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Nuclear die-hards to

block roads

Two weeks of protests planned for Faslane. Words: Ruth Hedges

Y‘il-'l;l(li(3£,l.' protesters are planinng a ‘drem‘ at the

Fasiahe naval base to coincstle n'r-tl‘. Hiroslmina Day

or" (5 August. The actioit ‘.'.’l’l take the ‘or'n 0‘ people 'yll‘g ClC‘Hll. pecking access to the depot. 'synmoricaily representing tne tie; tin of innocent peope: the symbols .nnocent i.~<:ti'hs of at“, attack on lrau'.

The protesters. who are committed to '.-".(3 (tisarihaiiten‘. of the UK lr'ident ".icieav' '.'.'eapons system II‘ a ‘nonixioeitt. ODOI‘ Zil‘ii fully accmMah e manner". are "CHIP-g to cause as much disruption as possible. acting against Britain's "uc'ear policy il‘ general and age ins: ll‘i} threats niarle aganst Irao ll‘. particular.

ll‘. the last year. riter'iat (>"ai tensoi‘ has been building at an alarming rate. Post-1 Septemoe" la‘l—ou: has tipped political stakes are fuelled a dialogue ot' aggression based Oh the anguage of war waytogc Dubbyaa CO'lfllClS :nvolvrng Iraq. Israel. USA. Britain. Pakistan and India are uncomfona‘ce and ‘r ghten ng realities that will not go away. And :t is within this context that internatiOnai band of protesters at Faslane are acting.

'In the last year. the situation has become rnore apparent.‘ says Davrd Mackenzie from the campaigning group Trident Ploughshares. ‘Brtaih has always claimed Trident to be a deterrent and now it's used as an active threat. In a way it is at least a more open and honest approach. Out the increase of war-mongering of the West is alarmmg.‘

Mackenzie says that defence minister Geoff Hoon has indicated a new direction in defence policy. 'He has said that the UK is prepared to use its nuclear weapOns. This is an Overt admISSion that we as a nation are prepared to commit the most gflGVOuS war crime imaginable.'

This month. Trident PIOughshares. which has a permanent protest group at Faslane lthe Submarine base carrying Trident miseries. is staging a two week disarmament camp at Coulport near to the 'l'noertt u'xar‘nead storage depot on Locn Long. It has ,oinetl forces ‘.'.’llll Voices :r‘ the Wilderness which was set up < the first (,3qu War as a ll()ll-‘.’l()i(3lll respoitse to the aggresstoi‘ against Iraq and i“ the fourth annua camp

"It gives the chance to have two .‘reeks of .ntense direct action] Mackenzie says. “last year people came from 12

4 THE LIST - r:

counties and we're looking for international action agam.‘ The camp is scheduled from zit-19 August and wrll be based .i‘ Peaton Glen Wood.

For more information go to or email

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