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Glasgow School Of Art continued

Minoan True Exhibition and Auction L'ntil Thu 15 Atig. Iidinburgh- based artist Keith .\laclssac presents this exhibition and auction to help fund his latest video art project. Artists such as Lawrence Weiner. John Baldessari. Gunter Foi'g and Robert Longo feature in the show. pltis works by Scottish—based artists Keith Fai'quhar. Lucy McKen/ic. .\'ei| Mulholland and Keith .\laclsaac. The auction takes place on 15 Atigiist at 7pm. Creativity: the True Art of Therapy L'ntil Wed 28 Atig. Figurative drawings. gestural abstracts and Argyll landscapes by John R. Paterson. a graduate from Glasgow School of Art who died in 1998 from Motor .\'euronc Disease and Gillian Barre Syndrome.


182 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon—Fri l().3()am—5pm: Sat l().3()am lptn.

Mixed Show L'ntil Sat 31 Aug. A selection of oils and watercolours by contemporary. 19th and 20th century artists.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niversity of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5431. Mon—Sat 9.30am 5pm. Free. The Alchemy of Light - DO Hill in Glasgow L'ntil Sat 7 Sep. An exhibition of historic photographs celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of pioneer photographer David Octavius Hill. The works. drawn from the Glasgow University Library 's Hill and Adamson's holdings. include original paper caloty'pe negatives. and vintage and modern prints.

Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow L'ntil Tue 1 Apr. An extensive exhibition highlighting the L'niversity' of Glasgow ’s important Scottish (‘olourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by Cadell. Fergusson. Hunter and l’eploe. Ten Minute Lunchtime Talks on the Scottish Colourists Wed 21 Aug. 1pm. Ten minute talks on the Scottish (‘olourists exhibition. Intimate Friends. Mackintosh in France L'ntii Sat 12 ()ct. Watercolour paintings of the landscape of the South of France. the place where Mackintosh chose to spend the final years of his life.


18 King Street. 552 25-10. Tue—Sat

l lam—5pm.

Not reversible and too high Tue 2()~«Fri 30 Aug. Challenging the theme of site-specific. L'rsula .\'istrup and Elizabeth Robertson present sound. sculpture. drawing and text. NEW SHOW.


2()() Bath Street. 33l ()722. Tue—Sat 9am-6pm.

Celebrity Scribble L'ntil Wed ll Sep. A charity exhibition of pastel sketches from various celebrities to help raise money for children in war zones. Wormhole L'ntil Wed 1 1 Sep. Work by Rob (burnt and Gregor Wright. THOMAS KINKADE GALLERY Buchanan Galleries. K4. Level 4. 332 8080. Mon—Wed. Fri & Sat 9am—6pm; Thu 9am—8pm: Sun 1 lam-5pm. Described as a ‘painter of light'. a gallery dedicated to the American artist and devout Christian Thomas Kinkade.

THE LIGHTHOUSE ll Mitchell Lane. 22l 6362. Mon. Wed. Fri 8; Sat ll).3()am—5pm; Tue 1 lam—5pm: Thu ll).3()am-—5pm: Stilt noon-5pm. £1 (includes entry to all exhibitions).

Good, Bad, Ugly L'ntil Sun 18 Aug (Circulation area). Glasgow schoolchildren document their environment in this series of photographic images.

Mobile Cinema L'ntil Sun 18 Atig (Gallery 5). The Lighthouse is the host venue for the mobile cinema which toured five villages in the North of anland earlier in the year. l)esigned by

36 THE LIST "3-22 Aug 2002

Jerki. the cinema seats 2() and shows a short programme of films and video

rojects. g3 Commodity, Firmness & Delight L'ntil Sun 25 Aug (Gallery 4). A rare insight ittto the ‘love hotels‘ found in Japan which provide privacy and escapism for Japanese couples. Found near mainline railway stations. these hotels are big business in Japan and are an intrinsic and surprising part of Japanese society. See llitlist. Olanic/Hoja Design Consultancy L'ntil Sun 25 Aug (4th Floor (‘irculation Space). An exhibition highlighting the work of ()lanic. a conceptual fashion company set tip by Niki 'l’aylor which mixes an. fashion and niUsic. Topen Design l.'ntil Sun 25 Aug (4th Floor Alcove). .-\ward-winning product designer l’atil 'I'open showcase examples of his recent work. bd-tank/Emlyn Firth L'ntil Thu 2‘) Aug (3rd Floor (’ii‘culation). Solution- based marketing company bd-tank were invited to look at the design of corporate identity. The resulting interactive approach openly questions the often ‘standard‘ face of corporate graphic design. Hidden Gardens Exhibition t'ntil Sun I Sep (2nd Floor ('irculation Space).


CCA, Glasgow, until Sun 22 Sep 00.

An exhibition highlighting the initial designs of nva organisation‘s Hidden Gardens. which will transform a derelict 5(XX) square metre industrial site into one of Glasgow‘s first permanent public gardens.

Where the Heart Is Until Sun 8 Sep (Review Gallery). An exhibition marking the end of a four-year project chronicling the regeneration of the Royston. one of Glasgow's most neglected areas. The artist-led social project involved artists Toby Paterson and Graham Fagen. and two new parks have been created for the community to enjoy. Free buses will be provided from the Lighthouse to Royston to see the parks.

Our Glasgow l'ntil Sun 8 Sep (Young Designers Gallery). The results of a series of workshops which explored how people view Glasgow through the medium of photography. creativescotland Until Mon 2 Dec (All circulation spaces). Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland's creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music and digital media.

Hideyuki Sawayanagi’s Cannon

Music is employed to Stirring effect in David Cotterrell's Car Culture. transforming a motorway driving seduence into a bizarre version of Night of the Hunter. Without music. the narrative would disappear and the images appear banal. With it. an alarmingly anthropomorphic dimenSion is projected onto the cars. chasing their prey. Despite the depiction of real road-rage the effect is incongruous and comedic.

Retreading the Dazed and Confused school of glamour/decay Kirsten Glass' paintings are shot through with a weak subtext on the objectification of women. Ironically. the paintings are aching to be cool even as they comment on similar processes in the media and unfortunately, Glass‘ work fails to take the debate much further than second-year art school. If the work is a reflection on the saturation of this imagery and subject-matter in contemporary art (as opposed to the media or fashion industries) then the ‘point' is an oblique one. and cleverly done. paradoxically aping Munch and Klimt in the process.

Hideyuki Sawayanagi‘s work veers close to gimmickry but is nonetheless engaging a bright. unexpected flash in a dark room imprints the word 'LOVE' onto the field of vision, remaining as an after-image as Sawayanagi becomes artist— controller, branding images onto the retina. In Cannon a Japanese businessman shoots into the light. landing on all fours before scuttling back into darkness. The Suit. repetition and speed of the action denote the bureaucratic treadmill, where caffeine-fuelled city workers are shell-shocked ants on auto-pilot. The overriding precedent here is surely Kafka's Metamorphosis.

Toby Paterson's deservedly prize-winning work reflects a long-standing interest in the built environment. in particular utopian modernism's evolution into the brutalist architecture of the 60/703 and architecture's impact on the psyche. Formally immaculate. Paterson's reassessment of ‘failed' buildings underline his position as architectural aesthete onlooker rather than occupant. A skateboarder's eye informs his view of hard concrete as inviting; all hips, swells and excitement where others see grey walls and muggers alleys. In terms of the treatment of space. the use of 'floating' images and highly stylised representational imagery (buildings and letters respectively), common ground is perhaps shared with graffiti artist Delta. whose background has similarly employed architecture as a foundation for art.

(Susannah Thompson)


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue Sat 10am lpm. 2 5pm.

The Lands Between Until Sat l7 Aug. Paintings by (‘olin Lawson and musical compositions by Matilda Brown. Solas na h-Alba: Light of Scotland Until Sat 17 Aug. Scottish landscapes by photographer Donald Buchanan.

Flora Wood Until Sat 17 Aug. Figurative paintings and sculpture by Flora Wood.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. Floor I. 248 371 l. Tue—Fri noon—5pm or by appointment.

Daniel Baker: Suburian Journals Until Fri 23 Aug. The first solo show for London-based artist Daniel Baker in an installation which draws on historical arid geographical discourses. See review.


22! West George Street. 248 9755.

Mon Fri 10am- 5.3()pm; Sat 10am 2pm. Mixed Show Until Sat 3| Aug. A

selection of Scottish watercolours and



36 Washington Street. 221 2I23. Mon Fri

9am 5pm. Free. (‘afe.

New Generation Show Until Thu 29 Aug. A selection of work by graduates from the four Scottish art colleges.


6 Wilson Street. Merchant City. 552 ()702. Tue. Wed & Fri l lam-6pm; Thu

llatn 7pm; Sat l()am 6pm; Sun 1 5pm. wwwphoenix contemporarycom Modernist Living Until Thu 22 Aug. Abstract paintings by Andy Peutherer and Alistair Maclean inspired by modernist living. music and architecture.


Unit 2. Merchant Square. 552 5627. Tue-Sat l lam» 5.30pm; Sun l lam» 5pm. Gregory Rankine Until Tue 2() Aug. ()il paintings.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts. I8

Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri

l()ain- 5pm.

Photogenic Until Fri 30 Aug. Photography and digital art by members of 'I'rongate Studios.


I I8 Douglas Street. 248 6386. Mon Fri l().3()am 5pm; Sat l().3()am-lpm.

Tom Hutcheson Until Sat 17 Aug. A retrospective exhibition of paintings by the late Tom Hutcheson. RGI spanning all stages of his career including figurative landscapes painted in the l‘)~l()s to more abstract landscape works.

Ailsa Tanner Sat 24 Aug Sat 7 Sep. Paintings by the late Ailsa Tanner.


l()() Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Mon Fri 9am 4.30pm.

Figurative Until Sat 3| Aug (Foyer). Figurative metal sculptures by Kathrin Mercer.


o Burnfield Road. (iiffnock. 638 I200. Tue--Fri l lain-5pm; Sat 10am 5pm: Stiii noon 5pm.

Summer Show Until Sat 31 Aug. A mixed show of paintings at affordable prices by gallery artists. (‘heck out their website www.scotlandartcom


26 King Street. 552 2l5l. 'l'ttc Sat

l()attt 5.30pm.

0 Kenny Bean l’ntil Sat l4 Sep. New wall-based work by Edinburgh-based Kenny Bean resulting from his residency at Street Level. Dissecting a number of domestic appliances. the components have