Black urban music finally gets its own station from Radio 1, of all people. Words: Stewart Dalley

efore the doors close on Alaska. .‘Vlanga will be hosting the ofticial drum 8; bass party to

celebrate the launch of Radio 1’s new sister

station. lXtra gives a platform for black music. oft ignored by traditional radio providers with hip hop. drum & bass. UK garage. dancehall and R&B being the main focus of the station. although 'special consideration will. above all. be given to [K originated music'.

Furthermore the station will give an airing to African. Asian-fusion. gospel. soca. roots. cultural reggae. nu jazz. etc. In conjunction with the musical output. and the BBC‘s core commitment to news. they are attempting to spice up the factual elements of the station with their daily tX News that will give listeners a chance to get their views across. Which. in keeping with the core audience. will be slanted towards a listenership who will be able to access the lit-strong news team by text or email on subjects such as drugs. racism. entertainment. sport. education and work.

For the launch. lXtra signing Bailey will be setting things off with fellow Metalheadl. DJ Flight and MC (30. who‘ll be joined by Manga‘s DJ Kid. G-Mac and AJ. broadcasting live on Radio I as well as lXtra. .\'o stranger to the Scottish drum & bass scene. with appearances at Manga and Metalheadz nights. Bailey is unsurprisineg excited about his new role. ‘I think it‘s hugely important because black music doesn‘t get that much exposure and it deserves more. instead of it having to be underground with pirates pushing it forward.‘ Bailey says. ‘After all. it is a big part of the music industry?

And he should know. as he started out on his radio

28 THE LIST is—22 Aug zone

‘I think it’s important because black music doesn’t i get that much exposure’

DJ Bailey heads the digital radio revolution

and Metallieadz career on those very pirate stations. 'I was introduced to Storm [of Kemistry 8; Stor'ml and I told her that l was playing on this pirate station.‘ he

says. ‘()bviously you speak to people and you never

expect them to tune in but she did. And I got a call the next week asking me if I'd like to play for Metalheadx. and l was like: "Of course!”

With l5 years of DJing under his belt. Bailey‘s star

is now definitely in ascent but as he tells us he won’t be forgetting his roots quickly. ‘()bviously I want to be as upfront as possible with the music. but I want to

highlight people who I think are going to be stars of

the future. I know what its like to have been the little man so I want to give people who are bedroom- producing more exposure.'

As Bailey says. the importance of this new station is not to be underestimated in the platform it affords to black music and in signalling the beginning of the digital radio revolution that is set to transform the way we all listen to the radio. Dougal l’crman co-owner of (ilasgow based welcomes the BB(‘ to the digital marketplace. "l'he BB(‘ are not known for taking risks and will have done a lot of research into the market. so it sends out good signals for younger and more adventurous stations.’ he says. "l‘he success of digital radio depends upon the rollout of broadband internet and how committed the manufacturers and big networks are to making digital available.”

lXtra. like all new digital radio stations. will be available in four ways: digital radio receiver (currently retailing at approximately £100). on the internet digital satellite television and cable television.

Welcome to the revolution. (Stewart Dalley)

Manga hosts 1Xtra’s launch party at Alaska, Glasgow, Fri 16 Aug; Bailey’s lntabeats show is broadcast each Sunday 1 1pm-1am.


Manga Absolutely massive drum & bass night to mark the launch of Radio is black music alterna channel. lXtra. Melting your mind on the night will be none other than DJ Bailey iSwerve Metalhead/i. llight lMetalhead/r and MC CO. Alaska. Fr/ 76 Aug.

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Shakra If you're gonna do a house cluh. do it properly. New concern Shakra sound like they've got their heads screwed right on: tour decks. percussion. instruments. DJs and performers all add to the event. Riverside C/ul), Friday 16 Aug.

Melting Pot Boat Party Disco and cra/ed funk house aboard the good ship Pot. Billy Woods and Simon Cordiner are the main men at this summery do on a boat. Meet at the Science Centre at Bxlopm prompt. or your ass will he left high and dry, A boat. Sal l/ Aug.

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