Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


lo-l Woodlands Road. 333 0038.

Mon» l‘ri |0am 5pm: Sat

l0am l3.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t‘iuil Sat 3! Aug. A selection of yyorks by \arious artists including Lin Pattullo. lid llunter. James \Vatt. l-‘runk (‘olclough. James (hr and many others.


l‘) Parnie Street. 553 777‘). Mon Sat noon— 5pm.

Summer Show t‘iuil Wed 4 Sep. .\'e\y paintings tor the summer by specially selected artists including Bryan liyans. (ii'uhum McKean. Marielle .\tacl.etnan. .laniie ()'|)ee. Alison 'l'homas. Martin ()ates. Richard Hunter and Ron liardley. The gallery are also relaunching their \yebsite \\ \y wartexposuregallei‘y.co.uk leaturing \yorks shoyy n in the gallery oy‘er the last year.


lS5a Bath Street. 333 3830. Tue Sat ltlam 5.30pm.

Summer Show t'niil Hi 23 Aug. Paintings by yarious artists including |)ona|d Macleod. Ken 'l’aylor. Keyin Hunter and Matteo Boato.


Modern Institute, Glasgow, until Fri 23 Aug 00. .- I. ‘57.}; #39. 3,2: .4 ,.-1"

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART 134 Blythsyyood Street. 333 4037.

Mon l-‘ri 9.30am 5.30pm: Sat

|()am lpm.

Ten Years On l'ntil Sat 3| Atig. The gallery celebrates its tenth birthday with three lloors ot' work by almost all of the artists and designers who hate eyer shoyy ii there.

Amy Cushing and James Griffin t'ntil Sat 3| Aug. Tyyo small solo slioyys of' yyork by g|assmaker Amy ('tishing and jeyyellery by James (iril‘lin.


350 Sattchiehall Street. 353 4000.

Sun Wed |lain (ipm; 'l‘hu Sat

llam Spin.

0 Beck’s Futures 2002 t'niil Sun 33 Sep. The third Beck's l-‘utures art prize and exhibition tours to the ('(‘A with the “oils of' the “inning artist. (ilasgoyy 's 'l'oby Paterson \\ ho will produce a u all painting specifically tor the (‘(':\. Along \\ itlt Works by the shortlisted artists. Day-id (‘otterrel|. Kirsten (ilttss. Rachel I.t)\\ e. ()lly er Payne and .\'ick Relpli. l)an Perlect. .\'ei| Rumining. Hideyuki Sayyayanagi and Tom Wood. the e\liibition encompasses painting. time-based art. yideo. photography. tilm and multimedia. See reyieyy and llitlist. Beck’s Futures Gallery Talk Sal l7 Aug. 3pm t('(‘A 3). Art critic Moira Jel'f'rey discusses the work in the Beck‘s Futures e\hibition in relation to current contemporary art practice.

Student Prize for Film and Video t'ntil 'l‘hu |5 Atig. (i.3f)ptll t('(‘A 4 l. l-‘ilm and \ ideo screenings ol‘ the sllot‘tlistetl entries to Beck's l'Illttll'es student pri/e including the work ol this year's \\ inner Ania Kirschner.

Installation view of Suburian Journals

it :, t,‘;'.".£t_t)8 rash to generaliso. but work shown at the Modern Institute tends to

be rauot. understated stuff that reveals Itself slowly. Daniel Baker's show is a

particularly fiiio exaiiiplo of this softly-softly practice. the show seems to be about suburban liVing. or the middle ground between ll‘f; "iilil‘Lll'léll and agrarian. On the one hand. tho surface of tho gallery itself has

poor peeled away. rovoaling tho original floor tiles. and exposing tho electricity

': etcr. On tho other. there's a rural scone pinned high up on tho walls. a snap ol a ‘3': l"|";-l darting up a tree. In botwoon. things got interesting. An open cupboard i,()l‘.‘£t:f1.“ a half unis/rapped drawing of a figure at a \.'./llt(l()‘.'/. In tho opposite corner. plans for a new garden have been made. some spilt soil ‘.'."£t|lf; to ho Cleaned up and aiiiatourish botanical ilraisiings look forward to ivy (‘llllll)llltl tho


l" s asiz't soiiio "."Jlfililll look at tho siiiiplo ploasuios of homo iiiipiovoinont in

auntiast Willi tho uncaiing and urban. though there's an ovoi so slightly sinIstoi air Til/Ali tlto place. llllf; is made explicit in a diary that alludes to everything else " 7'1‘:"fl)'l’. Page aftoi page begins ‘.'/|lll broo/y Jottings about foxes in tho fié:")“' aiiil inst.- iiotals on tho lawn, only for aeroplane.“ and an iaid sirens to

"' .':-'.-. or bad ’ll":£llllf; of littlo boys lockotl iii cuplioaids. It's not exactly cloai

.'.l'.I:T liftl‘td If;


’ll'l'.|.’itl at. but takon as; a whole his installation is an unsottling oiio.

, i ' -- 'i'i Wrist, lllll'_;."<l at tho ll’llifl'l‘ of tho gaitlori. clack Mottia'i‘.


30 “est (ieorge Street. 333 5.35 l.

Mon Sat |0ant~~5.30ptn: Sun noon 5pm. Mixed Exhibition t'niil Sat 31 Aug. A mixed slioyy of “ink t'eatui'ing Italian and architectural scenes in \\'alet‘colottt' by Gordon Mcl)o\\all. t‘emale liguratiye oils liy (ireet' Ralston and pastel scenes ol (ilasgoyy by Peter Bi'annan.


t'niyei'sity ol' Strathclyde. 33 Richmond Street. 54S 3558. Mon l’ri ltlain 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

Making Journeys Sui 17 Aug Sui 2| Sep. Quilts and “all hangings by te\ti|e artists from (iermany and Scotland. lnge llueber creates a series ol' rhythmical panels. Anne Keith produces abstract compositions inspired by her trayels and Veronica 'l’ogneri tises traditional patchyyork techniques in her mosaics in cloth. NEW Sl lC‘~.’.”.


l7S’ \Vest Regent Street. 33l (3370.

Mon Sat l0am 5.30pm.

Cabinet Paintings t'ntil \Ved 3S Aug. Sponsored by Scotyyoi'k Negotiating Skills. small \yorks by oy er ()0 im ited artists including llelen l‘lockhart. Philip Reey es. Lesley Banks. John Houston. lili/abeth Blackadder and John Bellany.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 33‘) l‘Nb. Mon llttt tk Sat l0am 5pm: l‘ri & Sun llum 5pm. David Mach: Hell Bent t'ntil Sun 3‘) Sep. l‘ilie-born l);t\ itl Mach. creator of [its [It'll/y. the three huge steel heads on the MS. returns to Scotland \\ ith a major slimy of‘ neu and recent \yol'ks. A spaceman made li'oin coat hangers. sculptures constructed entirely t'rom matchsticks. collage \yoi‘ks created from donated photographs and in the liarth (iallery. an

installation made up from 50 tonnes ol' Hie

Ili'iu/il neyy spaper and burnt-out ears. Jigar - Films by Alia Syed t'niil Stiii S Sep. British Asian artist Alia Syed's tirst major solo gallery features a signilicant body ol yyork made oycr the lust l5 years. The l‘eatured tour lilms esplores social concerts and issues ol' representation. looking at the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of liast London. ller \yoi'k has been shoyy at late Modern. the National l’ilm 'l‘heatre. the l(‘A and international film lestl\ttl\ and forms part of" a touring e\liibition.


Rouken (ilen Road. 630 0335. Hi. Sun «k Mon L30 5.30pm: Sat ll.30am 5.30pm. Summer Exhibition Sun ts Aug Mon 30 Sep. A mi\ed shoyy of paintings and sculpture by gallery artists. Nl-l'.’ St l()\".'.


l-lS’ West Regent Street. 33l 3095.

Mon Sat 0.30am 5.30pm.

Summer Exhibition t'niil Sui .‘sl Aug. A summer selection of paintings including \yorks by Joan liai'dley. liIi/abeth Blackadder. John llouston. Andreyy \Valkei‘. Annie l-‘rench. 'l'om Shanks and many others.


('ale (‘oslntL l3 Rose Street. 333 (333.3. Mon Sat |0.30am ‘)pm.

100 Years of Ealing Photography Exhibition l'ntil Sat 3| Aug. An

e\hiliition to coincide \\ ith (il’l‘is I00 Year

ol lialing season. featuring a selection ol unseen photographs l‘rom behind the scenes ol the British comedy classics. including i/i/lr' [xii/V All/('I'y. Killi/ Hr'rl/‘h (llll/ (brunch and ll'lli'y/sy' (iii/ore.


33 tk 35 King Street. 553 0704. ’l'ue Sat ltlam 5.30pm.

0 Dragon Doll: Christine Borland and Claire Barclay t'iiiil Sui ll Sep. 'l‘he 'l‘urnei' Pri/e nominee (‘lii'istine Borland and ('laire Barclay shoyy a series ol' prints and dra\\ ings eyploring issues relating to natural history. botany and

Beck’s Futures lhe third Beck's Futures award stops off at the CCA featuring large-scale wall paintings and works on perspex by winning artist Toby Paterson plus tiiiie-based words by David Cotterrell. paintings by Dan Perfect and quirky films works by Hideyuki Sawayanagi. See review. CC/i, Glasgow. until Sun 22 Sep.

Terra Nova: Degree Show Selection Your chance to revisit Glasgow School of Art's fine art degree show in a selection of works which includes paintings. seiilpture. video installation and photography. Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow. until Sat I 4 Sop.

Dragon Doll: Christine Borland and Claire Barclay Prints. drawings and sculpture exploring issues relating to natural history. botany and medicines by Christine Borland. a Turner Prize nominee. and Claire Barclay. Glasgow Print Studio. Glasgow. unti/ Sat 74 Sep.

Commodity, Firmness 8. Delight A fascinating insight into Japanese love hotels featuring photOgraphs. texts and a recreation of a typical room. Providing privacy for Japanese couples. these hotels are an intrinsic part of society. The Lighthouse. Glasgow. until Sun 25 Aug.

Kenny Bean Edinburgh- hased artist Kenny Bean dissects domestic appliances and uses their components to produce a series of new photograms. Street Level. Glasgow. until Sat I4 Sep.

medicines featuring a series ot screenprints and sculptures. See llitlist.

Tanuja Bane t'niil Sui I4 Sep. ('olottt' etchings made in (ilasgoyy and liidia by this young printmaker t'rom Mtiiiibai.


(iround liloor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 33! Sl(i3. Mon Sat l0am (ipm: Sun llam 5pm.

New Artists A \aried selection of yyoi'k by up-—and-coming artists featuring sculpture. te\tile design. photography. paintings and jeyyellery.


The Mackintosh (iallery. lb? Renlreyy Street. 353 4500. Mon l-‘ri ltlam 5pm; Sat 10am noon.

0 Terra Nova: Degree Show Selection t‘niil Sui l-t Sep. A selection of \yoi‘k tll'tt\\ll limit the School ol' liine Art 3003 degree shoyy l‘eaturing paintings. sculpture. \ ltleo installation and photography. See i'e\ ten and llitlist.