Techno, jazz, even neo-classical nothing is too much for one of dance music’s truly inventive minds, Carl Craig.

Words: Henry Northmore

he name (it (‘arl ('raig w a shadowy. secretive

figure who has consistently released some of

the most exciting and human music on the Detroit scene is synony iiiotis with the world of tech- no. But that isn't where it ends. llis Inner/one Orchestra and l’apet'clip People projects have helped him cross into the world ol' jam. and even touch on classical music in their sheer hreadth of vision and complexity. liew deserve the title ol' innovator. htit here is one man who has taken electronica. in all its terms. in new directions and opened tip new possihil- ities in the world ol' machine music.

‘I don‘t know il‘ I would say I was an innovator. l jtist want to he known as a good producch ('raig explains in an almost monotone drawl. You get the feeling his mind is continually dreaming tip the next project and not always littlly concentrating on the conversation at hand. ‘I look at my otitptit as heing

more like li‘ce art. I don't want to compare myself

with extremely great experimental artists httt the

diversity of what I‘ve always attempted to do is sort of

like l’ic‘ttssod

liiipoverislied cities such as Detroit have always had a rich musical history through jazz to rock. and now electronics is the latest genre that has latched itsell~ to the city. Detroit techno is almost a genre in its own right. a more ja// lllllL‘ClL‘tl take on the industrial litiropcaii and .\'\'(' lorm ol' tul‘l‘. l‘renetic heats. It

comes as no surprise that the residents (it this hive ol

industrial and iiianul'acttiring industry l‘eel so at home

102 THE LIST . ,1

‘I look at my out- put as being like free art’

with technology.

liven in Detroit. renowned for its wealth ot~ techno masterininds (Derrick May. Juan Atkins and Kevin Satinderson to name htit a few) and considered by many as the birth place of techno. (‘raig stands otit. lle's jammed with llerhie Hancock; curated jazz t'es— tivals; co-l'ounded the Detroit lilectronic Music liestival (which he has since gone on to sue following the termination of his contract): picked tip l’our Detroit

Music Awards in 2002 and lucked with the heads of many a l'estival—goei' appearing in the company of

classical musicians in his lnnerzone ()rchestra guise. ‘I want people to come and not only he entertained htit their otitlook on music hroadened by what is an Inner/one ()rchestra show.‘

He went on to set tip the now legendary Planet li records. which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2001. ‘II was a vision of independence] he says. ‘I wanted to express myself in a way that wasn’t anyone else's impression of my music.‘ Like his idol Miles Davis. independence and a vision to move things for- ward are at the core of what makes ('raig tick: ‘Miles progressed over time and tried to stay ahead of the game. it you take three of his alhums you can tell it's Miles htit there is progression. And that is how I look at my career. as heing a progression.‘

l’rodttction isn't all he can handle with consider— ahle linesse. llis DJ skills are second to none and for many he was the highlight of the Slam 'l'ent at 'l' in the Park in 200]. laying down only the deepest. driving grooves known to man or heast. The chance to catch him in a venue as intimate as Alaska is too good an opportunity to miss. ‘(ilasgow has always heen great tor me.’ says ('raig. ‘And hy heing in a small venue the appreciation can he felt lor hoth of us.‘

Carl Craig plays Fluid at Alaska, Glasgow, Sat 24 Aug.


Fluid A techno recluse decamps to Scotland to get deeply involved in the cool club— bing of the country. Planet E main— man Carl Craig pays a long—over- due visit to the adoring fans at Fluid. A/aska, Sat 24 Aug.

.: Fuel Fuel is the latest in a growing number of out-ot-town cluh enterprises. this one being on the Northside. in Bishophriggs. For too long the outlying areas been neglected in the club stakes. Fuel week/y Sat.

Pussypower 'lhis Glasgow institution continues to reignite its tanhase with a plethora of mighty underground (and overgroundi gigs. This one talls somewhere in between. Terry and Jason, Nick Craig and DJ l'race are the main men. Sound/rails. Sat 24 Aug.

1" Bank Holiday Basement Party Five2()F.ast Records bring their mates. the Hong Kong Micros. along to celebrate the fact that there's no work the next day. Sounds as good a reason as any. B/ackfr/ars Basement. Sun 25 Aug. Pressure Slam (pictured) decide that it's their hall. so they're gonna play for a while. A five hour reminder of why Slam are revered widely round these parts. Rapture. I think. Arches, Fri 30 Aug.

:3"? Resistance It anyone's gonna show the recent glut of hardcore and gahha revivalists what time it is. it's these guys. Primal l'. Psykore and Brutal. and a smat tering of other hard as—nails tech-v no DJs descend upon the base ment on this night. so check it. Blackfr/ars Basement, Sat (3/ Aug. Tronicsole ()ne hall of house masters Onion/ and JOCSKI. Joeski comes hack to his beloved Arches to rock a set at the ‘l'ronicsole party. Should he a hlinder. Arc/res, tn (>‘ Sept.