’We want to create a venue of merit and complement the history of the building’

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1 Sasha

Clubs The first superstar DJ won’t let the demise of his New York club or Liverpool’s Cream get him down as he brings his special talents to Colours. See preview, page 29. Arches, Glasgow.

2 lvansxtc

Film Bernard Rose makes a welcome return with his savage satire on Hollywood, shot in gloriously hip DV. See preview and review, page 51. Selected release.

3 Ted Heller

Books Son-of—Joseph made an auspicious debut last year with Slab Rat and now he’s wooing the world with Funnymen. a character-heavy tale of vaudevillians. See review, page 40. Abacus.

4 Christine Borland & Claire Barclay

Art Borland and Barclay explore issues relating to natural history, botany and medicines in an exhibition of sculpture. paintings and prints. See review, page 35. Glasgow Print Studio.

5 Lapsus Linguae

Music The discordant yet highly sensitive quartet divide the critics but unite lovers of unique stagecraft. See preview, page 23. Barf/y, Glasgow.

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Arty es coming

New seafood restaurant and culture centre for Glasgow’s West End. \.'.'::r<::;: Jane Hamilton

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‘I only wanted him to move the parting or something. I thought my wife was going to die laughing. It took about three months for it to grow out.’ JON/ill," Heart/t) on the "3/0/33 ml! may

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‘The only colour that really counts in Hollywood is the green of dollar bills.’

‘.'//;/ Sm/th lee/s tamtco’ by Fuse/town.

‘A woman came straight up to me and gave me her hotel key! I was, like: ‘Jesus Christ.’ A one-night stand is something I would never, ever do to somebody. It just goes against everything I’ve grown up to believe.’

[){l’ .15; [)(3'703’l fi,’?()‘.'.’.‘§ LIE; VS; Siflifilfl‘u’t} ‘I now look at people like Susan Sarandon, Barbara Hershey, Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange, who are sexual and take great risks. | just wish that there was a way that we could make better use of that talent.’ [Jenn 1'.


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‘Ten years ago you might have had Diana or Fergie, or even, God forbid, some news on the front pages. But now it’s Posh and Becks. I don’t know what complicated human need this fulfils but I do know that I share it.’

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