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Hamam - the Turkish Bath . is. C... ll't'l'/;lll (l/pertek. 'l'urke}. l‘NW _'\lL‘\\;tlltlltt ( iassinan. l'i'ancesca l)().-\loia. llalil largin. ‘l-linin. ()xpei‘tek \\lst'l_\ sticks to laiiiiliar leri'itoi‘) loi his conlident dehut. a sensuous slice ol cultural contiast and smouldering emotion, It‘s the tale ol l‘rancesco. a cool. Independent ltalian prolessional \tlio disco\eis he has inherited a run—doun 'haiiiain' ia 'l'iii'kish hath: in lstanhul li'oin his aunt. He and the \ieuei' are instantl) heguiled: h} the alien cit}. h} the tales and letters desci'ihin; his hoheinian aunt. and h_\ the \ielcoinin; tainil} who look alter the pi‘opei't}. l'ilnilioiise. ltdinhurgh.

0 Heaven 1 15i O... i'loiii ltku er. (ieiiiiaii). Illllli ("ate lilanchetl. (iio\anni Rtl‘hl. ‘l—inin. .\ postlitiiiious collahoiation het\\een dead and ll\ lllf.‘ liliniiiakei's. l/t'tiit II is directed h} l} kxxei' li‘oiii a script co \\l'lllL'll h_\ the late Kl'l} s/tol Kieslouski, turns out hoth liliiiinakers share a preoccupation \\ ith chance and coincidence. destin} and late. thenies \ihich ai'e e\ploi'ed in [It in (it's tale oi a guilt stricken hoiiihei‘ iltlanchetti and liei path to iedeiiiption. [It (It t It hoasts soine fJL'llltlllL'l} siispenseliil and gripping: sequences. htit ll )oii come to the lilin thinking: it‘s a sti‘.ii;_'litloi\\ai'tl thriller )oti'll he tllsdlll‘mlllt'tl. l";tl' hettei'. instead. to look on ll as a spiritual lahle. See l't'\lt'\\. Selected l't‘lk‘tht',

Human Bodyit‘t it‘S. liltll i .\liii lhc. Simulation ride hiinjzing ion the [till hloitn \toiidei ol all those ieall}. reall} sinall places inside its. l\l.\.\ llicaltc. (ilasgow

Human Traffic i l.\i coo I.ltlsllli l\'eii'i;_'an. lii‘itish. 100% John Smith. Mann) l)_\ei‘. loii'aiiie l’ilkington, nun. Kei‘rigan's liliii lolloii s a group ol li'iends aioiiiid

('ai'dill 's nightlight. as the kids ciasli out ol tlieii dull \\eekda} lohs and into the cluhs to score drugs. ()ne ot the ten cluhhinj: lilins \\llll an} le\el ol aiitlienticit}. and the iiitei‘pla) hetxieen the cast is \ei') \iatcliahle. (‘( ',-\. (ilasgou.

Ice Age Il'iOO I(’liris Wedge tk

(Kil'los Saldanlia. [48. :llllli Voices ol' .lolitl l,e;_'tii/aino. (ioi'an Visniic. Jack Black, .\linin, 'l’liei'c's a taint air ol c}nicisin in this shit} of .i inoi'ose iiiainnioth. a hiiinhling sloth and a \\ll_\ tiger \\litt loin loi'ces. despite all their hetter instincts. to return a human hah} to his lather. ,-\s the planet eels colder. the} head in the opposite direction ol' the animal migration. to hattle snou drills. \olcaiioes. ice cat es and predators. e\enttiall) delnering their charge. the animators tr} despei'atel} to make _\ou tall in line \\llll this unlikel} hand ol creatures. to make )ou see the good hearts hencath the host} e\tci'iois. hut the) don‘t dclnei' that all important cliai'ni. \\ it. Hair and imagination. Selected release.

Into the Deep it: it's. loot 1 \lm thc. il) l.\l:\.\ presentation. l.\l:\.\ 'l’heati'e. (ilttsgtnk.

0 Ivansxtc 1 1M 0... tliei’nard Rose. [8. JUNE! l)ann} Huston. l’eter \Vellei. l.isa l'.lltl\. ‘lliiiin. Inspired h_\ the real lile suicide of loriiier IItlll}\\lllltl talent agent \itindei'kind .la_\ .\lolone_\. and h} the 'lolsto) no\ella lllt /)t (i'I/l o/ litrii //\lt Ii. litillH/t is a triumph loi' British director liei'nard Rose. lll the tradition oi lilins like 'Ir'it' l’ltiit'r. this is path} a \enoinous satiie on lloll}\\ood's spiritual hanki'uptc}. here personilied h) \\‘ellei”s monstrous. se\tiall} i‘apacious star. lint supei'hl} shot on digital \ ideo. llrt'IIH/t is also an allecting stud} ol an indi\idtia| loi'ced to conll'ont lils it\\li inortalit} and the iiieaninglessness ol his e\istence: the pli_\sic.ill} commanding: lluston is supcrh in the cential role. come) in; hoth his character's sui‘l'ace charm and hurg_'eonin;_' despair. See pi'e\ie\\ and re\ |C\\. t'( i(‘ Renlrexi Street. (ilasgoii; l'(i(‘. l'.tlllll‘lll‘:_'li. Jason X 1 ISI 0. |.l.tlllt‘\ lsaac. l’S. Illilli Kane llodder. l.e\a l)oi;_'. .\l.ii'kus l’ai'ilo. lll5inin. this is the tenth offering: in the Int/tit I/lt /.“I/1 li‘ancliise, llie lilin lt‘dllll'tN .lgtstill \tiiii'lit‘t'V lllC lilisltll‘lidlilc‘ Killing; Machine. crtogenicall} li'o/en iiiiacliete in handi in Illlll. and axioken .145 .‘eai's later as a sort ol ‘l‘ei'iiiinatoi' on the



I. will only be provided on the Friday 16 and Saturday 17 Atlgtif‘ii Pru’o ti“'?ii.lflt?f$ ticket: '.-: i J from the selection oflered by the promoter. The promoter reserves; the right it; sans: tat-z: c-tx'r: ! I that Circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable. There is 17:) cash :izteewaiwt: ‘."/il"‘i'l v: t . - . = eln publicity tor the promotion. Usual List rules apply. Promoter is Orange Porsonai (Isfi'u'an‘ Pitt :2"). :;<~-. Great Park Road. Almondsbury Business Park. Bradley Stoke. Humor new it;


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