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Glasgow galleries continued


l83 Bath Strccl. 333 l‘)‘)l. .\lou l‘ri lll.3llain 5pm; Sat lll.3(l;uu lpm. Mixed Show l‘iuil .\lon 3t) Scp. .\ \clcction ol oilx and \\tllL‘l‘L'ttlUlll'\ h} coutctnporar}. l‘)th and 30th ccntur} ttt'll\l\_

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'tii\ct\il} ol (ilaxgou. X3 llillhcad Strcct. 330 543i .\lon Sat 0.30am 5pm. l'iliL‘C.

The Alchemy of Light - DO Hill in Glasgow l'ntil Sat 7 Scp. .'\n c\hihitiou ol' hixtoric photograplh cclchrating thc hiccntcnar) ol' thc hitth ol' pioncct' photographct' l)a\ id ()clax lll\ Hill. 'l‘hc \xorkx. drum n l'roui tltc (ilaxgon l'ni\cr\it_\ l.ihrar§ \ Hill and Adamxon’x holdingx. includc original papcr calot}pc ncgatncx. and \ intagc and niodcrn printx. Mackintosh in France t‘nul Sat l3 ()ct. Watcrcolour paintingx ol' thc landxcapc of thc South of l’rancc. thc placc \\hcrc Mackiuloxh c‘lltixc‘ to \pcnd thc linal )C;ll'\ ol hix lilc.

Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow l'ntil 'l'uc l .v\pr. .-\n cxtcnxhc mhihition highlighting thc l'nixcrxit} ol'(}la\go\\\ important Scottixh ('olourixt collcction. l'caturing t‘at‘t‘l} \L‘L‘tt \\(il'l\\ l1} (iilllk‘ll. l‘t‘t‘g‘tlxvttt. lluntcr and l’cploc.


IN King Strcct. 553 35-10. 'l‘uc Sat

llain 5pm.

Not reversible and too high that I'll 3” Aug. (‘hallcnging thc thctnc ol \itc-xpccilic. l't‘xula \ixtrup and lili/ahcth Rohcrtxon prcxcnt \ouud. \culpturc. drau ing and tc\l. LAST

(7! lN‘ICF l0 Sl'l


3t)t) liath Strcct. 33l ()733. 'l'uc Sat

‘)atn (ipin.

Celebrity Scribble t'nul \Vcd I l SUP. .\ L‘liat‘ll} L‘\ltil\iliotl ol' paxlcl \kctchcx l'rotn \arioux cclchrilicx to liclp raixc inouc} l‘or childrcn in our /onc\. Wormhole l'ntil ch l l Sup. Work h} Roh (‘hurni and (ircgor Wright.

THOMAS KINKADE GALLERY Buchanan (iallcricx. K-l. l.c\ cl l. 333 KIN). .\lou ch. l'ri tk Sat 9am (ipin: ‘l'hu ‘)atn 8pm; Sun llain 5pm. l)c\ct'ihctl ax a 'paintcr ol light'. a gallct'} dcdicatcd to thc .'\llit‘l'lL‘tlll artist and dmout ('lu'ixtian 'l‘hotnax Kinkadc.


ll .\litchcll lanc. 33l (i303. .\lon. ch. l’ri tk Sat ll).3ll;un 5pm: 'l'uc

llain Spin; lhu l(i_3l)aui 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. U tincludcx cult} to all cxhihitionxi.

Commodity, Firmness & Delight l'ntil Sun 35 .-\ug ((iallcr} -li. .'\ rarc inxight into thc ‘loxc hotclx‘ l'ound in .lapan which pro\ idc pri\ac_\ and cxcapixni lor .lapancxc couplcx. l~ouud ncar tnainlinc rail\\a_\ \tationx. lhcxc hotclx arc hig huxincxx in Japan and arc an intrinxic and \urprixing part ol' .lapaucxc \ocict}. lxKSl ’L'i i/d.’ Li W) S! E

Olanic/Hoja Design Consultancy l'ntil Sun 35 .‘\ug t-llll liloor (‘u'culation Spacci. :\n mhihition highlighting thc \xork ol' ()lanic. a conccptual ltnhion coinpan} \ct tip h} Niki 'l‘a_\lor \xhich ini\c\ art. l'a\hion and music.

Topen Design l'ntil Sun 35 .-\ug t-lth l‘loor :\lco\cl. Award“ inning product dcxigncr l’aul ’l'opcn \houcaxc cxatnplcx ol~ lll\ rcccnl \xork.

bd-tank/Emlyn Firth l'ntil Thu 3‘) Aug t3rd l-loor ('irculatioui. Solution- haxcd inarkcting conipan} hd‘tank \xcrc imitcd to look at thc dcxign ol' corporatc idcntit}. 'l'hc rcxulting intcractix c approach opcnl} (lllcxlltilh thc ol'tcn ‘standard' l‘acc ol' corporatc graphic tlt'xlgll.

110 THE LIST . .' .:

l’RINlMAKlNU ALIVE 8: PRINTING - THE 3RD DECADE Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove, until Sun 15 Sep 000

Ex Voto by John Byrne

Here is a veritable Who’s Who of the crucial as well as celebrated contemporary artists in Scotland. Prints by David Shrigley and Christine Borland are part of the so-called ‘Habitat’ series and nearby you’ll find the work of Adrian Wisznewski and John Byrne, Peter Howson and Kenny Hunter. It’s a testament to the Glasgow Print Studio, a modest institution marking 30 years with this vast display, that so many have delved into printmaking

under its auspices.

Among those well established in the medium, Elizabeth Blackadder gets her due with a set of her delicately coloured flowers and some etches of Rome. Across from them (although under-represented here) is the don of Scottish printmaking, Philip Reeves, one of the studio’s founders.

By intentionally concentrating on the last decade, the walls inevitably feature a host of younger artists on the rise: Ian McNichol’s aptly titled Basic Symbols and precisely drawn snippets of Glasgow streetscapes; Ashley Cook’s signature screenprints of clashing colour and juxtaposed iconography; and John MacKenchie’s detail of shimmering skyscrapers which recall the opening title sequence of North by Northwest.

But this feels like a gallery show rather than an art exhibition. While giving much deserved exposure to the Print Studio, undoubtedly introducing artists to a new audience, no explanation of the works or those who created them is offered: context is invariably lost and their contributions within the greater art milieu unacknowledged. That is a missed opportunity given that the hundreds of daily visitors to Kelvingrove many quite possibly unaware of the King Street galleries and artists across town could have benefited from

knowing more. (Barry Shelby)

Hidden Gardens Exhibition l'ntil Sun I Scp t3nd l‘loor ('irculation Spacci. .’\n c\hihition highlighting lhc initial dcxignx ol‘ n\a organixation'x l/ii/t/i'n (hm/cm. \xhich \\ ill tranxl'ot‘tn a dcrclict Slitlt) \quarc inctrc llltlll\ll'l;ll \itc into onc ol' ( il;t\go\\ '\ lirxt pcriuancnt puhlic gardcnx.

Where the Heart Is l'nlil Sun 5' Scp tRc\ ic\\ (iallct_\ i. ,\n c\hihition inarking thc cnd ol- a lour _\cat‘ pt‘oiccl chronicling thc rcgcncration ol thc

Ro} \ton. onc oi ( il;t\go\\ \ lllt)\l itcglcclctl at‘cax. lhc artixt~lcd \oc‘tul proicct inxohcd artixtx 'l'oh) I’atcrxon and (irahatn l-agcii. and [Wu ncu purl“ ha\c hccn crcatcd lot‘ thc coniniunit} to cnio). l‘rcc huxtw \\ ill hc pro\ idcd l'roni thc Lighthoth to Ro} \ton to \cc thc parkx.

Our Glasgow t'uut Sun .x' Scp (Young l)c\igncr\ (iallcr) t. lhc rcxultx (ii a scrim ol~ \MH'lxxlttipx \\ hich cxplot'cd ho\\ pcoplc \ ic\\ (il;t\go\\ through thc tncdiuin of photograph}. creativescotland l‘uul .\lon 3 l)cc (All circulation \paccxi. 'l‘hroughout thc )car. thc lighthouxc \xill hc \lttm ca\it1g a changing tll\pi;t} ol' thc \\til'l\ ol Scotland‘x crcati\ c cntrcprcncun in adwrtixing. architccturc. l'axhion. dcxign. l'ilin. \ idco. inuxic and digital tncdia.

Having the Courage of Your Perceptions Sun 35 in At) Aug i(iallcr_\ 51. .\n c\hihition ol' paintingx h} .lohn .lupc l'ornix lhc starting point lor an c\ploration ol a nc\\ thcor} ol

\ ixual pcrccption. 'l‘hc \llli“ coincith \\ ith thc liuropcan (’onl'crcncc on \.l\ll;tl l’L‘l‘t'L‘pllUlt lk'llig‘ llClkl llt (ilaxgoxx lt'otti 35 3‘) .-\ug. '\'i ‘a'.

Si l( )‘.'..

Public Talk: Atelier Vision lltll 3‘) :\ug. 7.30pm. in ttxuiL‘ltlllUll \\ ith thc Hitting I/It' (‘uumgv o/ liuu‘ I’vn’i'plin/tx c\hihilion. thix ptihlic talk hringx togcthcr \pcakcrx lt'oin thc licld ol'

\ ixual pcrccption including l’rol' .lau Kocndcrink. H) [N Raincr Woll' and John .lttpc.

The Big Issue 'I‘hu 5 Scp Sat II Oct t(‘irculation Spacci .\ collahorato c proicct hctnccn thc lighthouxc. '/'/u' li’ig lHllt‘ and thc (il.'\ uhich c\aniinc\ thc altcrnatnc to hoxlcl lil'c lollimittg a tlt'L‘l\l(ill to cloxc do\'. it all liti\lt‘l\ lll linc \\ ith goxcrutncnt polic}. NE \.'.

Si l( )\.'.'.

mpf lhu 5 Scp Sun 3 .\'o\ (\icuing l’latl'ornii. .'\ll c\hihition looking hchind thc iuucli talkcd ahout inpl lllll\\lllg prcxunicd l'oundl. a \cricx ol' hlack l‘titll'x\ \\ illt lllL' “(trim ‘l't‘utl tilt" till lllt‘ co\cr \xhich \xcrc lcl't in placcx l'or pcoplc to lind. NE ‘t.'. :‘3'r1<7‘.'.


Station Road. .\Ii|nga\ic. 578 8847. 'l'uc Sat lilatn lpin. 3 5pm.

Robert Lillie Sat 34 Aug ch 3 ()ct. .\ trihtttc to thc gallct'} '\ l‘oundcr Rohct‘t|ic (1867 I‘M”) l'caturing a \lllltll \clcction of painting» draxx ltig\ and pt‘llll\. Ni W St l()\.'.’_

62 after 62 Sat 24 Aug WM 2 ()ct. lltL‘ l.llllL‘ :\l‘l (i;tllL‘t’_\ L‘L‘lClH‘ttlLW ll\ 40 _\car\ \incc opcuing in l‘)(i3 \\ ith an c\hihition ol ()3 :tt‘l\\ot‘l\\ drau n lroin thc pcruiancnt collcction including paintingx. \\()l'l\\ on papcr. \c‘tllplllt'c and L‘L‘l'itllllL‘\. Ni Sl’l()\.3.5_


7.3 Rohcrtxon Strcct. Suitc (i. l’loor l. 3—43 371 l. 'l‘uc liri noon 5pm or h) appointtncnt.

Daniel Baker: Suburian Journals l‘iitil liri 33 .-\ug. 'l'hc lirxt \olo \ho\\ l'or l.ondon—haxcd artixt l)auicl liakcr in an inxtallation uhich tll';l\\\ on hixtorical and gcographical tll\t‘tilll’\L'\.

Mary Redmond Mon 3 Hi 30 Sup. .\'c\\ \xork h_\ Mar) Rctltnond.

EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 33l \VLNI (iL‘Ut'gt‘ SII‘L‘L‘I. 348 0755.

Mon l‘ri lltain 13(lpnizSat 10am 3pm. Mixed Show l'nul .\lon fit) Scp. .-\