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Thunderpants I PG ) 00 (Peter Ilewitt. l'K. 2002) Bruce (‘ook Ill. Rupert (irint. Ned Beatty. 95min. A crap kids' flick that finds farting funny. not once or twice. but the whole film through. The ability to pass gas of epic proportions results in humiliation and eventual salvation for the film‘s eleven-year- old protagonist. Skip this hour and half of crap fart jokes. Ster ('entury Cinema. lidinburgh; (‘ineworld. Iialkirk.

The Time Machine (Subtitled) (PG) 0.. (Simon Wells. 1S. 2002) (iuy Pearce. Samantha Mumba. Jeremy Irotis. 95min. Strbtitled version for the hard of hearing. Director Simon Wells' remake of his great granddaddy's classic. But Wells Jnr completely fluffs tip the all-important plot revelation: why Pearce’s titne traveller can't change the past. Pearce puts in a watchable if somewhat affected performance as the eccentric scientist-explorer. but it's not enough to elevate the filtn. which by the very nature of its source material should have been far more thought-provoking. l'(‘l. Iidinburgh; l'(‘l East Kilbride. liast Kilbride.

Toy Story 2 (l') .0... (John Lasseter. IS. 2000) Tom Hanks. Tim Allen. Joan (‘Usack 95min. The new filtn expands on the original settings and themes: When Woody is not taken to (‘owboy (‘amp by his owner Andy. he begins to question the meaning of his ‘Iife'. When he's subsequently stolen by a collector < who plans to sell him to a Japanese toy museum Bull and the gang travel across town to rescue their pal. 'I‘hc emotive range of the animated characters is extraordinary; they say that computer generated images will never replace the real thing. but My Story 2 makes you wonder. Selected release.

Unfinished Symphony I 15) 0000 (Bestor ('ram/Mike .‘vlajoros. IS. 2001) Various. 59min. A lyrical journey back to the Vietnam war. this looks at the three day protest march staged by newly returned veterans that took place in Massachusetts over Memorial Day weekend in 1971. With interjections from political historian IIoward '/.inn. For those who still believe in ‘peoplc

Fatkirk Town Hall turns, chum-.1

Tues 27th Aug

No Man's Land (15) 7:30pm

Wed 28th Aug About A Boy (12) Cuppa 81 7:30pm

Tickets and further information from The Steeple Box office

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power' this is unmissable. I-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

0V1vre Sa Vie ( 15) 00000 (Jean I.uc (iodard. I’rance. 1973) Anna Karenina. Sady Rebbot. Andre I.abarthe. 85 min. In this tale in twelve parts we witness the decline and fall of ((iodard's then wife) Karina‘s prostitute Nana as she gains increasing control of her consciousness but eventually loses her life. (iodard's project is based on this rnind/body problematic: to live within the limitations of the exploited flesh. or the freedom of the mind. In the film's most famous scene

Karina looking at Falconetti's face in I)reyer's The Passion ofjrmn ofxln' we see the vvay one can combine the beauty of mind and body in the spirit. It‘s of course what (iodard himself is trying to achieve in his many melancholy. reflective shots of Karina's face. liilmhouse. iidinburgh.

War Photographer ( I5) I(‘hrisiian Iirei. Switzerland. 2001 ) James .\'achtwey. 90min. This won an Oscar this year for best feature documentary. A sordid delve into the fetid and bloody world of photo-journalism. Swiss filmmaker ('hristian I'lrei followed photographer James Nachtwey through various war Iones to make the film. This goes to the very heart of Western media voyeurism. liiltnhottse. lidinburgh.

The Wash I15) (l)J Pooh. 1'8. 2002) Dr Dre. Snoop 1)ogg. Tommy (‘hong. min. Knockabout comedy pairing tvvo .»\mericari rap stars. With the rent due and his car out of commission. Sean (Dre) has to come up with some bucks fast. When his best buddy and roommate I)ee l.oc (Dogg). suggests to Sean he get a job busting suds down at the local car wash. the first order of business is impressing the gun-toting. dominoes-play ing owner of. (‘ineworld. lialkirk.

The Years of the Big Heat I I5) II-‘rieda I.iappa. (ireece. I991 ) lilectra AIexandropoulos. Pericles Moustakis. Sofia Seirli. I04min. At the end of the summer with unusually high temperatures prevailing. a group of people meet or) a beach. As the heat rises so too do tensions between the visitors. Part of the (ireek I-‘ilm Season. I-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Yellow Card (P(i) (John Riber. Zimbabwe. 2000) 90min. l'ttsi-pitc‘c‘tl and funny story of teen love and passion for football set in contemporary Ilarare. One for the kids. l‘ilmhouse. Iidinburgh.

Zar Gui I I5) (Salman Peer/ada. Pakistan. 1997) 80min. Shot in the villages of the North West Frontier and Islamabad. this modern view of Pakistan revolves around the story of a contemimrary folk hero. a successful businessman vv ho becomes an outlaw. Part of ltttagineASIA. (il’l‘. (ilasgovv.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

The Edinburgh International Film Festival runs from the 14-25 Aug. For more information see the Film Section of the Festival Magazine page 37-43.


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Aura taken and explained


18 THE LIST 8- 1:") Aug) 200?

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 I.orne Street. Ibrox. 0141 419 0722. £5 (£3).


For this week’s programme times. please contact the cinema on ()141 419 0722 for details.

GGA: Glasgow

350 Sauchiehall Street. ()141 352 4900. £4 (£2.50).

FRIDAY 9 AUG Human TramcI18) 1100.

Glasgow Film Theatre

I2 Rose Street. 0141 332 8128. (‘afe/bar. All performances bookable. [1)]. llil. Iivenings: £4.75 (£3.50). .\Iatinees: £3.75 (£2.50). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£2). Double bill £5 (£3.50). (il’l' savers: £19 (£l-I) live tickets for the price of 4 (valid for three months).


1. Lovely and Amazing I 15) 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 9.01).

2.TapeI15) 1.30. (1.15.

Sunshine StateII5) 3.30. 8.15.


1. Heaven I15) 100. 5.00. 9.00. Lover and Amazing I 15) 3.00. 7.00. 2. The Girl from Paris I 12) 2.30. 0.15. 8.30.


1.I.oveiy and AmazingI15) 1.00. 5.00. 9.00.

Heaven (15) 3.00. 7.1)0.

2. The Girl from Paris I12) 2.30. (1.15. 8.30.


1.HeavenIt5) 1.00. 5.00. 9.00. Lover and Amazing I 15) 3.00. 7.00. 2. The Girl from Paris I 12) 2.30. 8.30. ZarGuIII5) 5.15.

MONDAY 12 AUG 1. Lovely and Amazing I 15) 1.1)(). 5.00. 9.00.

HeavenI15) 3.00. 7.00. 2.2ar GulII5) 2.30. The Girl from Paris (12) (1.15. 8.30.


1.HeavenIt5) 1.00. 5.00. 9.1)0. Lovely and Amazing I 15) 3.00. 7.00.

2. Zar Gul I 15) 1.00.

The Girl from ParISIIZ) 4.15. 3.30.

Replay (La Repetition) I 15) 0.30.


1. Lovely and Amazing I 15) 1.00. 5.01). 9.00.

Heaven (15) 3.00. 7.00.

2. Replay (La Repetition) I 15) 2.00. 8.45.

The Girl from Paris I12) 4.00. (1.15.


1.HeavenIt5) 1.01). 5.00. 9.1)(). Lover and Amazing I 15) 3.00. 7.00. 2. The Girl from PariSIIZ) 2.31). 0.15. 8.30.

lmax Theatre: Glasgow

(ilasgow Science ('entre. 50 Pacific Quay. 0141 420 5000. £5 (£3.50). Double feature tickets £9 (£6.50).


Dolphins Il') 11001). 4.30. EVOTOSTII') 11.00am. 3.30. 8.00. Human BodyIt') 1.00. 5.30. Into the DeepIt') 2.30. 7.00.


Dolphins It‘)

I-‘ri. Sat &'I‘hu: noon. 4.30. Stm Wed: noon. 0.00. EverestIt')

Daily: 11.00am. 3.30. I-‘r'i ti Sat. 'I'hu: 8.00. Human Body (1‘)

Fri. Sat &'I'hu: 1.01). 5.30. Strn Wed: 2.30.

Into the Deep It')

I-‘ri. Sat &'I'hu: 2.30. 7.()(). Sun Wed: 1.30. 5.00.

Odeon at the Quay: Glasgow

()ff Paisley Road opposite Ilarry Ratttsden‘s. (II-ll 4IS0111. Info and (‘(' booking: 0870 50 50 007. ID]. [Ii]. Adult £4.50. I'll-ltl/senior citi/en: £3.50. Students: £2.50 Mon-Thu; £3.501-ri-Sun. ('hild under 12: £3.50 .\Ion-’I’liu. Wheel chair users and carers: £3.50. I’amily ticket: £14. Perfs prior to 12 noon £3.


Austin Powers 3: Goldmember I I 2) 110011. 12.30. l.30. 2.15. 2.45. 3.45. 4.30. 5.00. ().()(l. 045. 7.15. 8.1 9.00. 9.31).

The Crocodile Hunter I 1’( i) 5.01). 7.1)0.

Men in Black II (P(i) 11.30am. noon. 12.45. 1.45. 2.15. 3.00. 4.00. 4.30. 5.]5. ().l5. (1.45. 7.30. S30. 9.01). 9.45.

Minority ReportII2) 2.30. 5.30. 8.30. 9.00.

Scooby-Dood’u) 11.30am. 1.00. 1.30. 3.00. 3.30. 5.00. 5.30. 7.00. 7.30. 9.30.

l.()(). 3.00.

Sunday Lunch

()7) Sunday afi‘ernoon om' e/nfi prepare

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