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Patton and closes with a cover of Aphex Twin's ‘Come to Daddy' who is perhaps their spiritual Siamese electronic twin. Which is probably all the reason you need to have them kicking of the proceedings in fine style.

Who'd have thought this much nastiness could come out of New Jersey. birthplace of anti-psychosis drug Vesperin. Erm, yeah, OK. fair enough.

Name drop

even more cool

obscure bands. Perplex those boys who have memorised the catalogue numbers for every Pavement

The Datsuns

single even further with: “Yes. I love the Datsuns. my Dad had a Datsun Bluebird and he got great petrol consumption from it about 33 miles to the gallon I believe.‘

Hear the best garage rock’n’roll band


of them all: the Bellrays. Garage band this. garage band that it's enough to make you crave some over produced Emerson. Lake and Palmer-style pomposity and


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extravagance. The Bellrays are true to the garage ethic though: in the studio they record completely live with absolutely no overdubs and live are a crackling ball of energy ready to explode z t any moment. Where the Hives add a tongue-in-cheek comedy to their astringent rock mash. the Bellrays add some vocal dexterity and righteous SOUl from frontwoman Lisa Kekaula. The words ‘rocket-fuelled Motown madness" have been bandied about. Miss them at y0ur peril.

Get a tattoo.

No we're ioking.

really. Stop. You'll regret that full across- the-back etching of the Moldy Peaches in the morning you know.

Get sunburnt. We can only


Do all this and

still make the

last bus home. Cos y0u'il be wanting your bed.

Buy a copy of

The List on

Thursday 22 August so that you can marvel at the full line-up and running times for all the stages at Gig on the Green. Nuff said.

Find the Reindeer Section (if you can).

I'd been in this low-down dirty JOU for more than a decade. but this was my

toughest case yet: they wanted me to crack the indie ina‘ia and nail the notorious Roindeer Section before their big showdown in Glasgow's East EndTl‘ey say it's no mean city.

but as l trawled \N’est End dives Ell‘tl the dirty-rat 'nfested docklands. I realised it wasn't gonna be easy 28 of these links were I" on tne latest heist, code-named S )r‘ o." Ew/ Reindeer. It was thei‘ second iol: l." less than a year, and they pulled it off note-perfect.

Gary "..".(3 Daddy' lightbody '.'.'as the b'ains behind this operation. and l was pretty sure he'd oled zit: i‘. the Dying Bei.. plotting the lot) they're calling Gig on the Green. After a tip off from a snitch. I came face to face with the Daddy' in Great Western Road. In the brutal morning light. the truth rlriigs ‘.‘.’()"K()(l. the lie-detector purred and he spified his guts.

'The second album was more of a challenge.’ he confessed. "The first was jtlSi a lot of t'un. no

It“; i\

ulterior motzve. just make a record. It seemed more seriOus this time. l hope that comes out in the record. I haven't heard a hette" album this year.‘

I reckoned that was a pretty smart—arsed thing to say. but he wasn't for nudging. So I gui/xeo him about the gang's methods. 'I wrote the songs in the space of a few hours. it was pouring out of me. and pretty much after I finished them I had in mind who would sound goon singing them. I made demos and e\./eryone seemed to really like them.‘

I realised that he ‘.‘./as starting to crack the guy was sgtieal ng rke a pig. l p;.t him on the spot: I wanted to know if he was the Daddy of this operatzon’? ‘I don't think the band think of me as “the Daddy". I hate myself ‘.'.’hen I get like that. it somehow cuts me oft' *rom everyone else. it secludes me a little bit and I do "t like that. I certainly don". give a"y<>ne rows. but people

()0 come to me to go: "Can we do this song tonight?" like I know what In 'loing I don't. Everyone else is runnhg around like headless chickens, and I'm the same. I arrant to go out and get drunk with them. I think they think of me as the ‘(itOi who was drunk wth his trousers down round his ankles the night before.‘

Before I turned hm over to the boys in. blue I got Ligntbody to blab about his accomplices. He was happy to oblige. its a pretty easy so ection prr cess really. I didn't chop and change anyone. The people I thought would be good on these songs ended ll) sngsng on them. \"Jhen you've got as much talent as those gay s. you're pretty much guaranteed they can p...i it off. I owe this band as much to Johny [Quinn SHORE" Patrol}. the Astrid beys and Jenny {Reeve of Eva] for giVing me the will to carry on wztl‘ it. It's the not—so-Magnificei‘t Seven. Well. | get the blame and the seven of us get the credit. I don't mind taking the blame. I get the blame for everything. anyway. I'm the little kid sitting with the big pile of sweetie WTEIODQTS With his face covered in chocolate. In the words of Shaggy: "it wasn't me.“ (Vicky Dawdson)

We have managed to get our hands on another five pairs of tickets to this year‘s Gig on the Green and we want to give them to you. To enter all you have to do is answer one easy question and you could be down the front of the crowds on 24 & 25 August rockin‘ the weekend away. With such acts as the Prodigy, the Offspring, the Strokes. Pulp, Feeder, Spiritualized and loads more coming to Glasgow for the two day music extravaganza, what else could you possibly be doing that weekend? This is the third year for Gig on the Green and not only is there an amazing line up but there is also a new and improved fairground. a bungee catapult and for the first time ever a full sized rollercoaster!

To be a part of the action, just tell us: How old is Gig on the Green? Send your answers on an email marked ‘GIG 2' to promotions@list.co.uk or send a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1TB, including a daytime telephone number and address. Entry deadline is 22 August 2002.

TERMS 8. CONDITIONS: Winners must be over 18 years of age. Travel to and from the event is the responSibility of the winner. No cash alternative IS available. Winners will be notified by telephone. In the event of cancellation/illness. The List takes no responsibility for supplying alternative prizes. Usual List rules apply.