Never mind the 1 Strokes, here’s the


i The Strokes did it last year at

Gig on the Green: they were promoted up the bill as Strokes hysteria took hold last summer. Now this Summer is

the season of the Vines as

they get catapulted up from

' Stage 2 to the Main Stage to make sure all those that

desire can bask in li'l Craig

Nicholl's ramshackle glory. The claims are that the Vines are the new Nirvana.

but this claim works both ways. In 1992. at GOTG'S

spiritual big brother the Reading FeSIival, Nirvana played a Friday afternoon set crammed with tracks from what was their forthcoming album. It became quite

f popular indeed. Several million records and 12 months later. Kurt Cobain and

Co were back to headline the festival.

The Vines debut album Highly Evolved has gathered

f column inches in everything

from NME to The Guardian

and with the exception of

to be different) Highly Evolved

Kerrang.’ and The List (we like

is being hailed as a work of genius and a debut to stand beside Definit/ey Maybe and The Stone Roses. While The List is resisting heaping such heady praise on the album, their live performance will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the festival. The mantra for the weekend is: ‘Get Free'.

Support your local


neighbourhood 0.19. Now you might think Colours

Fisher and Price

and Smirnoff are taking a bit of a chance relying on Scottish based talent for their Saturday line-up. But when you have class like Colours regulars Trevor Reilly. Colin Tevendale. Michael Kilkie. John Mancini and Iain ‘Boney' Clark alongside Fruitfly residents Fisher andPrice you

Raging Speedhorn

start to see why they've done it. Expect the best in up front house, deep grooves and the Odd Surprise from yOur local DJ display team.

Name drop the cool

obscure bands.

Put the wind up those indie aficionados by poking that nose in the air and saying loudly: “Actually, I much prefer Death Cab for Cutie‘s second album We Have the Facts and We 're Voting Yes. don't y'know.‘

Enjoy some evil 4 before lunchtime. Raging

Speedhorn spout unmitigated

hatred (as exemplified by current single ‘The Hate Song'). Bile. Vitriol and rage pOur from the mouths Of tWIll front men Frank Regan and John Loughlin, pitbull in stature and attitude. They have railed against nearly everyone they have ever met in the music industry lexcept Ozzy Osb0urne of c0ursei. making a name for themselves With their refusal to compromise and industrial dirge. A savage attack of guitars and vocals wielded

in syou must do at

e reen

like deadly weapons.

Who'd have thought this much nastiness c0uld come out of Corby. birthplace of the trouser press?

Hear some cover


They cOuld be works of genius they COuld lust make you cringe. We're keeping our fingers crossed to hear:

The Vines 'Miss Jackson'. A live favOurite. and a strange marriage. as Oz's newest grungers tackle Outkast's funked up. freaked Out hip hop classm.

Witness the Scottish debut of the Streets.

UK garage is known for its

The Streets

attitude . . . well. Mike

Skinner. the brains behind the

MerCun/ MUSIC Pri/e

nominated Streets. has a

different agenda. His rhymes take in getting pissed.

The Vines