smoking spliffs and Ordering pizza. A world we all know way more about than the Courvoisier and bling-bling of the rest of the scene. Hysterically funny spiralling urban hymns with ska beats and eclectic samples make this one of the most original

acts to grace the stage at Gig on the Green.

Give Amen a fiver.

Everyone loves LA's

favourite delinquent sons Amen. right? Well

unfortunately the answer is ‘no': their former record company, Virgin. ain't their best pals. refusing to release the master tapes of their last album when they dropped the act. With estimated costs at around $20,000 it's time to dig deep if you ever want this album of thrashy punk-metal to see the light of day.

Hear some tracks

from potential

albums of the year. The Streets' album. Original Pirate Material. is so damn fine even the establishment is sitting up and taking notice. Garnering a Mercury Music Prize nomination (and joint fav0urite to win), it‘s Mike Skinner's cock-eyed take on hip hop and UK garage. Listen out for “Let's Push Things Forward'.

Not only do . . . And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead have one of the coolest names in rock. but their last album Source, Tags and Codes took the blistering

...'l'rall of dead

Texan four-piece in a bit more of a commercial direction (just a bit mind you). Listen out for 'Relative Ways'.

Don't believe the NME: the Vines‘ Highly Evolved isn't by any means penect but does evoke the carefree spirit of summer rock festivals like few others ever could. Listen out for ‘Get Free'.

Reindeer Section have return with a tremendous second platter in Son of Evil Reindeer the first one was good. but this one's even better. Listen out for ‘You are my Joy'.

OK. so Paul Oakenfold's Bunkka may have been a bit hit and miss. but it was surely the most eagerly anticipated debut album of the year. See if Oakie does requests and shout out for ‘Get ‘em Up‘. his collaboration with hip hop doyen Ice Cube.

Carl Cox

Catch an exclusive.

Despite this being the

same weekend as Creamfields Carl Cox is eschewing the superclub madness for some true Weegie love. Respect is due.


the entire festival after peaking too soon. There's always one. If it's a sunny day there's always a hundred more. Not a

Spy someone sleeping his or

her way through

. ._ - Hear some more ‘- -‘ 13 cover versions. The White Stripes:

w? t V

reflection on anything other than their willingness to have a bevvy breakfast. Shame. they'll miss all the fun.

fun fair. See

11 chips. gravy.

cheese. burgers and Curry sauce. Combine with funfair and Bob's your extremely oueasy uncle.

Hear new songs by the Strokes. ‘You Talk Way Too

Much'. Meet Me in the Bathroom'. ' Ze Newie' and 'The Way it ls' have all been previewed already but more have been promised. Perhaps proof that there's more to Casablancas than just those 11 songs.

Throw up on the

Wei-«s "' .

‘Jolene‘. The doyen of country. that’s Miss Dolly Parton to you and me.

The White Stripes

stripped raw and back to her roots. reclaimed as the heart breaking ode to jealousy it always was.

Worship at the altar of Jane’s Addiction.

Barrowland. Glasgow, 8 March 1991. The stage is strewn with rose petals and

bathed in crimson hues. A place normally reserved for grimy sweaty moshing seems to resemble a boudoir for a particularly sophisticated lady. The soundtrack that night was wholly appropriate: wild. expansive. expressive and slightly demented rock'n'roll from four slightly demented hedonists. Eleven years later.

Dave Navarro. Stephen Perkins. Eric Avery and Perry Farrell are set to return after a maelstrom of highs and lows in between. Older. perhaps even wiser: expect something beautiful nonetheless.

more cool

15 obscure bands

Bewilder the obscurist indie

Name drop

. fanboys with: 'Hmmm. yes

Leaves are good but I preferred them when I first saw them in their homeland of lceland.‘

Witness . . . And

You Will Know

Us by the Trail of Dead breaking stuff Jason Pierce from Spiritualized has to be poked

j with a stick mid-set on

occasion to ensure that he is still awake. such is his level of

j on stage lethargy. . . .Trail of

Dead meanwhile go the other way and are a team of destructive furniture removers in a washing machine. Previous visits to Scotland have seen more splinters flying than at a tree-tellers convention. Guitars. amps. stages and band members are all fair game. They may have calmed their level of onstage tumult of late. but you just never know what the trashing-happy Texan quartet

are in the mood for.

Support your local friendly neighbourhood

rock bands.

Don't just wait 'til the Strokes come on to show your support give big love to the home-grown heroes on offer: Biffy Clyro. Reindeer Section and the insurmountable talents of Aereogramme will all be on display.

And this trio of brammers are just the tip of the iceberg. GOTG has more. It's clear however that the organisers of the “New Band Stage' at Gig on the Green don't take that definition too literally. Although sporting a line-up peppered with names

15—22 Aug 2002 THE LIST 7