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1 Midi I'll-Fl

Clubs The sound of the times featuring the scene’s superstar Miss Kittin. See preview, page 27. Glasgow School of Art.

2 When Steptoe Met Son

TV More illusion-dashing telly, as we discover the hate-hate relationship between the rag and bone duo. See review, page 42. Channel 4.

3 Tim Pears

Books Pears' latest, Wake Up, is a cunning deceit which starts as a cosy family saga before shocking us into reality with the big issues of the day. See review, page 39. Bloomsbury.

4 Interpol

Music Proving that to be a guitar rock product of the Big Apple you don’t have to be pointlessly retro. You could be brooding and accessible. See preview, page 21. King Tut's, Glasgow.

5 Celebrity Stars in their Eyes TV Jarvis Cocker, Kim Wilde and the Honeyz are the Supremes. Rolf Harris and Doris Day. But can you guess who’s who? Catch the action on Saturday 17, 8.30pm. Scottish.

4 TH! Lm 15—22 Aug 2002

City A centre

a Torchlight procession and street theatre in Merchant

City. Words: Jane Hamilton

Iasgow's Merchant City is to

launch a festival of music.

theatre. comedy. art and street entertainers that will run for four days in September. Sponsored by First Direct and supponed by Glasgow City Centre Partnership. Glasgow City Council and Scottish Enterprise. the Merchant City Festival is part of the ongoing regeneration of one of the oldest parts of the city.

“The Merchant City is an ideal location to celebrate the best of what Glasgow has to offer and I am confident the first Merchant City Festival will be a big success.‘ said DanuSia Brzezicka of Glasgow City Centre Partnership.

Starting with Beating the Bounds'. a torchlight procession marking the b0undaries of the Merchant City. the festivities. which run 19—22 September. will include Doors Open Day as well as a host of events in and around the local bars. restaurants and theatres. On the closing Sunday. the area will be closed to traffic. enabling visitors to make the most of all the street performances and entertainment.

Venues involved include the Tron Theatre. Fruitmarket. Ramshorn Theatre. Merchant Square and the City Halls. ‘We are delighted to be involved in the festival and to be part of the continuing development of this vital and Vibrant part of the city.‘ said Dearbhla Murphy of the Tron.

As the Merchant City is gradually redeveloped and its new shopping square. restaurants and bars become established. the focus is increasingly being turned on this thriving part of the city centre.

Glasgow may not have anything the size of the Edinburgh festival. but the Merchant City Festival will add to the year- round vibrancy created by events such as Gig on the Green. Triptych. the West End Festival and the Glasgow Jazz Festival. The only problem could be the weather as September is not known for it's sunshine. Mind you. neither was July.

Keep reading The List for full festival information. Next issue out Thursday 22 August.


Meanwhile. a row is brewing in the Merchant City where three clubs are making :1 bid to extend their licences to 5am. The G1 Group has appliei to the city council to allow four of its clubs. Arta. Corinthian. the Polo Lounge and Babaza (in neighbouring Royal Exchange Square). to stay open for two hours later than the current 3am limit.

That idea is not to the liking of a group of residents and businesses who have started the One O'Clock Campaign. believing that an across-the-board 1am closing time would help maintain the area’s vibrancy. They argue that later licences would deter people from Il‘.’!"lg there.

‘I would take an active role because I don’t think there is any

THE QUOTES point in having

me unless you

want a really bossy rector who makes rude comments about people.’

Anne Robinson on her tactics to pip JK Rowling for the St Andrew ’3 University rectorship.

‘I think it’s called hip hop but I see it as more of a Rex Harrison style.’

Martin Bell on his rapping debut for charity single ‘Media Junkies '.

‘He thinks he knows all the answers like all new kids on the block but every now and again I have to slap him down a bit.’

Pete Waterman takes Simon cowe/l down a peg or two.

‘I think that if you do really want to make something happen you do have to visualise it. And of course nothing ever turns out exactly as you visualised it.’ Heather Graham leaves us a bit biurry.

‘lt’s a little humiliating.’ Jennifer Connelly bemoans haying to act oppOSite a caro’board cut-out in some scenes of The Hulk. Now she knows how her co-stars have felt down the years.

‘When people meet Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City, they talk about sex. I get small talk about funerals.’ Rachel Griffiths mourns her Six Feet Under group/es.

The grave Griffiths