interpretation of the .\lttseum's permanent collection.

Lunchtime Film Screening Wed 14 Aug. 12.30pm. A screening ol artist Dan (ieesin and listlter Rots' tilm. l’ool Shop (2000).


(ilasgow (ireen. 554 0223. Mon Thu & Sat 10am 5pm: l-ri & Sun

11am 5pm.

Old Ways and New Directions l'ntil Autumn. An exhibition of historic mental health items collected by (ilasgow Museums since 1995.

A Guid Nicht Oot! lintil Stilt 20 ()ct. An exhibition devoted to the .\ltisic Hall. l‘eaturing the characters who entertained the people of (ilasgow.


Museum Of liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Mon-Thu & Sat 10am— 5pm; Fri & Sun 1 1am 75pm.

A Baker’s Dozen t'ntil Sun )5 Sep. ('o-curated by (‘hildren‘s Laureate. Quentin Blake. an exhibition examining the creatix'e process of children's book illustration and includes works by Blake. Roald Daltl. Russell lloban and Hans (‘hristian Andersen.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu & Sat 10am 5pm: liri & Sun llatn 5pm. Sacred Spaces l-‘ri 9 Aug Mon 30 Sep. Panoramic \‘le\\s ol (ilasgoxx 's religious architecture. created in 1999 to celebrate the Year ()1 Architecture and Design. NEW SHOW.


100 Stobeross Road. 339 00.3 1. Daily 10am 5pm. £4.50 (£3.25); accompanied children liree.

Five Thousand Days at Sea An exhibition on board the only ('lydehtlilt sailing ship still al‘loat it) the LR. docuntenting her adxentures on the high seas between 1897 and 1919. The Story of Glenlee This new permanent exhibition prox ides an insight into what life was what like l‘or sea trax'ellers in 1890 through a combination or graphic panels. audio trails and reconstructed areas.

Story in the Stones (l’umphouse Main (iallery). At) exhibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on (ilasgow harbour.

Morse and More tl’umphouse Lower (iallery). A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication.


l'nix'ersity ol Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. 01382 345330.

The Fleming Collection t'ntil Sat 7 Sep (l’oy er & Lamb (ialleries:

Mon 7 Fri 9.30am 8.30pm; Sat

9.30am 4.30pm). A major exhibition ol paintings on loan iron) the lileming ('olleetion.

Dundee Print Open Exhibition 2002 lintil Fri 23 Aug ((‘ooper (iallery: Mon Fri 9.30am 4.30pm). A variety of printmaking including photographic. digital. book forms and three-dimensional prints.


I52 Nethergate. 0| 382 909900. Tue-Wed. Sat & Sun 10.30am 5.30pm; Thu & l-'ri 10.30am 8pm.

Simon Starling: ‘Djungel’ l'ntil Sun I l Aug. The lil'st major Scottish solo show for Simon Starling. lior the exhibition. Starling has taken the x ix id

designs ()1 the Anstrian architect attd designer .losel lirank as the starting point. t'sing sixteen woodblock prints made from the timber ol a West Indian cedar tree shipped in from Trinidad Starling has hand-printed a tropical design by Frank onto 10m ol labric. The other work in the show is based on a lloxx er kiosk in .\lalmo which was designed in 1907. lASl (Ell/\NCF 10 Slfli.

Dundee Print Open Exhibition 2002 t'ntil Stilt 25 Atig tl’rint Studio). A xariety ol printmaking including photographic. digital. book lorms attd three-dimensional prints.

0.16 Granary Press t‘ntil Sun I 1 Aug. (Centre lor Artists Books). A retrowcctix e ()l' the American independent press. (iranary Books.


Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon Sat 10.30am 5pm: Sun 12.30 4pm: Thu 10.30am 7pm.

BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition l'ntil Sttn 22 Sep. Now in its eighth year. the popular wildlife photography exhibition featuring the winning and commended entries.

To Look on Nature t'ntil Sun )5 Sep. Drawn from the permanent collection. an exhibition examining the theme ()1 \\ ildlile and wild enx ironments including oils. watercolours. drawings and photography. leaturing Keith Brockie. Derek Robertson. (‘olitt (iihsoli. lloratio .\lc('ul|och and Paul Sandby.

To Look on Nature Tour Wed 14 Aug. 2 2.45pm. An inl‘ormal guided tour by ('lara Young.


West Henderson \Vynd. 01382 225282. Mon Sat 10am 4pm: Sun llatn 4pm.

Wonderful Mechanical Genius

t'ntil Sun 3 Nox. £2. Popular exhibition t'octIsing on the textile heritage ol

Tay side.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee ('ontemporary Arts. 152 Netltergate. (ll 33: 343000. \Ved l'it'i 10.30am 5.30pm: Sal A Sun

12.30 5.30pm.

Works in Progress t'ntil Sun I 1 Aug. (Visual Research ('entre). At) exhibition ol print-based works by artists on the ('ATS 1)l‘0:_‘t';itt))t)e at D('A l’rint Studio.

Outside the Cities

Berwick Upon Tweed


l’axton. 01289 38029]. Daily

10am 5.30pm.

Princess Su Su t‘ntil Sun 8 Sep. A contemporary eralt exhibition dex ised by textile artist Sti/anne Langston—Hones based on l'ragments ()1 a modern lairy tale written by the artist.

Sixth Annual Border Art Show l'ntil Tue 10 Sep. l’opular showcase ()1 work by local artists.

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld ('oacl) Road. 01355 201000.

Mon Sat 9am 9pm: Sun noon 9pm. Happy Accidents Sat 10 Aug Sun 8 Sep. At) exhibition ()1 21) and 31) collages by lioghann .\lac(‘oll. NEW SHOW.



Dunsdale Road. .\lon l‘ri 10am 0pm. Sit Up! l'ntil Hi 30 Aug. ('lassic chairs dating iron] the 1930s to present day. on loan iron) the prixate collection of Tony \Valker Interiors in lidinburgh. Items on show include Arne .lacobsen's :l/II. ('harles liames‘ ll't'rt' ('ltut'r and Power/flux by Hank () (iehry.

MONSTER WEEK Mon 12 Sat 17 Aug. $5.15 (8‘10). Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley. 01.11 887 1010. Ages 0---1() 8. 1 1-43. Carnival Arts )nvne you to 10111 in this; one week monster melee. Wear old clothes because monsters; can

get messy

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Graphic Explosion Week at CCA l'ntil Thu 8 Aug. 10am 1pm. £5. (‘(‘.'\. .350 Sauchiehall Street. 35.2 4900. Ages l2 l5. l’rol'essional artists lead these lun workshops where stories can be turned into comics or animation or both.

Pirate Magic Shows Thu 8 .s Thu 15 Aug. 2.30 3.30pm. £4.50 (£3.25). The Tall Ship At (ilasgow llarbottr. I00 Stohcross Road. 322 35 l .3. The (ilenlee's l'riendly pirate Jolly Roger entertains with magical mayhem. Pirate Days Sat 10 Sun )1 Aug. noon 4pm. £4.50 (£3.25). The Tall Ship At (ilasgow llarbour. I00 Stobeross Road. 222 2513. ('ome dressed as a pirate to attempt to stop tlte t'eal-llle pirates taking ox er the (ilenlee. Carnival Masks Tue 13 Attg. 1 lam. £3. l’ollok House. l’ollok (‘otttttry Park. 2000 l’ollokshaxx s Road. 010 04l0. Ages 3 7. A workshop in making colourlul masks.

Pirate Parties Tue 13 Aug.

2 3.30pm. £4.50 (£3.25). The Tall Ship At (ilasgow llarbout'. 100 Stobeross Road. 222 2513. Walk the plank and track down hidden treasure in this pirate-themed day.


Human Body (P( ; ); Everest (t'): Dolphins (1'); Into The Deep (1'). times may check l-‘ilm listings for showing times. £5 (£3.50). I.\1A.\ 'l‘heatre. (ilasgou Science ('cntre. 5” Pacific Quay. 420 5000.


World Pipe Band Championships Sat 10 Aug.

9am 0pm. £2.50 £15. (ilasgow (irecn. (ireendy ke Street. .353 (SUM). The most prestigious exent in the annual pipe calendar. attractittg some 200 bands from around the world. In addition to the piping there'll be Highland dancing display s. a craft lair and l'unl‘air.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun Burntisland Summer Fairground t'ntil Sun 18 Aug. noon 10pm; Sun noon 9pm. The Links. Burntisland. 01592 872211. Summer seaside l'unlair boasting around 140 rides. street traders and ct‘al‘t stalls.

Children’s Week l'ntil 1-‘ri 9 Attg. 10am noon & l 2pm. £3.50. (‘ttl/ean ('astle and (‘ountry l’ark. Maybole. ()1055 884400. Annual week-long series ol ex'ents l'ot‘ children aged 0 12 during which they can join the Young Naturalists (‘1th and (‘astle (’lub. Passport to Your Puzzle Journey Thu 8 Attg. 2.30 3.30pm. liree. Shotts Library. Benhar Road. Shotts.0150l 33550. Ages over 8. Travel to the four corners of the world Using a newly made passport. Drumming Workshop l-‘ri 9 Aug. 10am noon & 1 3pm. £12. Byre Theatre. Abbey Street. St Andrews. 01334 475000. Ages 8+. “me a go at drunnning with top percussion ttttors l‘iona liwan and Darren Bertholl. Day Out with Thomas l’ri 1) Sun 1 1 Aug. 10.30am 4.30pm. £0. Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway. Bo'ness Station. l'nion Street. lio'ness. (H.500 3.22293. Ride on the steam and diesel engines with friendly laces from the classic children‘s books Thomas The Tank lingine. Also model railway s. l'airground and other ltm actix ities.

.3 1:" Aug) .‘.‘(‘L’ THE LIST 37