rattling, pulsating and glowing like never before. Their celebratOry rave comedown anthem is the perfect musical peak to a wild weekend. And the Strokes aren't even on yet.

Sport the fashion accessories of the moment. Strokes skinny ties.

Slipknot boilersuits.

Moldy Peaches bunny suits. Prodigy haircuts.

Red and white of the White Stripes.

See the new . . .

(slight return).

Longwave are the new Strokes, Prodigy are the new Sex Pistols. NOFX are the new Offspring, Pulp are the new Pulp

Enjoy some

(more) evil

before lunchtime. Dillinger Escape Plan are by comparison an altogether less traditional, more complex prospect than their Corby brethren above but rely on the same aggression for gently prodding the point home. A whirlwind of staccato beats. relentless time changes and pained. growled vocals go to make up possibly a new genre post-metal anyone? Their latest EP is the portentously titled Irony is a Dead Scene and has guest vocals from one-time Faith No More leading loon Mike

Dillinger Escape Plan

Witness Slipknot showering Glasgow in animal entrails.

There's metal and there's riietal. Slipknot defiantly fall into the later cateQOry: a blizzard of blood. guts. guitar riffs. three drum kits. nine members and a selection of terrifying horror masks. I spoke to the inimitable Shawn Crahaii. The fervour in his voice is frightening and then there's his scary habit of referring to himself in the third person as the Clown'. Hold tight.

How would you describe your music?

It's a car wreck. it's an lllle‘,’, it's an almost fatal experience. It's a 'holy shit I could have been dead. but I'm not'.

Do you find it funny that some sections of society are scared of you?

I understand why they're scared of us. They should be scared of us. That's the way it goes with ignorance. Music is the biggest vibration of all that changes the world.

Do you find it strange that you had a number one album?

I believe we're the biggest punk band in the world. We are a gift. We wake up everyday and twist the world in half.

Where does the hatred stem from?

With me it's Just being born. It would have been so much eaSier for me to die along with the other 15 million sperm that didn't make it. But I had to be the strong one and come into this reality.

How do you keep up the intensity?

Besides being completely driven by the insanity of what we do. I need to feel like I've given 190%. I don't want to be like all these pussies. these hands out there that suck. And you know what. dude. I ain't hiding no more, l'rii rust gonna go up to peeple and go: "You suck. you have no place carrying the chalice for fuckin' music. cos you're bullshit. you're fucking nothing, you're contrived. derivative rehashed crap. Who are you? You ain't anybody. l uck you!" that's how I keep up the intensrty. cos I know what l'rii doing is right and I know the world needs us.

Any bands in particular?

They all suck. I don't care. the ()town is here to start waves.

Clown is here to call you out. l'rn like a lemming. dude. You

know everyone makes fun of lemmings. cos they continue to do it. What happens when we hear on the news. like September 1 1th, that one of those lemmings got through? they're doing it and that's what the Clown is gonna do. Where did the masks come from?

My mask started the masks in the 'oand. The bottom line is I know that when you look at me you draw concIuSrons. but when you look at the Clown and I stare at you. you're gonna go through the rnotrons: "Is this guy gonna kill me, is this guy gonna slap me. is this guy gonna hug me’?" My brain doesn't dictate what my body looks like.

What about [Slipknot side projects] Murderdolls and Stone Sour?

It is affecting Slipknot? Yes. Is rt affecting it in a bad negative way? I don't think so. Cos those are my brothers and it my bothers want to take a little time for tnernselves to indulge in some different anxretres they've obtained. why not?

You’ve ordered animal entrails for the show?

I have a fascination with cow heads and pig heads ar‘d stuff. l'rn not trying to be that artistic. rust brutally honest. I don't want yOu to be that. I don't want you to be processed. packaged and eaten. All of us have to embrace each other and get smart. I want every rotten human alive to JOlll together. If no one had any kids for the next two years. think of all those people who would die wrth none born and in rust two years the world would be a better place.

World peace isn’t what you expect from Slipknot? l'rn speaking up for the kids that are pulling the trigger. the kids that aren't listening. the kids who are so down they don't care. l'rn helping them re—blossorn.

What can we expect from your Glasgow show?

the hand has been off for a long trrne and we've decided to punk rock it once again. Whoever sees any of these sever: shows in ten days is gonna see a little bit of history. the Iowa cycle is over and the new album cycle hasn't started. So this is purgatory. these shows are gonna be unrgue. this will be one of the chapters written in the book that .s Slipknot. ll-lenry Nortnrnorel

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