Rhondu Ruekei‘. Alison .\le.\lor|;ind & (icordie .\lelnl)re. See Thu 8.


I Steve Kritzer Stirling liolk (‘luh 'l'errueex Hotel. Melville 'l'errziee. (H786 473208. 8pm. £5 1H). l-‘rorn Sun low. (';ilil'oi'iii;i. Sim e KriI/er sings “ilil guitar and inundolin.

Wednesday 1 4


I Summer Ceilidh ‘I‘olhooili 'l‘hcuire. Juil Wyn], (ll 78!) 27-1000. 7.30pm. £4 l£3.5lli. (’eilidlix for all the l'uinil} uiili \urioux li\e hands.

Dunfermline I Session with Culross Cronies

l)unl'ez'inline Folk (’luh. 'l'liistle 'l‘m'ern. Buldridgeburn. ()l383 729673. 8pm. Free. Well-known loezil performers. Archie Todd. Lindsey Porteus and Eddie Martin bring some West Fife humour and song.


I Star Club Rixerxide ('luh. l-'o\ Street. 56‘) 7337. 7.30pm. Ur (L‘JI. .'\L'[\ )L‘l in be confirmed :it lime ol' going to press.


I The Cauld Blast Orchestra 'I‘olhoolh iiiL‘Ull'L‘. Juil \V} lid. (H786 274000. 7.30pm. £8 «£5.5(li. (‘elehruled :murd-u inning nine-piece include\ members ol‘ Stilxu ('elliezi. Jock 'luinxon'x iillil'llx. liux} (’Iuh. Bug ()' ('uts and more. and lilkC\ inn and folk ;l\ u luunehing pad into their o\\n lllll\iL‘lli territor).

‘Songs from the Celtic Prairie

The new album from Kenny Brady

ut now on Peyote Records (PEYO1)

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