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Outside the cities continued

Puppet Making Workshop Hi (1 Aug. 12.30 12pm. £2. Sltotts (‘ommunin liducation (‘entre. Kirk Road. Shotts. 01608 386886. Ages .3 8. lrttttterse )otll‘scll irt tlte tttagical world of puppets at lltis workshop.

Visual Arts Weekend Sat 11) Sun 11 Aug. 10am rtoort & 1 3pm. £16. l.ow

l’ar'ks Museum. 12‘) Muir Street. llarttiltort.

01355 261000. Advance hookirtg required. Ages oter l3. lleatlter l)ocltel‘t}‘ leads a weekend of \‘lStlLll arts workshops experirtterttirtg iii 21) artd 31) l'orms.

Kids on Stage 2002 Mon 12 Sat 17 Atrg. 9.30am 1pm. £18. Adartt Srttitlt 'l‘heatre. Bellltoch} Road. ls'irkcald). 01502 412920. Ages 6 1 1. Application litll‘llls ll'otlt Box ()l'tice. Your cltartce to take part itt a production witlt a puhlic performance on Sat 17 Aug at 2pm. Monster Week Mon 12 Sat 17 Aug. £15 (£101. l’aisle) Arts (‘entre. New Street. l’aisle}. 0141 887 1011). .Ages 6 11) & I 1 13. See pltoto captiort.

Stage Fighting Workshop Tue 13 Aug. 10am noon ck I 3pm. £12. B_\re Tlteatre. Ahhey Street. St Andrews. 01334 475000. Ages 8+. learn the hasics 61. stage lighting techniques.

Animation Workshops with D Fie Foe Wed 14 liri 16 Attg. 10am 3.30pm. £30. Adam Smith Theatre. Bennoclt} Road. Kirkcald)‘. 01502 412929. Ages

1 1 16. Advance hooking necessar). Make models mme artd _\ottt‘ drawings dartce irt this l‘urt animation workshop.

Art Attack Wed 14 Aug. 2 3.30pm. £1. .-\lrttonde|l and (’alder‘wood ('ountr} l’ark. h} Broxhurrt. 01506 882254. litut lor‘ the school holidays making pictures artd models inspired h} nature.


The Dream Concert Summertime Special Sat 10 Aug. 7pm. £6.50. lialkirk Town Hall. West Bridge Street. l’alkirk. (11324 506850. Boogie on dow 11 to tlte sounds ol Kylie. Britne). S (‘luh 7. Rohhie. Will attd (iareth at this summer trihute extravagan/a.


Honk! Thu 8 Sat l0Aug. Mon 12 Thu 15 Aug. 8pm; Sat 2.30pm ck 8pm.

£9.50 £15.50 (£7.50 £8.501.B}t'c‘ Theatre. Ahhet' Street. St Attdrew .s, 0133 475000. Aw ard-w inning musical cortted)‘ hased on llatts ('1tristiart Andersen's rttttclt lo\ ed classic. The ("e/t Duckling.

Jack and the Beanstalk and Billy Goats Gruff l’ri 1) Aug. 2pm. £3.51) (£2501. Sltotts (‘orttnturtitx' Iiducatiort ('entr'e. Kirk Road. Sltolls. (11698 3112999. ('ltdehuilt l’uppets' inrttw'atn e storytelling ttsirtg clotlt puppets. haskets artd hoxes. heddirtg artd washing.

Great Scot Thu 15 Aug. 2.31) 3.30pm. £5 (£4). Byte 'l‘lteatre. Ahhey Street. St Andrews. 01334 475000. Ages 5 l 1. Meet man} ltttttotts Scots throughout histol'}' with Arkeen 'l‘lteatre (‘ontpart_\.

Yew Wood - Wouldn’t You Thu

15 Hi 16 Aug. 8pm. £8 (£61. W_\nd Theatre. Bttcclettclt Street. Melrose. 01896 823854. 15amin drama set dowtt irt Yew- Wood as the trees gl\L‘ their \ iews on pt'esel'\;llltttl.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar l’uppet 'l‘heatre. Br'ouglttott Road. 0180‘) 220631. £5 (£4): l‘autily tickets £23 & £36. Book irt adtance as times are suhject to cltartge. Reductions lor parties (it lite or tttore. Shows on offer ox er the ttext two weeks

Pips and Panda in Circusland Thu 8. Sat 10. Mon 12. Thu 15 Aug. 2pm. Ages up to 7. An unusual hasket sets oil a m) slel‘iotts cltairt ol‘ e\ents lor the larttous duo as the} encounter Jill) artd Jal'l') the l'unn) geese artd Sugar the darteirtg horse w ltett the} spend a da} at the circus. Nessie Meets Morag l-‘ri t) & Wed 14 Aug. 2pm. Ages o\ er 7. Nessie the l.oclt Ness monster hears rumours 61' a strange intruder w itlt a red heard artd sets oll on art adxenture to uncox er the truth.

38 THE LIST 8 if)/\(ll1:)l_ii):)

GaS'gow lif

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Thursday 8

Book events

Louise Welsh Bot-(leis Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. l‘ree. At last Welsh’s long awaited lloVCl. The (‘utlrng erm. is set to hit the sltel\ es.

Other events

Face of Edwards 2002 1 1t) 1 14 West George Street. 332 9724. l'ntil Wed 21 Aug. Free. 11‘ )ou tltirtk _\ou'\e got what it takes to he the lace ol‘ lidwar'd's 2002 artd w iii a modelling contract with Storm Model Agertc} then head down to lidward‘s har' w itlt two photographs (one head arid shoulders. one full length) aitd till otit art application l‘orrtt. lidward’s and Storm talertt scottts will Ltlso be hitting the streets to lind the person w itlt tlte X lactot‘.

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasi—‘ow School ol‘ Art. the Mackintosh (ialler). 167 Renli'ew Street. 353 4500. liditthurglt-hased artist Keith Maclssac presents this exltihition artd auction to help l‘und his latest \ ideo art project. Artists such as Lawrence Weirtet'. .loltrt Baldessari. (iurtter l-‘org artd Rohet‘t l.ongo l‘eature irt the show artd their works w ill he auctioned on 15 August. Bat Walk Scottish “illtllllc ilil'tlst. .\'ew l.anark. 01555 665 262. 8pm. £2.50. Join irt this eterting stroll at dusk artd see it )ou cart spot an} hats as well as other nocturnal itthahitants on the reserx e. Meet at the Visitor centre.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow School ol‘ Art. the Mackintosh (ialler); 167 Renl'r‘ew Street. 353 4501). See Thu 8.

Outdoor Continental Market St linoclt (‘entre. 55 St linoclt Square. 572 1700. lllam. l'ree. A chance to hit} l'ood artd drittk l'rom around the world.

Saturday 10


Motherwell v Partick Thistle l~‘ir l’ark. liirpark Street. Motlterw ell. 01608 333333. 3pm. £11 £16 (£5 £71.Sl’l. l‘oothall match.

Bangers v Dundee [him Stadittrtt. lidtttistott l)1’i\e. (1871) 6(11) 1903. 3pm. £19 £22 (£111. Sl’l. l'oothall match.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow School of Art. the Mackintosh (ialler‘). 167 Renl‘rew Street. 353 4500. See Thu 8.

Outdoor Continental Market St linoclt ('entre. 55 St littoclt Square. 572 l7‘)(l. Free. See l'il'i 3).

World Pipe Band Championships (ilasgow (ireen. 353 8000. 9am. £2.50 £15. llear pipe artd drttrtt hartds from across the world cotttpetirtg tor the 2002 championship. See photo captiort.

Weekend Street Theatre and Music (‘it_\ (‘erttre. 287 3888. l.i\elx street theatre artd music to brighten up the shopping precincts as part ()1 Summer iii the ('it)‘.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow School ol' Art. the Mackintosh (ialler). 167 Renl'r'ew Street. 353 4500. See Thu 8.

Outdoor Continental Market St linoclt (‘etttre. 55 St linoclt Square. 572 1790. Free. See l-‘ri l).

Weekend Street Theatre and Music (‘ity (‘erttre. 287 3888. See Sat 10.

Antique & Collectors Fairs Mott Hall. Mitcltell Theatre ('omplex. (iram'ille Street. (11764 654555.

10am 4pm. £1 ((‘ltildr'ert l‘reet. Browse or htt)’ ll‘olll a wide selectiort of antiques artd collectahles.

Mugdock Superdog 2002 Mugdock ('ourttr)‘ l’ar‘k. ('raigallian Road. Milngax‘ie. 956 6100. 2 4pm. £1. liirtd out i1‘_\‘our dog is a controlled canine or just harkirtg rttad at this fun cotrrse lor‘ hegintters. Meet irt tlte \isilot' ('erttre car park.

Book events

Nick Smith Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. liree. ('at lo\'et's sltottld enjoy this evening as Smith reads excerpts l‘rortt ltis new work. .lli/k 'l‘n'm/ing ahout a group ol' cats who lch irt the cit) ol Bast amidst political intrigue. territorial disputes artd dog hurglars.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow Scltool ol' Art. the Mackintosh (ialler). 167 Rertl'rew Street. 353 4500. See Thu 8.

Book events

Kevin Warwick Borders Books. 283 Bttcltartart Street. 222 7700. 7pm. liree. The world's leading expert irt c_\'herrtetics tells the slot‘) of the extraordinar) experitttent heltirtd ltis hook. I. (it/Hire.


10 Minute Talks llurtteriart Mtrseum. l'nit'ersit)‘ Avenue. 330 4221. lprtt. l’ree. l)r .\'eil (‘lark talks ahottt Bearsdett's Shark. one ol~ Scotland‘s most irttportant and spectacular l‘ossils.

Piping Up a Storm

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow Scltool of Art. the Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Renl'r'ew Street. 353 4500. See Thu 8.

Summer Walk (ilasgow Botanic (iar‘dens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. l"ree. The summer llowers are irt lull hloottt and _\ott cart learn to appreciate them more w itlt this guided


Wednesday 14

Book events

Mark Billingham 8: Christopher Brookmyre \Vatet'storte‘s. 153 157 Saucltieltall Street. 332 0105. 7pm. £3 redeerttahle against purchase. A discussion artd sigttirtg ol' tltetr latest works. St‘(ll‘H/{Vt‘(ll/STl’l'l’llt’tlr/ attd A are But [Nil I! .'lll(/ Rllll :ltt'rl)‘.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilasgow Scltool ()1 Art. tlte Alitcls'llllosll (ittllc‘l‘). l(t7 Renl'rew Street. 353 4501). See Thu 8.

Saints and Sinners l’ollok llottsc. l’ollok ('ourttr} Park. 2060 l’ollokshaw s Road. 616 6410. 2.30pm. £5 (£3.751.:\ tltettted tottr of this lidwardiart cotttttr‘} hottse.

Book events

Louise Wener Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. l-‘ree. The lorrtter lront worttart ol' Sleeper talks ahottt her dehtrt rto\el. (inm/Itig/tl Slew .ilt‘LhH’PII ahotrt art cttlolioltttll) illiterate )(ttlllg‘ rttart chasing merdue pop lame.

Other events

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction (ilttsgow School ol- :\t‘l. tlte Mackintosh (iallet‘). 167 Rertl‘rew Street. 353 4500. See Thu 8.

Badger Watch Scottish W'ilttlit'e Trust. .\'ew l.anark. (11555 665262. 7.30pm. £5. (io on this 30 40 tttittttte walk artd catclt a glimpse of hadgers irt their natural surrotutdings. Meet at the Visitor ('erttr'e.

Who’s piping mad then? Pipers and drummers from around the world congregate to make some noise. at this. tlte annual World Pipe Band

Championships 2002.

World championships - that sounds awfully important? It is. Oter 7.000 players and 23/1 hands meet to show off their oral skills and compete 111 this hard lought competition and last year‘s wrnnrng hand. Simon Fraser Universuy attempt to hold onto the title for tlte fifth time.

Anything fun in the way of entertainment? Absolutely —‘ highland dancing. a craft lair. lunlair and a bouncy castle are on otter to give your shell

likes a well earned rest.

I World Pipe Band Champions/tips. G/asgow Green. (3:53 80(1t 1. Sat 10 films/4'. 9am, 3‘2. 5(1—l‘15. For more info see it’ll/W.St/ltt/HOI'II1!/1()(I/1tLO/t}.