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unknown even to veteran hangers-out at the country's more lavatorial venues. there are. conversely. a few acts who've been around for a year or four. but are still w0rthy of their place here like the excellent Storm Petrels and the Hazey Janes.

Raar, however. are a new name for sure apart from one member from T in the Park country. they hail from the rock wilderness of the Black Isle. and indeed booked their place via the Inverness leg of the demo competition. However, they have some history in the form of singer lnnes Ferbes. who's has seen the music biz from all angles in a short space of time. Previously with indie

hopefuls Toaster - signed and E

messed about right royally by Creation during their fruitless search for another Oasis Forbes came through the other side, helping form Raar and making a tangent from his previous band's sound. Making music often described

8 ml LIST 15—22 Aug 2002

as ‘quirky but psychedelic- gIam-electro-rock madness' is a bit nearer the mark. Others worth catching include Fife's Amateur Guitar Anti-Heroes whose name pretty well sums them up. while Babacool's epic sound is more impressive than the term indie/dance-crossover can suggest. Kirby are another band who have been around developing their sound for a while. and make a melodic racket for a band involved with the riot-grrl Ladyfest. Finally (alphabetically, at least) Zuba's mix of African and Celtic rhythms will undoubtedly surprise much of the Glasgow audience. Indeed. “New Music' might better sum up

the stage. 1 8 there wasn’t only one

talented bloke in the Verve after all.

Dicky Ashcroft. yeah. yeah. yeah, he was the daddy. blah. blah. blah. Go see the Shining, where two ex-

Reallse that

Ververs. Simon Jones and

Simon Tong, put to rest the prosaic bones of their former incarnation. Aside from a certain musicality. the Shining have harnessed the same energy present in early Verve

The Shining

recordings and have in

'Ouicksilver', their first

sizeable anthem. Go see.

1 of number ones. 'Firestarter', ‘Pretty

Fly (for a White Guy)‘ and

‘Brimful of Asha' all in one

day. It's like Top of the Pops 2 with knobs on. Haven are the

20 new Travis. the

Vines are the new Nirvana. the Shining are the new Verve cuisine of


Chips and cheese. Chips and curry sauce.

Hear a handful

See the new...

Enjoy the fine

Chips and gravy.

Chips and burgers.



'Please note Buckfast is not available on site nor is it permissible to take alcohol on site. In fact. its not even recommended you even drink Buckfast at all: it's minging. Chips. on the other hand, are great.



Formed in California in 1983. NOFX (alongside Pulp on the Sunday) are the Granddaddies of this whole event. NOFX made their live debut in 1983. the same year that most members of Raging Speedhorn were burbling out their first words. When Pulp released their debut album. It. that very same year, Julian Casablancas started kindergarten. Ah bless. The

Delight at the generation- jumping joy of

spirit of rock'n'roll knows no age restrictions.

Hear even more cover versions.

Slipknot ‘Sussudio'. Okay they might not actually cover this MOR Phil Collins travesty.

but they are promising a

selection of surprising tracks in their set list. But just think of the possibilities as three drum kits tackle the baldy short-arse's 803 chart smash.

Shake the hand of one of the godfathers

of indie rock, Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices.

Back in the day when

Dinosaur Jr roamed the earth.

REM really were just an obscure artsy indie band and Hosker Du were inspiring Evan Dando. Kevin Shields and Steve Malkmus to start

bands. there was another

maverick ploughing his own rich seam of indie rock magic. ~

High school teacher Robert Pollard formed Guided by

Voices in 1985 and since then I has released around 20

j albums and his music has become a benchmark for

underground rock in the US. It further proof is needed. then ask the Strokes who are just the first in a long line of


acts who claim Pollard's j prolific output as a huge

influence their music. Pulp playing ‘Sunrlse’ at


The wiry frame of Jarvis

Cocker silhouetted in the

Weegie dusk muttering his suburban hymns. and all the while the band are rumbling,