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Re: The Jerome Experience As I have been very disappointed by one of your journalists. Tim Abrahams. at last year's Festival Fringe. I do not want to have The Jerome Experience mentioned in your mag at this year's festival. Jerome Dehedin

via email

(The Jerome Experience? OK. we won’t mention The Jerome Experience ever again. If any other shows. such as The Jerome Experience. would like us not to mention them. just let us know. And as with The Jerome Experience. we won't give them any more publicity: Ed)


Re: Wits out for the lads (446)

Has Lisa Greene seen all the films mentioned in my opinion piece or at least enough of them to offer something resembling a counter argument it she were actually pushed to discuss the subject she's choosing to opine on? Baise Moi is made by a couple of


Press officer Tom Wood's photographs are fantastic. I can't wait to get down with the Disco Badger.

2 1'"! LIST 15—22 Aug 2002


React, The List,

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women. The Piano Teacher is adapted from a novel by Elfriede Jelinek: a woman. In The Pornographer the only scene that's sexually explicit is the one shown in the still. Much of the film is in essence a meditation on this scene. and so the very idea of ‘male filmmakers indulging in their own favourite fantasies“ is actually discussed.

As for the ‘tortuous. pretentious and syntactically suspect prose'. I guess that's a combination of my own style and in-house editing which tried to simplify a couple of the sentences and arrived at confusion. Presumably the editors felt obliged to simplify the syntax so it might appeal to the no-nonsense Lisas who like their prose nice'n'easy.

And as for the idea of a muff- dive being a bit radical: is it not a porn movie staple?

Lisa Green's right: ‘serious debate on censorship is needed from the points of view of ethics. aesthetics. freedom and feminism.‘ A philosopher once said: ‘Concepts are what stop thought being a mere Opinion.“ Lisa offers no counter-ideas. nor suggests she knows anything about the films under discussion. If she’s capable of moving beyond shallow lucidity and smug superiority, I'm willing to engage. Now that would be really radical.

Tony McKibbin Edinburgh


Radio 1

Why is it that Radio 1 still has 8

Charlie Brand and image consultant Like most

Beck’s Futures CCA. Glasgow

good in parts. The Will to Fly


exhibitions. it's

is fantastic. but most of it is too

playlist? Surely this idea should have walked out of the building with Dave Lee Travis the Hairy Cornflake.

If a DJ is intelligent enough to be on radio. surely they should also be intelligent enough to choose which records they play on their show.

Radio 1 appears to be far too far in bed with record companies. in terms of what it plays: either teen pop trash such as Boyzone. Blue. etc. or suicidally boring guitar warbles by the Stereophonics. Travis. etc.

The Doves' excellent “There Goes the Fear': when did Radio 1 play that? Must've missed the one play The Chart Show were required to give it

The Orb's 'Once More': nope. that one must've passed them by as well.

The Avalanches' ‘Since I Left You': had to buy it before I heard it. so it's a good job the press bothered to mention it otherwise I'd have missed out on hearing my favourite single of last year.

Jonathan Muirhead via email

BEING BORING Re: Absolutely Fabulous (not) (444) Why do you print this crap? It is boring. childish unintelligent rubbish. Please raise your game and at least make it humorous. or is that beyond the artist? No one is remotely interested in his petty jealousies and attacks on various players in the Glasgow club scene.

What credentials does he have for such attitudes? Does

Leo Student

l think it's weird but there's something very intrigumg abOut it. The Will to Fly is definitely my fav0urite.

he ever organise nights himself? Has he ever been a successful DJ? Has he ever been a success at anything? Does he even go to the nights or know the peOple he takes the piss out of? I doubt it all. Among others. I am a regular at that 'boring' night at Alaska. and I ask him to come along to the next one to confirm that it is ‘boring‘. He is boring me. Does he have the bollocks to ‘out' himself? Breaks 1973 via email


Re: Absolutely Fabulous (not) (444)

I am writing to complain about the toothless bastards filling the letters page with complaints about GF (as it is never called on the streets) who don't even have the guts to use their real names . . . Kaptain Hammond. Fadlip etc. etc. etc.

Have the courage of your convictions for Christ's sake. Those supporting GF are not immune however . . . Scratchmaster Ecto? Twitch? Come on: drop the stupid names.

Hermeet Chadha (not a stupid made up name: it’s Indian)

via email


We take great trouble to be as accurate as possible but occasionally we might get something wrong or miss something out. If so please tell us. Email editor@list.co.uk

Alan DeSigner

It‘s good. I haven't had a goodlook around yet but I like Toby Paterson's work.



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