Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


164 Woodlands Road. 332 0028. .\lon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat mam—12.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition Fri 23 Aug-Sat 14 Sep. A selection of works by various artists focusing on Lin Pattullo plus works by Ed Hunter. James Watt. Frank Colclough. James (hr and many others. NEW SHOW.


10 Barbie Street. 552 7770. Mon -Sat noon 5pm.

Summer Show t'niil Wed 4 Sep. New paintings for the summer by specially selected artists including Bryan liy'ans. (iraham .\chean. .\larielle


.\lacl.eman. Jaiuie ()'l)ee. Alison Thomas. .\lartin ()ates. Richard Hunter and Ron liardley. The gallery are also relaunchng their website

w w w.arteyposuregallery.co.uk l‘ealuring works shown in the gallery oy er the last


185a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue—Sat mam—5.30pm.

Summer Show t‘niil Fri 23 Attg. Paintings by Various artists including Donald .\lacleod. Ken Taylor. Key-in Hunter and .\latteo Boato.

High Water Fri 30 Aug—Sat 5 Get. A solo show of new paintings by Euan McGregor. NEW SHOW.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART L34 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. .\lon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm: Sat

l0am- 1 pm.

Ten Years On t'niil Sat 31 Aug. The gallery celebrates its tenth birthday with three tloors of work by almost all of the artists and designers w ho liaye ey er shown there.

Amy Cushing and James Griffin l'ntil Sat 3l Aug. 'l‘wo small solo shows ol work by glassmakcr Amy (‘ushing and jewellery by James (irillin.

KENNY BEAN: GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE Street Level, Glasgow, until Sat 14 Sep ooo

H Zoetropes by Kenny Bean

There’s something very precise about Kenny Bean’s work. In the first of three interlinked pieces - a series of photographs of a flamenco dancer’s hands - the images have been scrunched up and flattened out before being immaculately framed. Bean is here documenting a process, salvaging the raw materials that didn’t make the grade and elevating their status through careful presentation. But it also seems as if Bean is consciously making these mistakes, and that every crease is deliberate.

In the next gallery, there is a series of photograms. Each documents the interior workings of a domestic appliance. The disembowelled white goods lie in vitrines as if Bean is playing future archaeologist, preserving the ephemera of our present, or a doctor of machines, presenting the pathology of diseased appliances. Like the preserved photographs, a rusting old food mixer is scattered in pieces inside its box, but not quite randomly, as if it has been carefully reconstructed. Finally, the flamenco dancer’s hands reappear, this time in a trio of zoetropes. All three are explicitly home-made, constructed from bicycle wheels and slightly misaligned, so that the optical illusion of motion is jerky and off-kilter. Again, however, there is an air of scientific investigation about the zoetropes, an attention to detail that nonetheless ends in failure.

Ghosts in the Machine is like a peep into the incomplete notebooks of an amateur scientist. It’s quite impossible to tell what hypothesis these experiments are meant to prove, and there are no results to publish, so we must make do with a glimpse into some mysterious research.

(Jack Mottram)


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4000.

Sun Wed llain (rpm; 'l'hu Sat

llam Spin.

0 Beck’s Futures 2002 t'niil Sun 22 Sep. The third Beck‘s l-‘utures art pri/e and e\hibition tours to the ('(‘A with the work of the w inning artist. (ilasgow ‘s 'l'oby Paterson w ho will produce a wall painting speeitically for the ('('A. Along with works by the shortlisted artists. I)a\ id ('otteri'ell. Kirsten (ilass. Rachel Lowe. ()liy er Payne and Nick Relpb. Dan l’ert'eet. Neil Rumming. l-lideyuki Sawayanagi and Tom Wood. the exhibition encompasses painting. time-based art. \‘ideo. photography. tilm and multimedia.

Beck’s Futures Gallery Talk Sat 24 Aug. 3pm ((‘(‘A 2:. \'iyienne (iaskin. head of artistic programme and education at (‘(‘.A giyes an informal tour of the exhibition.

Beck’s Futures Artists Talks Tue 27 Aug. (x30pm i(‘(‘A 4). Winner of the third Beck's l‘utures award. ’l‘oby l’atel'son discusses his work with \Vill Bradley. a (ilasgow based writer on contemporary art.


.\lon Sat l0am 5.30pm; Sun

noon 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 3l Aug. A miyed show ol work leaturing ltalian and architectural scenes in watercolour by (iordon .\lcl)owall. l'emale tiguratiye oils by (ireer Ralston and pastel scenes ol'(ilasgow by Peter Brannan.

Hai Huang .\lon 2 Sun 20 Sep. Watercolours til ( il;l\:_'(l\\ and Scotland by Hal lltiang. N’l Si ‘(>‘.'.

Mridula Basi .\lon 2 Sun 20 Sep. Oil paintings of India by .\lridula Basi,


l'niyei'sity ol Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 54S 2558. .\lon l-‘ri l0am 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Making Journeys l'nnl Sat 31 Sep. Quilts and wall hangings by teytile artists from (iermany and Scotland. lnge llueber L‘l't‘ille\ tl series til, rhythmical panels. .\nne Keith produces abstract compositions inspired by her tray els and Veronica ‘l‘ogneri uses traditional patchwork techniques in her mosaics in cloth.


J73 \Vesl Regent Street. Ill (xi—rill. .\lon Sat l0am 5.30pm.

Cabinet Paintings l'niil Wed 2s Aug. Sponsored by Scotwork Negotiating Skills. small works by oy er (ill in\ ited artists including llelen lilockhart. l’hilip Reeyes. l.esley Banks. .lohn llouston. liIi/abeth Blackadder and John Bellany.

Peter Thomson l‘i'i 30 Aug Tue 24 Sep. A solo show ol new paintings and drawings by Peter 'l‘homson. \i‘I.’


GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 220 I006. .\lon 'l‘liu (N Sat l0am~5pmz l‘ri & Sun I lam 5pm. David Mach: Hell Bent l'niil Sun 20 Sep. l‘il‘e-born I)a\'id .\Iach. creator of Big Hen/s. the three huge steel heads on the MS. returns to Scotland with a major show of new and recent works. A spaceman made from coat hangers. sculptures constructed entirely from matchsticks. collage works created liom donated photographs and in the liarth (iallei'y. an installation made up hour 50 tonnes ol' I‘ln' Hem/(l new spaper and burnt-out cars.

Jigar - Films by Alia Syed t‘ntil Sun S Sep. British Asian artist .\lia Syed's lirst major solo gallery l'eatures a signilicant body ol' work made in er the last l5 years. The featured l'our lilms e\plores social concerns and issues ol representation. looking at the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities ol' liast

“stings Art

l.ondon. Her work has been show at late .\lodern. the National Film 'l‘heati‘e. the |('A and international lilm t‘estiyals and l‘orms part of a touring e\hibition.


Rouken (ilen Road. 020 0235. Hi. Sun 8c .\lon |.30 5.30pm; Sat

ll.30ani 5.30pm.

Summer Exhibition t'mil .\lon 30 Sep. A mised show of paintings and sculpture by gallery artists.


l-lS \Vest Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon Sat 0.30am 5.30pm. Summer Exhibition t'niil Sat 3! Atig. A summer selection of paintings including works by Joan liardley. lili/abetb Blackadder. John llotiston. Andrew Walker. Annie l’i'encb. 'l‘om Shanks and many others.

GLASGOW FILM THEATRE ('al‘e ('osmo. 12 Rose Street. 332 (i535. .\lon Sat 10.30am 0pm.

100 Years of Eating Photography Exhibition l'niil .\lon 30 Sep. An e\hibitioii to coincide with (ii-“IN I00 Year ol lialing Season. lcaturiiig a selection ol' unseen photographs l'rom behind the scenes ot' thc British comedy classics. including The /.m/\ Killers. A’rm/ l/em'ly (“Ill (bro/leis and Iii/IIA/st (it/lure.


22 «k 25 King Street. 552 0704, Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

0 Dragon Doll: Christine Borland and Claire Barclay l'ntil Sat l-l Sep. 'l‘he 'liurner l’ri/e nominee (‘hristine Borland and (‘laire Barclay show a series ol prints and drawings e\ploring issues relating to natural history. botany and medicines featuring a series of screenprints and sculptures.

Tanuja Rane t‘niil Sat l—t Sep. ('olour etchings made in (ilasgow and India by this young pi'intmaker from .\lumbai.


lop limit. ()4 ()sborne Street. 5.5.2 It‘l. 'l'ue Sat noon 5pm.

Karla Black l'ntil Sat 2—1.\ug. New work l'rom Karla Black.


(iround l'loor. l’rinces Square. Buchanan Street. 22l Slo2. .\lon Sat 10am (1pm; Sun llani 5pm.

New Artists A \aried selection oi" work by up and~coming artists l’eatui'ing sculpture. teytile design. photography. paintings and iewellei'y.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART The .\ltteklltlttslt (iallery. Hi7 Renlrew Street. 353 4500. .\lon l‘ri l0am 5pm; Sat l0am noon.

Terra Nova: Degree Show Selection l'ntil Sat 1-1 Sep. A selection ol work drawn lrom the School Ul- l'ine .-\l‘l 2W): degree show featuring paintings. sculpture. \ ideo installation and photography. Creativity: the True Art of Therapy l'ntil Wed 2S Aug. l-‘iguratiy‘e drawings. gestural abstracts and Argyll landscapes by John R. l’aterson. a graduate from (ilasgow School of Art who died in I008 l'rom .\lotor Neurone Disease and (iillian Barre Syndrome.

Alex Pollard Sat 24 Aug l’ri (i Sep. New work by artistin residence .-\le\ I’ollai'd. \E ‘.“. is: u “I.


2‘) 3" ()lttgtt Street. 33" 32‘)”. Auction Sale Sat 3| Aug. Noon. An auction ol works by Will. 2001 and contemporary artists including l’eter llow son. John Bellany and Adrian Wis/niewski.