The world of clubbing would never have been the same without SASHA, and now after years of waiting his debut album has finally arrived. Words: Johnny Regan.

dropped my tune on his show.’ says Sasha. ’lt

was really heart—warming to think that this was being listened to by over a million people. I listened to it on a really dodgy little radio in my house. which kept zoning in and out. It just felt wonderful.‘

Given the ubiquity and stature of the name Sasha in the global clubbing consciousness. such a statement could seem like false modesty. But speaking to Sasha. one thing becomes clear: his humbleness is l()()‘/‘f genuine.

The last 15 years of mayhem have clarified certain things in the mind of the first ever superstar D]. For example. he understands that the best music is often that which reveals its genius through repeated listening: ‘I didn‘t understand most of the albums b i that changed my musical a 5" landscape when I first heard them. but in the end those were the ones that really mattered.‘

He has also come to a greater understanding of the blessed position that his work affords him. A car accident at his home two and a half years ago brought the positive elements of his life into sharp relief. ‘lt was a catalyst.‘ he says. ‘lt really made me realise what a great job I have. and how lucky I am. I was

‘It was a fantastic moment when Pete Tong

determined to make something positive come out of

the accident.‘

At home. with a perforated eardrum and a face covered in stitches. Sasha’s sense of purpose was galvanised. and he approached the writing of his first album proper. Airrlruii'm/uggvr. with a renewed sense of purpose. ‘When I first started working on the

‘Once I let go of the idea that it all had to be done by me, I got it by the

The original super star DJ

album. the process was really disjointed. the flow of it wasn‘t coming together. Then. three or four of the

main tracks were written in the first three months after

the accident. Once I let go of the idea that it all had to be done by me. I got the record by the balls. I started with the idea that I had to produce. mix and write the whole thing myself. It was a great relief to know that production collaborations would be the key to writing a great album.‘

So. the album’s finished and recently released. Sasha‘s residency at central New York‘s Twilo club has ended due to the club having its license taken away. and news has just broken that (‘ream will be closing its club in Liverpool. for a month long review 'of what it does'. It all seems like the end of an era for the man who. with John l)igweed. released the first ever commercially available mix album back in the day.

Unlike most. Sasha can see the bigger picture. and argues that. with all the changes in his life and in dance music world-wide. the spirit will never. ever. die. ‘l’d like to think that what‘s happening in this country at the moment is just a kind of readjustment. The discovery of dance in America is as good as its portrayal in the press over here. It‘s going off otit there. The whole scene here is going through a real trough right now. but it‘ll be back. It‘s stupid to assume that things can stay the satne forever. This scene works in highs and lows.’ A refreshing sense of perspective.

Sasha will be communicating his wisdom to the people of Scotland on M) August. lf dance music is your life. this is a chance to witness one of its true stars spinning at a gig that he considers to be a kind of homecoming: ‘I love the Scottish scene. I‘ve been coming to play for years. because it‘s a really warm place to play. The people make me feel welcome every time.‘

Sasha plays Colours, the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 10 Aug.

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Colours You can‘t get him out of the music magazines land The List) at the minute. and you won't be able to get him off the decks at this blinder of a night at the Arches. We have only one word for you . . . Sasha. Arches. Saturday 10 Aug.

Disco X The twisted disco experience that is Disco X celebrate their third birthday. Expect the usual confusion of disco. funk, house and electro. only more so with extra lights. drinks and the best classics from their three year reign. Sound/mus. Sat 70 Aug.

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