I I saw you in CC Blooms. You are Spanish and let me pet your furry bag. Love to chat again! U/448/27

I I saw you I August. tall art school girl. leaving Bert for Joe. Would it be wicked to say 1 thought you were pretty and would like to. . .meet you? U/448/28

I I saw you and your tattoo! You horny rninx! You drew me - literally!Thanks for those few naked days - much fun. Pity we didn't get time for the other half of the Kama Sutra - properly! if you're ever passing... From the Big Cat that got the (Squirty) Cream!" U/448/29

I I saw you in Espionage on Friday 2nd. 1 had the ring. an

, angry friend and too many

shots. Think about you all day and would love to see you again. L'/448/30

I I saw you acrtic foxly) - saw u too. whiskers and nose twitching. wondering when u were gonna come over and trap me! I wouldn't run or fly from you. I promise! Lets burrow away together. c u soon

- flying rabbit L'/448/31

I I saw you hi 100000qu Welcome to my humble abode...a place we can call our home! Hang your hat up. get your slippers on. lie back and enjoy the ride! Later lets struggle under the love quilt and enjoy the view! 1 love your hairy ass paps mrraaagggghhhh! !! L'l448/32 II saw you fabulous tall smiling dark haired baker goddess. in Scott's. Tollcross. with your lovely helper maidens. You're a sight for sore eyes in the moming. Love the bread too. L1/448/33

I I saw you again beautiful

rasta Obscene gal.Smile for me one more time and I'll wrap us both up in your scarf.You are my favourite flyer gal. L'/448/34 I I saw you Blonde Deity on 29th July in The Basement. You were buying wine at the bar when you captivated me with your gorgeous smile. Maybe we could share a cheeky Chardonnay sometime?" L’l448/35

I I saw you groom your 6-inch blonde quiff in my bathroom mirror. From the side you look awfully like Beavis. Anyone ever told that. Leeds boy? L'/-148/36

I I saw you at Barbara Morrison's show at the Apex on 31 July. You - oriental looking male with female friend. You told me l have a beautiful smile. I was sorry to watch you leave without knowing more about you. Let me know who else you plan to see in the festival." L'/448/37

II saw you Lesley in

Frankensteins Friday 26 July.

You: red top with kilted friend. Me: red shirt. with the Dublin lads. Meet again? Hope so! L'/448/38

I I saw you front row. end seat. next to girl with big white socks at Indigo Girls gig 6/8/02. You were pretty Close to Fine. Fancy a drink? L'/448/39

I I saw you Heriot-Watt L'ni canteen. Thu (01 Aug) aftemoon. You - one ankle with silver charms the other bandaged!! Let me make it better for you. Me on opposite table with blue suit and too shy too approach you. I'd love to see you again. so please

get in touch. C/448/40

I I saw you at Dancebase on Tues 6th. Mika liked the look of you and so did I. What was the conference about? Fancy learning to salsa with me? U/448/41


Men gLOVE seeking i-LINE women

V Male 48, single. no children. n/s. likes taking photographs. reading. gardening. cats 8; driving. looking for similar woman for a committed relationship. Call me on 09069 514316

V We, Ives h Edinburgh. 35. single parent. working. evil SOH. loves music. Pam'ing 8; generally having fun. seeking a Friday night companion for clubbing & causing a nuisance. Call me on 09069 514317 9 Male earth angel. 38. 5'7". medium build. blue eyes. seeks celestial girl angel. 30s. with a devilish side to help clean his wings. Enjoys live music. art & cinema. Call me on 09069 514290 V Sensitive,

attractive. 35yr old male. WLTM similar female for friendship & more. Call me on 09069 514291

W Tall Edinburgh guy. 57. peroxide blond hair. pierced. vegetarian. likes punk. Goths & metal. WLTM Gothic lady for pubs. clubs. gigs & adventures. Call me on (19069 514294

at Glasgow male, 5'1 1 " slim. clean cut. professional. outgoing 8; sensitive. likes cycling & hill walking. WLTM slim. similar female with GSOH. Call me on (19069 514285

W Edinburgh male, tall. dark & dashing. 3()yrs old. WLTM woman. 20-45. for friendship 8; ftm. Call me on 09069 514287

“9 Professional guy, 35. stocky build. outgoing. enjoys nights in / out & eating out. WLTM guys of similar age or younger. for friendship & possibly more. Call me on 09069 514288 '3” If you love shopping & watching TV. then go to the next advert! int 38. born in Italy. attractive. n/s. vegetarian. love books. an. sunshine. uavel. a challenge & to be independent booking for a female friend. Call me on (19069 514293

0 Passionate, handsome, funny Glasgow male. 29. seeks attractive female with fertile imagination. to wake up with in a French sunflower field. Call me on 09069 514295

“e Flirty festival female friend wanted - with legs! Call me on 09069 514296

W Flt, attractive,

male. 40s. seeks female in 30s. to shzue interesting times in Edinburgh. Call me on 09069 514298

a?” Bright, cheerful 30 something. Glasgow gent. zany SOH. n/s. likes art. nature. dancing. WLTM sensitive. passionate lady. to enjoy time together. Call me on 09069 514299

‘0 34yr old male. 5'7". medium build. enjoys keeping fit. gym. martial arts. socialising & quiet nights in with a DVD. seeks similar female for friendship & more. Call me on 09069 514300

0* Attractive stylish male.

46. enjoys cinema. music. books & fine food. WLTM Edinburgh girl

to shine these & other passions.

Call me on (19069 514301 U Lanarkshlre guy, 41. Christian. shy. romantic. friendly. 1 outgoing. WLTM similar female. 40-45. for nights out. theatre. cinema. concerts. restaurants & romantic walks along the beach. Call me on 09069 514332

W 2.5 yr oId male. looking for

friend who seeks humour.

excitement & the possibility of mmzmce. Call me on 09069 514333 M Easy going, 6'2". slim male. young 52. loves life. the city & the country. animal lover. : WLTM slim. attractive female. 40-46. for nights out / in. fun times & romance. Call me on 09069 514319

Women seeking men

*5 Friendly, intelligent, i caring female. 38. blue eyes. bright smile & positive attitude. seeks honest Glasgow man to share laughter. nights in & nights out. Likes dancing. gtxxl conversation. long walks. travel & adventure. Call me on 09069 514292 w 26yr old female, dark hair & eyes. WLTM male. 26- 36. for friendship & more. Call me on 09069 514273 9 Three cute, fun loving Edinburgh girls. seek 3 monks for friendship+. PS. Must really be monks! Anytime. Call me on 09069 514286 W Adventurous 8: bubbly j 41yr old female with many interests. WLTM tall. caring. carefree male. 39-43. for friendship & good times. Call me on 09069 514297 W Soft, genuine, affectionate fit female. n/s. 48. green eyes. GSOH. loves theatre & movies. dancing. music. drinks & the countryside. Still seeking that special person. Call me on 09069 514330 sf Bright 8. beautiful woman. friendly. outgoing. Edinburgh based. loves dancing. music. good food. travel. seeks attractive. slim. romantic male. 35-50. who loves to dance. Call me on 09069 514327 W Blue-eyed version of Dawn French. 36. just as funny but 1 don't get paid for it! Seeks professional guy. late 20s-30s. Beckham look-a- likes prefened for hot dates. Call me on 09069 514331 M Single female, 29. seeks . help over the 3()yr hurdle! Likes I comedy. good chat. contemporary 1

fiction & outdoor adventures.

Call me on 09069 514334

W Dark-haired, 5'2". 32. professional. likes going out. cinema. tennis & meeting

friends. seeks male of similar

age for great times. Call me on 09069 514335 v Intelligent, vivacious, i confident female. 31. loves literature. films & stand up comedy. WLTM well educated. : culture loving tall man. 30-40. 1 Call me on 09069 514336 I W Creative female, 24. into comedy & culture. WLTM artistic. l articulate & attractive male for : walks on wild wind swept beaches. , Call me on 09069 514320 “:9 female, 39. divorced. cunently man free. 1 hopefully only temptmu‘ily. WLTM other young at bean. late 30s-ear1y 40s female for nights out & a good laugh. Call me on 09069 514323

0 55yr old female. heavy rock fan. likes the usual social things. looking for female friends to socialise with in Glasgow. Call me on 09069 514324

'1' Petite, voluptuous, sexy brunette. young professional. seeks veterinary surgeon who has special interest in the feline world. 28-45. Must like good food. beer & sunny days. Call me on 09069 514325 U Edinburgh only. 44 yr old female. looks much younger. enjoys theatre. cinema. hill walking & pubs. Call me on 09069 514326

Men seeking men

V Male, 42, sensitive & caring. WLTM similar male. 30- 55. who's interests are theatre. drama & spiritual matters. Genuine replies only. Call me on (19069 514283

0 24 yr old introspective male. dark hair. blue eyes. looking for introspective male for friendship & maybe more. Call me on 09069 514322

Women seeking women

0 Attractive professional gay female. 38. warm. funny. relaxed & outgoing. enjoys wining. dining & the funny side of life. seeks similar for mutual laughter. Call me on 09069 514289

V 30yr old gay woman. seeks soulmate to restore my faith in love. to be my inspiration. my support. my friend & make me be the person 1 want to be. Do you have what it takes? Call me on 09069 514284 v Single gay female. 35. genuine & easygoing. WLTM someone genuine for friendship & maybe more. Call me on 09069 514254

v Gay female, 28, feminine. enjoys cinema. music. pubs. clubs. nights in & out. seeks similar female for friendship & maybe more. Call me on 09069 514303

Everything but the girl. 30 something girl needed to complete the puzzle. Call me on 09069 514328

0 Lesbian, 30, likes pubs. clubs. romantic meals out. fine wines. looking for similar female with GSOH. 38+. for friendship & maybe more. Call me on 09069 514337

V Lesbian, 30, likes nights in. doesn't like pubs & clubs. loves animals. looking for female for friendship & maybe more. Call me on 09069 514321

Women seeking friends

V Worm 54, mflt at present. Seeks walking companions. who wish to begin with short relaxed walks & build from there. Call me on 09069 514302



I Free-spirited, easy- going independent woman (Gay 34). Varied interests including yoga. alternative health. good food. conversation. travel. Hoping to meet similar women for friendship. interesting times and laughter. Box No 448/1

I Affectionate, professional, cultured man who likes shores and bills. the making of music and gardens. books. children. cooking. crosswords and cuddles seeks optimistic woman (45+) who desires a sharing future. Box No 448/2


09066 144 156


iiiusz 77 its


15-22 Aug 2002 THE LIST 47