow-Edinburgh Train Wed l7th July. Were you the "scribbling notes" blonde lady wearing turquoise trouser suit? Me in "bright" yellow T-shin/ glasses sat diagonally opposite. Please contact! U/446/4

V I saw you "john" and dr watching the setting sun at t in the park. hope to see you foot dancing soon at optimo. Hope you are still rocking, remember 'nam! U/446/5

V I saw you U were the best man-l was a cousin of the bride's!You were lookin good in a kilt!U got off the bus in Shawlands & I didn't tell you how cute you were! U/446/6

V I saw you across an empty dancefloor - feeling a bit obscure? U/446/7

V I saw you Bar Moda Fri 12 July. You were the good—looking boy sitting on your own with your new shoes. I was the dark haired guy with the blond girl. Was going to ask you to join us but was too shy. Can we meet up some time? U/446/8

V I saw you at the l3th Note. checkered shirt. distinguished bar man. on 23/7/02. My friend said we should get a bottle of wine and I should ask you out.

I did neither. Big mistake. U/446/9

54 THE LIST 1 Aug-8 Aug 2002

V I saw you Was that 'Spiderman' playing footie in the Park on Fayre Monday? If you know who 1 am and fancy meeting up then you know what to do...U/446/10

V I saw you / 'seen' you Gavin in DLC with your sexy new glasses on. You're 'hot to trot!‘ U/446/l l

V I saw you with the Irish accent and blonde hair pulling the pints in Blackfriars--fancy pulling me? U/446/37

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V I saw you working in Cult. you very hot wearing baggy jeans + a cap. Me =the cute blonde who keeps showing her face. Lets just say I think l've fallen for you. U/446/4l

V I saw you two blonde barmaids in Blackfriars writing a fake "I Saw You" to yourselves. you bad girls! U/446/42

V I saw you barcode tattoo with the attitude problem. You are so punk it hurts. Let's date! U/446/43

V I saw you Yasmeen delivering your mail. Have a nice time in Austria - Rik. U/446/44 V I saw you lain. Ricky. Mark. Rachael. LG in the Tron being very sophisticated. Love yas. U/446/45

V I saw you McLauchlan! You terrified my boyfriend in the Polo Lounge. Just you wait till I get my hands on you! Yum yum. U/446/46

V I saw you working hard at Blackfriars + looking lovely. U/446/47

V I saw you Alice. Conal, Daniel. Amy. Katrina. Joe. Joel. Michelle. Steven. Lynn. Inga. Ruth. Will from environmental art. have a nice summer. xxx Ric & Lucie. U/446/48

V I saw you Ginger God! Behind the bar @ Blackfriars. Can't wait to see your Hawaiian shirt on my bedroom floor!!! Gm‘r! U/446/49

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V I saw you on the set of "Daniel Dorando" BBC drama. You. Italian looking. an angel. My heart stopped forever. Now at University in England. Me. policeman "extra". Have photograph of us both. I was honoured to have met you in this lifetime. Heart aches. U/446/ l2 V I saw you outside the Sea Breeze Chippy Wed l7th July about 8.30pm. 1 was the guy crossing the road who couldn't take his eyes off you. You were the gorgeous girl who gave me an amazing smile in return! Want to 0 out for a drink? U/446/ l 3 V saw you in the Earl of Marchmont and since wandering through the meadows. You: Black cap Me: Black furry coat. You caught me with a strawberry in my mouth. U/446/l4

V I saw you SEXY 'GAP' GUY! David? Gay? I HOPE SO! I saw u at Vibe- everyone fancied u! Should i have spoken to u? Did I? x U/446/15

V I saw you.....grummy- baby. and i think i love you.

But maybe i just love your wallet!! ach well. it's a good enough reason for me. luv you- know-who xxx U/446/16

V I saw you...mike being a bit of a C.U.Next.Tuesday ...oooh behave. luv the dildo queen xxx U/446/l7

V I saw you during ldlewild at T in the Park. You tall dark male. me tall dark female. The guy I was with was a friend not a boyfriend. You had amazing blue eyes that held my gaze for ages. I looked away and you were gone. hopefully not forever. U/446/ l8 V I saw you and your Chili. B(arry). It took a while to reach me. Grubby pinnies have been sighted at the Fruitmarket. dirty. ps - less of the nympho ya 'hoor. U/446/l9

V I saw you wuscious wips. When i saw u 2 yrs ago. i knew it were special. and 2day u still are. happy birthday E. love Skippy U/446/20

V saw you in Chocolate Sundae 2l/7/02 gorgeous lady in black with short hair bravely attempting to dance with me between the stairs and the DJ Box. I was with a student so felt inhibited! Another chance to grind maybe? U/446/2]

V I saw you You're the foreign(?) woman I've seen on the no. 7 bus between Gayfield Place and Newington. You have short spiky black hair. and a red zipped jacket + matching shoes, although you wear other bright clothes too. I've sat behind admiring your extremely kissable looking neck. for too long - let me try? U/446/22

V I saw you in the supermarket (although we've met before - you remember?) You with your bandage and calcium deficiency thing. Me selling drugs to make you better. We never did talk this time or last. Fancy some juice? U/446/23

V I saw you in the Filmhouse early evening Mon 15 July. You drinking white wine and Perrier and writing. looking dishevelled and very grumpy. Me blonde. alone. then with friends. U/446/24

V I saw you. Kirsteen from lnversneckie in Rawhide, where your friend soaked me and then in Fingers you squirted me with my pistol(!) and we talked. This big cowboy. lain. used to work in your home town. was dressed in dungarees. and introduced you to another cowboy and his pardner. I'd like to meet in

Ve as!’ U/446/25

V saw you Severus Snape. naked in the potions classroom after dark. I will love you forever. Hermione G. xx U/446/26

V I saw you in the Filmhouse Bar on afternoon Saturday 20 July - you. shaven headed Frenchman in tan leather jacket going to see "Biggie & Tupac", me dark haired girl in pink top. We smiled then talked about movies and photography. and were joined by my friend - I wanted to give you my number but felt too awkward with an audience! Hope your interview went well. Call me if you fancy visiting an exhibition sometime. U/446/27 V I saw you sexpot. bardot. breasty. blonde and clad in pink. in the Traverse. you are gorgeous and I am too scared to speak to you. maybe I should buy you a pint? or maybe I should just grab your ample bosoms? let me know which...x U/446/28

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V I saw you beautiful dark haired girl at the Royal Highland Show Sunday 23 June. You in jacket over red fleece and jeans. me in brown shirt and blue coat. You eating potato. me with burger and coke. You asked if the grass was wet. I was too shy to speak but realised my lost opportunity and spent the afternoon looking for you. If it is meant to be. give me another chance! U/446/32 V I saw you at the Beltane my pretend boyfriend Harry from Comwell with blue face. You fell from the disgrace and broke your thumb. I lost lots that night including you! U/446/33

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V I saw you at the Liquid Room (Aimee Mann). cosmic girl with dark hair & red top over black T-shirt. Me. to your left. A Long Shot? U/446/36

V I saw you Peter at the Traverse Bar on lst July. I thought you were great. You looked like an iguana. U/446/52 V I saw you on the day you made your parents proud. Congratulations Amber. Hope you enjoyed your present! U/446/53

V I saw you Mr bus tour man. Green jersey and cheeky hair chest popping up. Pity I‘m leaving the country

tomorrow. . . I‘d love a ride. U/446/54

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V I saw you Ruth. sharing the awkward silence. Thanks for the moral support. Good food. but was it worth it?! Xx U/446/58

V I saw you and the twins. I‘m not surprised your own mother thinks you‘re outrageous. Elle. you naughty girl! U/446/59

V I saw you. in fact 1 saw 2 of you - both sliding sublimely in your slimy sublimey ways. U/446/60

V I saw you blonde graduate. Canadian/Irish with your sister out on lO/7/02. I think I heard your name was Amber. You’re hot. Xxx U/446/62